March 2009 Grab Bag!



Hard to believe, but it’s already that time of the month. (You know, I’ve written that sentence before, and it still never seems to come out right, but I am just gonna do it because I am tired of typing it.) This article is due in about 11 hours, but I have been on a slight vacation. I say slight because although I was indeed on vacation, by a pool, reading comics, in Las Vegas, it was actually very windy and hailing. So, I’ve had my margarita (ill-timed, but one of the drawers that holds all of the pots and pans — a shelf, really, in cabinet like thing, under the burners — broke, so I had to fix it) and my burrito (which was fine and did not need repair) and even watched an episode of The Simpsons, in HD no less (when did I stop watching The Simpsons and why did I stop? When did that happen? I like that show!) and now, I am writing with Withnail & I playing in the background (Withnail & I is a great British movie that you must watch if you have ever dealt with actors or been drunk, or dealt with drunk actors, which, well, if you have ever dealt with actors in the first place is, in a word, often). I am bit peeved because, well, I am having aspect ratio issues — everything is right, everything is apparently correct, but it just looks off somehow. No matter, it’s the grab bag, and I have stuff to tell you about.

* * * *

“Oh, great, Mike’s here? Who invited him?”

So, at top of mind, my mind at least, which you are getting a little bit more of than you actually want right now, is the recent series finale of Battlestar Galactica. Now, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the screening of that episode with the cast and crew on Friday, and I must say, it was a really, really incredible night. You might as well read The Hollywood Reporter‘s account of it here, but suffice to say, it was a really inspiring evening. I have been following the show (writing letters to to support it going to series, etc) since the beginning, and I feel very lucky to have been there for the finale. Yes, I saw and talked to many of the actors and directors, but that wasn’t really why it was awesome. It was awesome because everyone came together to say goodbye to what had been their lives for almost seven years, to say farewell to a show that really did redefine just how good television could actually be. Producers Ron Moore, David Eick and director Michael Rhymer (who was mentioned specifically as being a key reason why the show was was so successful from a creative point of view) all delivered a show that was pretty much uncompromising in its mission to tell a great story with believable, engaging and challenging characters, and I for one will miss the show greatly. Now, I just have to figure out how to get on Caprica, which starts filming in earnest this summer.

* * * *

Imagine a greater name.

Speaking of the SciFi channel, as much as I hate to say farewell to Battlestar Galactica, I must say I hate the new name of the network even more. Behold, SyFy. Yes… I think, actually, that is phonetically “siffy.” So… incredibly lame. According to Tim Brooks, “The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular.” Let’s see… let’s just see… what kinds of things do these “geeks” like? Can you say The Lord of the Rings? Star Wars? The Dark Knight? Spider-Man? I mean, video games? It’s bad that you associate the channel with all these things? Incredible to me. I think Brooks is also being kind of sexist — like, so, are we to assume that women don’t like the science fiction? Really? I just… it irritates me and I didn’t even care about this stuff until I found out they were changing the name. I mean, I liked the idea that a channel could be devoted to science fiction… but I guess I’m just some dork who lives in my mom’s basement, right? Ah, well. I should be careful, I guess — I really want to be on Caprica and I probably shouldn’t talk too much trash about the network if I want a job there. But still–siffy?

* * * *

Spock, Kirk and Bones have just heard about a new series and are not amused.

Speaking of siffy, er, silly — do we really need a new Star Trek TV show? No, we don’t, but don’t tell that to to Bryan Fuller, creator of the quite-beautiful-with-some-great-acting-and-quirky-point-of-view-that-many-us-recorded-but-never-got-around-to-you know-watchingPushing Daisies. I guess he wants to make an “old style” Trek. How this would coexist with J.J. Abrams’ upcoming theatrical release, which is much more modern, with its Apple Store-like bridge and irritatingly good looking cast, would still have to be resolved, but, hey — I am all for any show that casts actual actors. Speaking of Trek, the writer of the linked article digs a bit at Deep Space Nine, which is unfair — that show was actually quite good, and the last two seasons were all part of an ongoing plot, which paved the way for episodic shows like Heroes, Lost and, yes, Battlestar Galactica (produced by DS9 alum Ron Moore). So don’t hate — Netflixagate!

* * * *

Spider-Man 4: Payback’s a Bitch, Spidey!

Still with the video and the sound, news of Spider-Man 4 continues to trickle in, with director Sam Raimi talking about the apparently Dunst-free aspect of the film so far. Money quote: “I can’t imagine making a ‘Spider-Man’ movie without Kirsten.” He then insisted, “Of course it can be done…” I, for one, don’t care at all about a new Spider-Man movie. I am not sure why — oh, that’s right, number three sucked and I don’t believe that they can actually make another good one.Yeah, I guess I am being cynical, but, I mean… do we really need another one? The movies make a ton of money, and if they can make Pirates of the Caribbean 4, then they might as well add a fourth Spidey flick. But I am not at all convinced you need Kirsten Dunst. In fact, forget about her — bring in Black Cat and a brief cameo with the Fantastic Four and we’ll be set.


* * * *

I need me a pair of those shades.

Finally, I guess ABC is remaking V? You know, the one with the lizards in human skin with the mouse eating and jaw popping? That’s all I remember about the original, to be honest. That and the jumpsuits. On the other hand, I guess Fox is making a series based on DC’s Human Target, which I think actually makes a lot of sense as a TV series. I liked the books — let’s hope they do that one right.

* * * *

In the “I hinted at it and it became true” department, I can happily tell you for certain that dance music duo Daft Punk is indeed doing the music for Tron 2 (though they are not calling it Tron 2: Electric Boogaloo). One more Tron!

* * * *

Remember when I thought I was being all thoughtful and creative by writing about what books we should recommend after our “other” friends asked what they should read after Watchmen? Well, I’ve been seeing lots of DC ads in comic books discussing exactly that — you can see their recommendations at Good job on that, though I must say they should be running these ads in Entertainment Weekly and other actual magazines. I mean, DC is already admitting that people don’t know which comic books to read after reading Watchmen, so it’s pretty certain that this audience is not reading this month’s Justice League, you know? But good try anyway. Marvel should have done this with their movies — it’s a great way to get new folks into comics. Or at least trades. On a related note, GQ magazine has a whole feature about what comics to read after Watchmen. Top of the list? Madman, which should make Ron happy. The article, written Alex Pappademas and Kevin Sintumuang, is actually pretty good, and actually mentions a few books that we talked about in my article, including All-Star Supermanand Criminal and others I totally spaced on, like Alias, The Nightly News and Fell. Nice one, guys!

* * * *

Finally, in the “Last Minute Conor Save” or “Mike apparently has a crush on Marcos Martin” Department, I bring you another amazing cover by Mr. Martin, this time for the upcoming 70th Anniversary of Captain America:



Okay, that’s it for me.  Have a great week!

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  1. I was really impressed with the presentation of the DC "After Watchmen" booklet.  Of course, I would have been *MORE* impressed with it if I’d seen it in the movie theater, or in Barnes & Noble, instead of at my local comics shop, where I could turn around and see a display of Moore titles, Transmetropolitan, etc.  It would be a great resource for a novice, but I’m not sure how much good it’s doing sitting in a pile next to ‘Previews.’  

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Crazy jealous about the BSG party.  

    The only way I’d take interest in Spidey 4 would involve a total reboot.   

  3. I would like to see Spider-Man 4 take the Incredible Hulk approach. If you like the other ones: they exist, if not: it’s new! Re-cast and get a new director. I love Sam Raimi and all, but I think that that creative team needs to move on, just like in comics. 

  4. Right on about DS9, that was a great show and just as good as TNG.  The last ten episodes might as well have been their own mini-series.

  5. Ten years ago– almost exactly, actually– I was obsessed with Deep Space Nine in a way that would make a guy with a Lost podcast say, "Dude, it’s just a TV show." I haven’t seen an episode since, and I’m almost afraid to; if it didn’t live up to my memory of it, I’m not sure I could take it.

  6. Can anybody convince me that another Spider-Man movie has any (storytelling) reason to exist?  I have the same issue when people talk about X-Men movie reboots.  That *happened*, what’s left to explore exactly?  If the answer’s just "these will make money and could be fun," I’ll accept that, I’m just having a hard time working up the energy to care.

  7. You know, I’m actually more optimistic about Spider-Man 4 than I was for Spider-Man 3 when it was at this point in preproduction. Spider-Man 3 was a train wreck, but I honestly think everyone involved has learned their lessons and are looking to make up for it.

  8. Syfy? Really? Grrrr… Once again someone in charge has taken a perfectly good name and dumbed it down for the masses.  People can’t say Washington Mutual? Fine. Change it to WaMu.  Having difficulty saying Beverages and More? No Problem, how about BevMo! National Geographic too big a mouthful? Then use NatGeo! I hate this trend!

  9. Is that Captain America cover a one shot or is it like a variant for something?

  10. Syfy might be the worst thing I have ever heard.

    Sounds like a new disease that was discovered

  11. I feel ashamed, as someone who got into comics with "indie" comics, for I haven’t read most of the comics on the GQ list.


    I don’t know, I’ve seen a few episodes of TNG and fewer of DS9 and I seriously liked DS9. Of course, I think Star Trek sucks.


  12. I can’t totally dismiss Spidey 4. I mean Batman movies had gone down a complete road of suckery before the "Dark Knight".  So there is hope. I am total trekie but the trailers make me nauseous. There is just something not quite right. And Syfy is just well wrong phonetically and in other ways. Also that Captain America Cover is georgeous.

  13. @Jimski: The same thing happened to me a few years ago, I had just gotten my DVR and would tape all the repeats of DS9 that channel 11 was showing.  It was my second go around of watching the show, it definietly held up.

  14. I agree with you on the SyFy thing.  Majorly lame.  Whoever came up with it must have been a hell of a salesman.  Luckily, this person won’t be near me the next time I’m shopping for something.

    Also, that Marcos Martin picture is phenomenal.  I’m so stoked for that 70th Anniversary Cap book.   

  15. I’m sorry, Pushing Daisey’s creators is doing a new Star Trek series? Wow. That is great news. I might actually watch Star Trek, now.

  16. @OttoBott: It should be clarified… Bryan Fuller has said he *wants* to do a Star Trek series.  That’s all that has happened, nothing is actually in the works.

  17. Yeah, I was about to add an amendment to what I said after rereading the paragraph above. My bad. *disappointed sigh*

  18. It pains me to say this because I’m still not down with BND, but I think OMD could translate into a decent storyline for Spider-Man 4.  

  19. Did GQ take into account that Alias is next to impossible to find?

  20. @Actual  Maybe they are trying to encourage Marvel to reprint it (which Bendis has hinted is in the works). 

  21. A very cool Alias trade hits stores again first week o’ May:

  22. They’ve got some pricing conflicts on that page.

  23. The after watchmen booklet and ads are really good but its pathetic that we feel that alone is deserving of praise. You made something that should get some new people into comic shops, now put it somewhere thats not ALREADY INSIDE THE COMIC SHOP!

  24. @BritishNightwing  It would definitely be a good thing for comics retailers to be able to hand to new customers, but I’d like to see it elsewhere, too, and I haven’t yet.

  25. nice i love these grab bags they make me happy and sad…

  26. @k5blazer It’s dumbing things down for the executives. Corporate decisions are made top-down…

  27. @JimFromLima- Where does it stop? Whoever satrted that should be castrated and fired!