Marvel Presents: SHADOWLAND – The Music Video

How better than to get excited for the upcoming Shadowland event amongst Daredevil and the other street level characters of the Marvel Universe than a kickin' rock/rap music video for the song "Take A Stand" set to images from Shadowland? Marvel released the below music video as a way to promote Shadowland #1, which hit stores today, as well as the entire event's other related series.  Shadowland #1 was written by Andy Diggle, who's been steering Daredevil since Ed Brubaker departed, with art by fan favorite Billy Tan.


Marvel provided the following description of the above music video:

It’s the battle for the soul of New York in SHADOWLAND #1, on-sale NOW! Superstars Andy Diggle & Billy Tan present the birth of the Marvel Universe’s greatest villain as the Avengers, Thunderbolts, Moon Knight and more must join forces to stop this deadly foe! Now, for the first time, experience the powerful new music video celebrating this landmark Marvel event.


  1. Glad to see they used the same HORRIBLY dated music that plagues the Daredevil movie.  At least there’s consistency.

  2. spolier alert would be nice….ugh

  3. Daredevil Vs. Bullseye = we win

  4. I love the way the art is cut together.  I’m no fan of motion comics but this works great as a promo video.  The music, however, is not so good…

  5. Hideous music choice…

  6. Music fail.

  7. y is daredevils costume greyish… or am i missing something?

  8. @mariorivera: the same reason why alot of characters wear a dark iteration of their costumes: it’s the philosophy that darker clothes reflect what’s going on internally. A very 90’s inspired design.

  9. If this is a battle for the streets, shouldn’t the video be set to some Hip Hop?

  10. The official music of the Marvel Universe: Nu-Metal. 


  11. Take a Stand! MAYHEM!

  12. wait……so who is this greatest villain??? You know what they should do………..force Matt down a path of no return, making him a villain. Don’t just dismiss the idea, think about all the heated and sad moments between him and the 616 heroes. And not a 1 year, then oh he sees the error of his ways shit…….I’m talkin full-on conversion to "baddie" 

  13. Ugh.  Couldn’t even finish it.  Horrible music.

  14. So I like how the only panel that gets repeated is the one that’s a major spoiler…

  15. Its alright, but I dont know why it exists


  16. Awful, awful stuff. 

  17. So does this mean they are turning daredevil into marvels greatest villain? Or will it be somone else?

  18. Music of the streets = Banda

    The happiest streets in the world.