Marvel Asks: Who Will Be The New (Undead) Man Without Fear

Get some shoes, you maniac! Hell's Kitchen is DIRTY!


  1. That would be interesting to see & since Spidey’s passes by a lot that would lead to a lot of good drama & conflict. I still would prefer Gambit if they were to choose a new Daredevil but Kraven is a very fascinating idea as well.

  2. Hey can we put all of these teasers together? I think I see a pattern going with some of the backgrounds in these. Seriously.

  3. Yes! Definitely see the pattern now.

    First get Nova’s teaser, then put this Kraven one right below it. Then get the Gambit teaser and put it to the right of Kraven’s. Finally add in the Falcon’s and you got a complete image. With the saying in 3/4:

    ‘Man without Fear’

  4. @danfaust found this on twitter with me because I forgot about Black Panther.

    Put Black Panther above Falcon and you get a ‘D’.

    (Sorry for the rampant posting, just thought I’d share it with everyone) 

  5. Good call.

  6. @TheNextChampion

    Here’s what they look like combined so far.

  7. @TNC and benisjamino    Thx!  For some reason, NOW, I’m excited! lol

  8. Here’s hoping Iron Fist at least gets a poster out of this, having been Daredevil for a little bit and all…

  9. Spoiler alert:  whoever it ends up being, Black Widow sleeps with him.

  10. Is it a contest? A shitty one. It doesn’t even pay well!

  11. Howard the Duck, you heard it here first!

  12. I think there’s more than just one missing.  Judging by the way that the Gambit and Kraven pictures don’t exactly line up I think there might be something that goes in between them which would mean another three pinups.

  13. But that’s probably just a problem of perspective really

  14. No, I figured it out, the building in this one don’t match up correctly with how they should look for the Gambit, Falcon and Nova pinups

  15. Yes. I assume this is exactly what they have planned. Kraven the Hunter is the new Daredevil. I am positive that is the direction the book is going in. I am going to go pre-order.

  16. I thought Kraven was up in the Savage Land filming “Dysfunctional Family Vacation”