Marvel Asks: Who Will Be The New Man Without Fear… And This One Makes Sense

Well, he already in New York anyway…


  1. I prefer this one

  2. I like gambit better. But i’m not a DD fan anyway so whatever his constituancy wants is what i’d like to see.

  3. This whole teaser campaign has been ridiculous. The only replacement that would make any sort of sense would be Iron Fist, and since he is getting his own book with the new Power Man soon then it’s not going to happen.

  4. You know who would be pretty good, Jessica Jones.  Jewel: Woman Without Fear

  5. Y’know what? I don’t really care, but the thing with these teasers is that we’re getting some awesome Francavilla art. It’s really worth it just for that.

    That said, I could see them trying to make Black Panther a more urban character (which I believe they’ve done before) — they just exile him from Wakanda for whatever reason, and then it’s all about crime fighting and the immigrant experience in Hell’s Kitchen. 😉 

    But even better would be Falcon. I miss Falc’s social worker/community activist roots. It’d be cool to see him get back to that, as there are not a lot of super-heroes playing those types of community roles these days.

  6. @daccampo – EXACTLY!  I’m just glad to see more Francavilla.  I put him in Sketch Up, and people go mad. Marvel puts out some images by him, and you get the complaints.  Francavilla FTW!

  7. If this is a prelude to Francavilla being the actual artist on the book, I don’t care who the main character turns out to be, I’d but it. The one thing I’d have to ask is, presumably the book will no longer be called Daredevil?  It seems that whoever replaces Matt, won’t actually be taking on the costume/persona (and thank god for that). 

    Anyway, this possibility I like.  @daccampo makes an excellent observation about Sam’s activist roots, and if Marvel follow that line we could have a really interesting superhero book on our hands, and a way of moving this book away from all the excellent stuff that’s gone before and into genuinely new territory…suddenly I’m intrigued.

  8. I never liked the Falcon for some reason. He’s not a bad character but even reading Brubaker’s run on Captain America I could really cared less when he got involved.

    Black Panther is still the better choice for me. 

  9. But nay cosby has made it clear the new man without fear is dare grimace

  10. @drakedangerz – That’s fantastic news that Iron Fist and Power Man are returning to their glory.  Best news I’ve had all week!

    I think that the Falcon would be a good temporary replacement for Daredevil.  But what they really need is a new writer for Daredevil.  New artist too.

  11. I’m torn because I really like Falcon as Falcon, and would love to see a solo book.  But that’s realistically not going to happen.  A solid (temporary) replacement Daredevil run with him could give the character some juice and is probably the way to go.  Okay, you’ve talked me into it.

  12. @caroline I agree. Although my knowledge of Sam is limited, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed any books with him playing an integral role in the story.  I think his character deserves more examining.

  13. I wonder if this is all just misdirection, like the silly "New Black Panther" campaign a while back, or if this is actually a story element, in the way that Incredible Hulk became Incredible Hercules for a time. You gotta give ’em credit — Marvel has been ballsy enough to try swap-outs like that.


  14. This whole campaign leaves me cold. No interest. Bubkiss. Zilch.

  15. bupkis

  16. I’ve lost interest in DD with all of this Shadowland stuff but my interest would be rekindled if Foggy were the new man without fear.

  17. If Jimmy Coonan takes over for Daredevil, I’ll buy the book again.

    (That one’s for the old school New Yorkers.)

  18. @daccampo  — But. . .there actually is a new Black Panther, right?


  19. eeeh  they are all wet!!! 

    oldest trick in the marketing book, make the model wet to make them shiney and more attractive.  they even do it with cars 

  20. @ohcaroline — er, yeah… good point. I guess I meant that the BP ads displayed people like Sue Richards and Storm in the photos, and I never once suspected that it would be any of the random faces they dropped in. So it was marketing the mystery "hook", not actually giving clues to a story. 

    On the flipside, they actually maneuvered Hercules into the Hulk books in the story and then let him take over. So, could they actually move one of these characters into the Daredevil book, or is this just purely a campaign, a la Black Panther? Does that distinction make more sense?


  21. (cuz it does in my head, but it’s late.)

  22. I know it isn’t the same but I can’t help thinking of the 4 Supermen storyline that followed his death back in the mid-90’s. 

  23. @daccampo  Ahh, yes, I get it.  I actually only brought it up because I so completely assumed the campaign was a gimmick that I only recently figured out T’Challa had been replaced. 

    Your logic makes sense — I’d think it would be a character actually involved in Shadowland taking over, but I don’t think anybody highlighted so far has been.  From the book itself, Moon Knight might be the most likely candidate?  I would have said   Tarantula a few months ago, but they seem to have ensconced him and White Tiger as bad guys, which is sort of a shame.

    Colleen Wing would get my vote, personally, but they seem to be emphasizing MAN without fear.