Mark Millar’s Superior Can Have YOUR Name!

He's done it before, and he's doing it again.  Mark Millar is launching a new creator owned series called Superior.  With art by Leinil Yu, it's the story of a boy with multiple sclerosis who makes a wish and becomes the superhero, Superior.

Let's think about what this could mean for your name to live on in the media.  First, it could be a comic book.  Then it could be a movie, and in that movie, you could be played by someone very famous. If that's what you're into.  The last two books where he did this, Kick-Ass and Nemesis both blew up in the media big time.

There's one other reason to do it though.  All the proceeds go to the special needs unit for a school where Millar's brother, Dr. Bobby Millar volunteers his time.  It does sound a bit vague, but that's all the information provided.

Personally, I'm wondering what happens when the winner is someone who looks nothing like that image provided.  Does that hurt the chances of the movie going to film?  I guess the executives can change the name on the movie character.  What if the winner is named Jenny or Abdullah?  I suppose it's these kind of chances that make it exciting.

Make your bids here on the eBay.


  1. Wait, so my name is Ernesto Regalado. If I had couple of thousand pounds, wouldn’t that require the changing of some basic backstory to accomodate?

  2. That’s what I want to know!

  3. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

  4. I’ll read any book that uses the name Inigo Montoya.

  5. Surely you can’t be serious!

  6. Time to create a PayPal account under the name "Balthazar Poopenheimer."

  7. @slockhart I’m pretty sure Millar is gonna ask for i.d. if you come out swinging with a name like that. He’s Scottish, not stupid.

  8. Wow 29 bids and 1100 pounds already, good job. I would love to have a character named after me but what if he ends up being like Jason Todd or the *shudder* the Sentry and I can’t stand my own namesake?

  9. I say we find a Peter Parker or Clark Kent & all chip in on their behalf!

  10. That Mark Millar is in the wrong biz. He should go into marketing.

  11. Self marketing is a giant part of making comics. It’s why he’s successful.

  12. @Josh: Indeed!

  13. Terms and Conditions: The winner must use his or her own legal real name, and we reserve the right to select the next highest bidder if the winner’s name is obscene, offensive, sacrilegious, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate.  The winner will be required to sign a release agreement before his or her name can be used.  If the winner is unable or unwilling to sign that release agreement, the prize could go to the next-highest bidder.

  14. @ludumaximus None of those reason really cover if someone with a name that that guy clearly wouldn’t normally have is the highest bidder.  If Kanye West or Chaka Khan paid the most money their names aren’t really deniable as entries based on any of the reasons they list.

  15. My name used for a hero? That’ll be the day..maybe more as a villian. Love that it’s for charity though.

  16. Ok, this is cool, but what I really want to know:  who’s the actor playing the hero in the movie?

  17. My name’s Clark Kent 🙂

  18. My name is Mark Millar.

  19. Definetly the perfect use for my Ms Chanandler Bong Ebay acount

  20. I really hope it’s Abdullah, that’d pwn.