Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher from Marvel Knights

An infection has been released from a powerful bio-weapon, and it was never meant to happen.  They're not all turned into zombies, but "cannibal-predators," and your favorite Marvel heroes and villains have not been spared.  One man is left to punish the evil of the world, and that man is Frank Castle, which is appropriate, because he is the Punisher.

You would get Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher.

We sat in on a conference call with series writer Jonathan Maberry (Black Panther, Wolverine: Ghosts) and editor Axel Alonso to talk about the upcoming series, to be illustrated by Goran Parlov.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, because Maberry says that those settings are "all about the basics of survival," and are often "the thinking person's adventure story."  He also said that, given the circumstances, he's positive he'd survive a zombie holocaust (he's a badass martial artist), but he can't speak for the members of his party who can't keep up.  They did stress that this isn't a zombie book, but rather something else, and it will all be explained in the first issue.  Still, if you're into Marvel characters eating each other, this is your best chance.

Why is it the Punisher in this instance?  He was the only one this could be be about, because he's the character who will take you out.  He won't hesitate to kill.  Spider-Man? He'd never make it.

When asked how Maberry envisions Frank Castle, he said, "There's no conflict in Franks head. He's not searching for justice.  Many conflicted characters are trying to make the world better, but he's not trying to heal it. He's about taking out the garbage." Frank is punishing evil.  Alonso made sure to point out that Frank is under no illusions about what he's doing. He knows his wife wouldn't have approved.  He knows he's going to hell. But he's gonna do it anyway. But he does have a code. He won't take out the innocent to save his own life.

You'll be able to look forward to cameos from many characters, including Spider-Man and Deadpool, who will definitely retain some of his Deadpoolness, despite his cannibal-predator status. 

As it says it in the first issue, he's still Deadpool, but he's just "been simplified".  The question is, how much more simple can the Hulk get when he's hungry for food?

In addition to all sorts of action, cannibalism, and violence, Maberry also promises "humor, touching moments, relationships, and deconstructing characters" and calls it the "best writing I've done for Marvel so far."

The first issue hits on August 4, and the second will be out on August 18, both next month.

Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher #1 Preview Art, beginning with the cover to issue #1

Marvel Vs. The Punisher #1 Marvel Vs. The Punisher #1 Marvel Vs. The Punisher #1

Marvel Vs. The Punisher #1


Marvel vs. The Punisher #2 Preview Art, beginning with the cover to issue #2

Marvel Vs. The Punisher #2 Marvel Vs. The Punisher #2

Marvel Vs. The Punisher #2 Marvel Vs. The Punisher #2


  1. So it’s I Am Legion starring Frank Castle? Looks pretty spiffy.

  2. Deadpool torture, eh?


  3. I am excited for this, but I think I’m gonna trade wait. Although it’s not helping by the gorgeous Parlov art.

  4. Didn’t they do this in the 90s?

  5. How can I put this, as Marvel Zombies 5 hits the stands?…

    If you don’t think I need to see Spider-Man getting married, why do you think I need to see him ripping off human flesh with his teeth? And then getting his head blown off? What is it about this particular well that deserves so many visits?

  6. @Jimski: It’s a well filled with money.

  7. It does feel like this story has already been told a few times, like Punisher vs the marvel universe, and Punisher the end. But they end up being the most enjoyable Punisher stories.

  8. Lovin the Hulk’s Lucky Claw necklace!

  9. That is a great image of Ben Grimm.

  10. Why does he keep the heads? To scare away the other flesh eatting used-to-be superheroes?

  11. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    None for me, thanks.

  12. @Andrew See the thing about Frank is…well Frank has problems.

  13. I love Goran Parlovs art. He is way underrated.

  14. Yes please! I’m picking  for the art alone (the story may prove good too). @Crucio – agreed, that Ben Grimm images is fantastic.

  15. This is like that What if… issue where Wolverine takes Dracula’s place as lord of the vampires and turns the entire Marvel Universe’s heroes and villains into vampires. Then Punisher shows up with a car load of silver bullets and an attitude to use them. 

    I’m waiting for the trade ’cause this could be fun, and the Parlovs art looks so damn moody. 

  16. This could be fun.  The art is fantastic.

  17. Wasn’t there another Punicher Vs. Marvel Universe years ago??  I want to say it was a "What If?" story that made it into trade, but I’m not sure.  The cover had Punisher on a mountain of heroes. This looks like a 28 days hybrid to me.

  18. I’m pretty sure the other Punisher v. The Marvel Universe was an Ennis/Dillon thing, and it was awesome. It may have made it into the omnibus.

  19. FYI, Google Chrome is reporting the previews above as "attack pages." I chose to ignore the warning and look at the neat-o pics, but thought you guys’d like to know.


    Punisher Kills the Marvel U. is pretty awesome, so I’ll probably get this too.

  20. There wasn’t an opportunity to do this in Marvel Zombies? Really?


  21. @Diabhol – This would fit awesomely in Marvel Zombies. I can’t believe they haven’t done it already instead of a Howard The Duck arc.

     But this looks pretty cool and I’m a big Punisher fan so I’m in! (Thank Gawd he’s not wearing those damn white booties!)

  22. You know it occurs to me that when I might see a guy in real life with a panty hose and a mariachi shirt on, I probably won’t take that guy seriously.  If that guy is carrying two UZIs, a sniper rifle, and an M60 machine gun, I’ll probably rethink that.  White booties be damned!!