Mark Waid Joins Hero Initiative Board

It turns out he's not so evil.

You've heard of the Hero Initiative right? It's the non-profit organization that works to make sure comic creators have help with medical or financial needs, and if you don't know, you should. Go find out more.  Hell, make a donation if you can.

It was announced today that Mark Waid, comic book writer and editor-in-chief of BOOM! Studios will be joining the Board of Directors for Hero, replacing Guillermo del Toro, who became too busy to continue.

"I've been a supporter and cheerleader for this organization from its very beginning, and I'm honored and humbled to be asked to serve in an official capacity. They champion a cause about which I'm uniquely passionate, and I'm eager to contribute to what is already a top-notch endeavor," said Waid.

There are few guys out there so intrinsically linked to the comic industry as Mark Waid, and it's no surprise to hear him doing what he can to give back to the guys who helped build the industry.  It's a worthy charity, and you should support them at every chance you get.


  1. I am a big supporter of the Hero Initiative. They are responsible for me meeting Steve Dillon (and getting a sketch and signatures). What a great and worthwhile cause. DONATE NOW! Or at least buy the Hero Initiative benefit comics that they put out.

  2. I second what ActualButt just said.  I’ve been a supporter for a few years and met guys like George Perez and Cully Hamner…please give to this organization if you can.

  3. I too have supported the Hero Initiative in the past. I’m tons of glad that Mark Waid is an official part of it.

  4. While this is awesome, Mark Waid being even busier pretty much burns any chance of more episodes of 15 Minutes with Mark Waid to the ground.