Marvel Asks: Who Will Be the New Man Without Fear?

So apparently, Clinton Hill, er, "Hell's Kitchen" is in need of a touch more power thanks to Shadowland.

Side note: Francesco Francavilla!


  1. Man Nova is everywhere these days

  2. Huh? So Nova is taking over the Daredevil book, is that what being the new man without Fear means?

    Isn’t policing "Hells Kitchen" a bit of a demotion for a space cop, kinda like asking Hal Jordan to look after…well Hell’s Kitchen for lack of a better example.


  3. I love me some Nova. but.. huh?

  4. Isn’t Gambit a contender?



    ….Sorry I just realized what I said. I’ll give back my comic fan badge as I walk out the door. 

  5. Hell’s Kitchen is Clinton, not Clinton Hill.  Clinton Hill is a neighborhood in central Brooklyn, just west of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

  6. Mel Gibson voice: What? What? (then heavy breathing).

  7. Isn’t Nova supposedly "Marvel’s Green Lantern"? Adding the Man Without Fear tag is really gonna add to that oversimplified comparison.

  8. Please put Nova back in space and back in his own book.

  9. No thanks.

  10. This can’t be real…it must be some kind of joke right? I mean replacing Daredevil? WTF! So what does he trun into a bad guy in Shadowland? Is he gonna be hated now by fanboys? Is he going to be the new Sentry of the following decade of comics?!?!?! WTF!!!

  11. I love all this, no no no, or this isn’t right. c’mon guys, it’s a fun teaser, we’re gonna get a few more before the week is out. don’t worry, all will be well

  12. Love this picture. Have no clue what it could mean though.

  13. If you went to the SDCC Marvel panels teased everyone this this at the Mondo Marvel Panel. The following panels where Falcon, Gambit, and someone else don’t worry we don’t know if this is true yet.

  14. … Daredevil finally got a piece of the pie?

  15. srsly? probably be Kraven

  16. Dumbest idea I can think of.  Seems sure to alienate Daredevil and Nova fans, both justifiably.  Hopefully just a joke cover.

  17. @cubsmodano Dumber than Secret Avengers, where Nova’s got the Cobra-la helmet?

  18. The pictures are of Gambit, Nova, The Falcon, and Kraven. Hopefully they are all red Herrings. I’d be least objectionable to Gambit but none of the characters have had ANY interaction with Daredevil.

  19. If I were a super villain I’d take my criminal activities elsewhere. None of the contenders are worthy of my villainy. I’d rather move to New Mexico and tangle with Firebird.

  20. Whaaat?

  21. Diggle gets worse and worse. I honestly hope he gets kicked off the book. He’s been on for about 2 story arcs and he’s already having a company-wide crossover. Definitely not comparable to Brubakers fairly contained universe. 

  22. i remember josh making a joke on a video podcast about abnett and lanning taking over daredevil…

     who’s laughing now?????

  23. If I recall, there will be promotional material like this throughout Shadowland.  Someone will take over for Matt for awhile, and they’ll probably be throwing around a lot of heroes for the gig, only to put someone not shown in his place.

  24. There is only one true Faux Daredevil and that is Iron Fist.

  25. Why Nova is wearing his old uniform?

  26. @Minion Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

     Nova in Hell’s Kitchen would be just odd or even all of those other character mentioned.

  27. Dear Marvel: please fucking stop.

  28. Nice, take two things I like reading, combine them so I stop reading both.  Thanks Marvel.

  29. To be a Marvel superhero, doesn’t EVERYONE have to be men/women without fear?

  30. Hm… Someone is going to take over for the man without fear, and news also just leaked that there would be a new Thunderstrike series…

  31. where the hell is Scourge when ya need him ?

  32. now you Marvel fans know how we felt when they kicked us out of OUR BOOKS… signed Batman and Superman. =)

  33. I say Butterball — Man without Fear!!!

  34. If Matt Murdock gets lost in time I’m quitting comics.

  35. “and then (Matt Murdock) makes a deal with Mephisto and every thing we’ve done for the last (12) years never happened” maybe Marvel will be recycling this pitch?

  36. It’s a nice cover.

  37. This thread is awesome!

  38. First time poster and I must ask, is anyone else entirely sick of Marvel? I grew up a Marvel fan and lately all I read and love is DC. I do love Thunderbolts right now, and I read the Avengers titles just because but their storys suck anymore. Spider-Man I can’t even make myself pick up as it’s always all over the place, Daredevil has gone downhill, Iron Man is decent but kinda on the boring side, and Captain America I love but I’m one of the few people who doesn’t enjoy Bucky as Cap. I’m excited for Fractions take on Thor but I just cannot believe how poorly Marvel is doing and now this idea?

  39. Also I meant Pasqual Ferry with Fraction, I know he’s already writing.

  40. Him? ….Really? Is he…er…fearless-y?

    This smacks of the same sideways grin as Image’s Guardians of the Globe teaser. 

  41. …and the Silver Surfer will defend Grammercy Park.

  42. @halik You are not alone. I’ve been reading comics for ten years, and for the first nine I was a Marvel zombie. Mostly. I had a couple of other stuff, but my pull list was mainly Marvel.

    Maybe a year and a half ago though DC, and other company’s to be far started to take over. DC seem to respect their character historys while moving plots forward, Marvel are thoughing every idea (good or bad) at the wall to see what fits. I am huge Spider-man fan, but find alot of it disjointed and middle of the road).

    I think this is jus a red herring, I don’t really think Nova will be the new Daredevil…but on the other hand I know a lot of Spider-man fans don’t like BND, but other comic readers do, I can see Nova and Daredevil fans hating this, but I bet it’ll apeal to someone whose never read either.


  43. man without fear? that’s easy ….Hal Jordan …

  44. They should have given this book to Jason Aaron the minute Brubaker left the book. Or give it to Azarello who doesn’t seem to be doing much. This book needs crime, not ninjas….unless the ninjas are comitting crime.

  45. Nova needs to be in his own book. End of story.

  46. @jumping jupiter   yes this thread is freakin hilarious but I have only this to say.

    Really really early April Fools……..I hope.  And speaking of which…Josh,  we all accept your resignation letter. 

  47. Matt Murdoch as Ronin

    Maya Lopez and Clint Barton battle it out for the hornhead honors and DD crest.