Make New Brighton Archaeological Society Volume Two a Reality, Get Some Cool Stuff

You'll recall Jason Wood's recent article on Kickstarter, a pretty exciting new resource for promoting and fundraising for new projects, including comic books. It's a simple premise. Pitch your idea on Kickstarter, set a goal price point, and offer some pledge incentives. If you reach your target in a month, you get to keep the money and get to work. As Wood pointed out, several of these initiatives have succeeded, some of them surpassing their goals by wide margins. It's a great way to get people excited about your self-published comic, and proof that you don't even need to build it for them to come. All you need is a great blueprint. Then, when you've built it, they're already there. 


Recently, I got to help out on a new Kickstarter initiative, lending a voice over to this trailer for The New Brighton Archaeological Society volume II. The fundraiser is just getting underway, and I'm hoping you'll help with the cause. By pledging some exceptionally reasonable dollar amounts, you can earn everything from a digital or physical copy of the first volume, Popgun anthologies, The Amazing Joy Buzzards, Aqua Leung, T-shirts, original art and more. You're also helping very talented creators Mark Andrew Smith and Matthew Weldon continue their terrific all-ages tale on their own terms. 

Check out the trailer, then back this project today. 


  1. so i’d like to ask, if its being published by Image comics, why do they need money from fans to support it? I’m not being a jerk, i was just puzzled by the situation. Does image make all their creators front the bill for all of their projects? 

  2. mabye image had more demands for volume 2, or they decided not to publish a volume 2

  3. The video explains it all…

  4. @ottobott–not really. Yes it said they want to get money for letters and colors, but my question is if they have a publisher, why are the creators self funding it? That was the root of my question as to how image works. 

  5. @wallythegreenmonster

    Image Comics is a publisher meaning that they print and distribute books.  They don’t pay an advance or put up the costs of making projects and also they don’t take any of the rights for creator’s projects.  It’s up to every creator to fund their books and then Image publishes and distributes them.  

  6. @samkmirth–thats really fascinating. Thanks for the info. I’ve read some allusions to that on here before, but never really been defined for me. Thats an interesting business/publishing model thats not traditional at all. Makes a lot of sense now. 

  7. @wally

     I was equally confused, thanks samkmirth

  8. Paul has a great voiceover voice.  It makes me want to eat a werther’s original while he regales me with stories of conventions past.