MacGuffin Closes Down

This is sort of a follow up to a story we posted a while back about MacGuffin, a really progressive graphic novel store in Newport News, Virginia. Apparently, the store shut down without warning, and Heidi McDonald got the story from the owner.

What was really cool about this store, aside from it being a generally nice place to be, was that the owner, Sam Hobart, kept a blog detailing specifics on running a comic store. Not only was it terribly interesting to non-retailers, but I imagine it was also an incredible resource to prospective retailers. It’s a real shame that a good store had to go, because we can use all the good ones we can get.

I never did get to see this store, but I get the feeling that it was a model of graphic novel stores of the future. What’s disappointing is that it shut down, not because the business model failed, but because of a landlord dispute. And now, for some reason he didn’t choose to share, they’re not going to re-open.

Fair thee well, MacGuffin! Would that I had known thee. But we don’t even have a place like that in New York City. I would venture to say that Rocketship in Brooklyn (who are currently without a website) is the closest. But no couches.


  1. Well I lived in Chesapeake VA for two years and went to 4 comic shops in the area and never even knew this store was there. Too bad, I would have checked it out.

  2. Can someone put a link to his blog? Thanks

  3. It’s right there in the story…

  4. I’m from Chesapeake VA. And i’ve never had the opportunity to go to the shop. But i wish i had. Never really go out that far,but its sad to see a local shop go down. Hopefully someday it could return.