Lost – S05E13 – Some Like It Hoth

Tonight’s episode – Some Like It Hoth

Tonight’s a Miles episode.  I love Miles.  I’m not sure why.  I think it’s because he’s simultaneously bemused and terrified by what’s going on on the island.  And he’s full of secrets.  Characters that are full of secrets are a-ok in my book.

When Miles, Charlotte, and Daniel came on the show they really energ– hey… where has Daniel been???

Last’s week’s episode co-written by Brian K. Vaughan was so good.  Seriously, how good has this show been in season five?  Too late, the answer is so, so good.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. Am I the only that doesn’t understand Miles’ gray/white-ish hair???

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    When there’s somethin strange

    in your neighborhood

    who ya gonna call?


  3. This should be a good episode. Funny too, especially if Hurley is involved.

    @Paul: No they would call the cops….what you said was stupid 🙂 (a cookie to anyone who knows where that is from)

  4. @tittom: He’s 39, so he’s probably going gray.

  5. I have a 29-year-old friend who’s going grey.  It happens.

  6. Oh then, it must be that…he looks young though.

  7. Isn’t it: "Then he’ll see you in hell!"? Oh well, my Taun Taun won’t freeze untill the 4th marker anywho. =)

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Confession.  I’m actually 58.  

  9. At least there’s a pool…

  10. Nothing really funny to say all about this….

  11. On an all new ‘Ghost Wisperer’…

  12. That dharma logo looks a lot like Captain America’s shield

  13. I dont mind being the only one talk just to let you know guys

    What’s in the bag!? What’s in the bag!?-Brad Pitt

  14. ‘Ditch have a gun?’

  15. Miles and the body are going to talk over at the Starbucks

  16. Matthew McConaughey?…..*shutters*

  17. I’m finally live.  A phone call delayed me for a couple of minutes so I had to sait for the first commercial break to get live.

  18. @conor: Thanks, getting tired of doing all the commenting myself

    Didnt miss much though

  19. He’s going threw a phase….

    or as my sis is saying right now: ‘he looks like a retard’

  20. Wow, Ken Leung has age range!

  21. Man this is getting real depressing

  22. I dont believe he’s dead

  23. Dr. Chang!

  24. Yay we get to see more of Dr. Chang

  25. Apparently, there were in need of a runner inside the Circle of Trust.

  26. Did he say ‘my sweet garlic mayo?’

  27. Nice smash cut

    Juliet always looks like she’s sweating

  28. Yes, he did.

  29. Wow they handled that well (sarcasm)

  30. (mumbles) ‘He’s gonna call security on me? I’m gonna call security for messing my equipment’-Juliet

  31. wow, for some reason i really liked that scene with juliet, kate, and roger. 

    also, star trek looks like the greatest movie of all time. 

  32. Did you just fart?

  33. is hurley writing star trek?!?!?!

  34. aww I was liking that song

  35. That decomp smell is not going to come out of that food.

  36. lol, the star trek trailer has me all mixed up.

  37. Powerful electro magnets can kill.

    The more you know.

    *NBC chimes*

  38. I’m guessing this guy was digging for ‘The Swan’

    Explains the fillings going beserk

  39. Remember kids:

    All people who say they can talk to the dead are telling the truth. They arent liars.

  40. oh god, naomi! 🙂

  41. Hey there’s that lady…..who got killed after 3 episodes….Naomi is it?

  42. Mmmm… Dharma brand beer.

  43. Let’s see how is Kate gonna handle a drunken father….

    Blow his house up?

  44. Thank you!!!!

    Took 5 seasons and a drunk person to say the obvious to Kate

  45. @TNC: Only if he deserves it.

  46. @conor: Uh he beats up Ben a lot and says his mom died cause of him….yeah he deserves it.

  47. hurley… is… awesome. 

  48. I wanna see a Dr. Chang/Hurley sitcom in the works


  49. Whoa!

  50. dayum.


  52. awesome reveal

  53. Well it looks like they finally are getting use for this character.

    That’s so awesome he’s his dad, and it totally makes sense

  54. @the next champion – when has he ever beat up be? he grabbed his arm hard once and pushed him, but that doesn’t mean he deserves DEATH.

  55. @nick: He slapped him in the first Ben-centric episode didnt he?

    Besides even if WE havent seen it; a drunken father had to beat him up at some point

  56. Man everyone is connected to Widmore arent they? Even I am

  57. That was funny, money always makes things easier

  58. I would one day like ot be asked to join a team leading an expedition to an island for $1.6 million.

    Also, that was an oddly specific amount.

  59. I like Hurley is asking for the audience

    ‘Why was his name Marvin Candle? Was it a stage name?’

  60. Miles seems to be a glorified hired goon on the island.

  61. More Egyptian references.

  62. @conor – and didn’t miles ask for an oddly specific amount of money from ben? same amount or no?

  63. annnd Kate accidentally starts a chain of events to ruin everyone. Thanks Kate

  64. @nickmaynard: I think he did.

  65. @TNC: Your Kate obsession is veering into creepy territory.

  66. @conor: What? Since she had to talk to Ben’s dad for no reason; she is getting everyone in trouble slowly but surely.

    Sorry I’m not the only one who notices

  67. Hurley is acting like your drunk friend at a bar trying to make things awkward between you and the girl you are seeing.

  68. Edit: ‘I’m the only one who notices’

    Plus, I love it how Hurley is trying to get these two to bond

  69. I knew it!

    Plus Hurley is freaked out

  70. Hurley’s going to have a psychotic break.

  71. OH NO! The numbers!


  72. @conor – miles asked ben for 3.2 million dollars, twice the amount he was offered by naomi just now.

  73. Interesting…

  74. So far this isnt as funny of an episode I would’ve imagined….

  75. It’s Cobra!

  76. You owe me a fish taco

  77. @conor: Ha! It does look like Cobra members

  78. Wait a tic….that’s the same question asked by Frank last week!

  79. there it is, 3.2 million!

  80. So…..who the hell are these group of people? I hate it when a wild card party enters

  81. i say they’re hostiles.

  82. omgomgomg! lololol.

  83. Hahaha – I was *literally* just typing "I wonder why we have a STAR WARS reference in the title this week…"

  84. That’s awesome!

    ‘Chewbacca: Rawr!!’

    So cool he wants to write Empire before it’s even made

  85. Also, Hurley needs to take a screenwriting class.


    They are also blaming Kate….Score for me..

  87. They need a Learning Annex on the island.

  88. Yeah this is gonna be the beginning of the end for this ‘paradise’

  89. I feel bad for the bushy eyebrows guy

  90. @TNC: There never was a paradise, the two warring sides guarenteed it was always going to end badly.

  91. @conor: It was paradise for the survivors before their friends showed up. Is that why Juliet is upset? She yelled at Jack for coming back when he didnt have to

  92. @TNC: It was a false paradise.

  93. @conor: But it was still a paradise wasnt it?

  94. holy god, i’m crying.

  95. I thought seeing yourself ment a time paradox….I guess when it’s really really up close

  96. @TNC: No, it was false.  It was always going to end badly.  They were living in denial… they had no other choice.

  97. who are the scientists? faraday???

  98. Daniel!

  99. Yes!!!! Daniel is back!

  100. 2 weeks from tonight!?


  101. Next week – a very special clip show!

  102. 100th episodes are special and all…

    But for this show? 108th is the key number

  103. …and the hits just keep on coming.  That was great.. as is par for the course this season.  Some like it Hoth is whimsical and hilarious.  The whole show is full of father issues, so, why not have the great father/son moment in pop culture history serve as a backdrop.  Still no explanation for Miles (Myles?) powers, but at least we got a good look at them. 

  104. Incredible episode – I agree with Conor – I love Miles.  Great character, great actor, great writing.  Lost never lets me down.  It looked like two new writers on this episode – is that true?  I feel like they took Haley Joel Osmet’s character from Sixth Sense and grew him up.  I love his character arc too – but will he die when he deals with his "issues" like everyone else on the show?

  105. Soooo yeah. First time watching since Season 1….I’m Lost lol. But I will watch again later on.

  106. So last episode we see only Charles Widmore getting kicked off the island (and for that matter only Charles in charge) … the episode before Alpert is asked if Charles and Ellie (which I am guessing is the ring lady, Ellosie Hawking) would approve of his decision.  

    Back to last episode, Ben tells John that he needed critical information. What he recieved was Jin’s wedding ring and that John was suppose to meet with Ellosie Hawking.

    What happened with Ellie … is this new group with her, is Ben with her, how does she exist outside of time (i.e. Flashes before your eyes), how does she end up out of control? 

    I am coming to the opinion that Bram and Illiana are actually related to her but I am not sure how … is Miles asking Ben for $3.2 million and Ben accepting it showing that Ben is not involved with this group (we are not giving you any money)? … Is faraday (apparently her son) showing up at the end a sign of her significane to this new development? This show is going to end with me getting an aneurysm. 

  107. ‘This show is going to end with me getting an aneurysm’

    Most accurate statment I’ve earn for this show.

  108. I love the combination of Hurley and Miles on this show.  They’re like Lost’s version of Hiro and Ando, except, you know, actually funny.

  109. Just wanna throw this out there but, does Daniel Faraday remind anyone else of Gordon the Intern or is it just me?

  110. @Hermit: Yeah when I first saw him last season I was like

    ‘Why is Gordon, or I assume Gordon’s long lost twin brother, on the show?’ 🙂

  111. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh wow, I thought it was just me. 

  112. My favorite part of the episode is when Dr. Chang says he prefers country music and the subtle look that Miles gives him!  That was hilarious!!!!!!!!