Lost – S05E11 – Whatever Happened, Happened

Tonight’s episode: “Whatever Happened, Happened”

Last week, Sayid shot Lil’ Ben in a fantastic “oh, shit!” moment. I have a feeling that this week the wound will not prove fatal. They are on a magically healing island, after all. Plus, Ben can’t die in the past because then his kids will start disappearing from the photograph and then his youngest kid Marty will start disappearing while playing rhythm guitar at the big dance and… um, never mind.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. I would like to see what happens if Ben actually, you know…dies.

  2. If Ben dies: If you think this Time Travel stuff has been confusing so far….oh boy will it suddenly turn into a shitload of confusion.

    As always I will vlog as usual on here. Please let there be a good turn out tonight.

  3. Expect nothing.  We didn’t expect John to get shot and ‘die’. 

  4. Even if Ben dies, he could just get brought back to life like Locke was. Then again, from the title it doesn’t seem that way.

  5. So, it’s either

    a) the kid ain’t dead

    b) Sayid has officially created an alternate reality


    c) reality has now course-corrected to deal with the non-existance of Ben.




  6. @Diabhol: Or we could have a huge time distruption and the world implodes….But yeah those work too.

  7. It’s starting OMG!

  8. Ah great….another Kate episode?

  9. We can only hope.

  10. He’s not quite dead yet…

  11. Hurley is waay too busy snacking to start that fire

  12. Roger got sobered up real quick

  13. Kate is Ben’s stepmother!

  14. Boo it’s a Kate episode

    Guess I gotta bare with it

  15. I can’t hear this song without thinking of LOVE ACTUALLY.

  16. I bet a lot of people forgot about Sawyer’s other love interest

  17. Hopefully this episode tells us what the hell happened to Aaron.

    Cause I’m sorry, if a girl told stole my relative from me and then told me never to speak about him again….that means I sue.

  18. It also means you’re not Jack.

  19. Will we finally meet Sawyer’s daughter?

  20. That’s a lot of money!

  21. @conor: If Jack was a smart man, and he isnt, he would’ve slapped Kate around to know where his nephew is.

    But then again that would be a waste of an episode….heh, a court battle…yeah thats what people want *rolls eyes*

  22. @TNC: Clearly Jack has a more nuanced world view.

  23. If these two are any indication, then Juliet as a very bitter future ahead of her.

  24. @conor: That and he probably doesnt care about him anyways lol

  25. Oh great Jack is in trouble

  26. Ben is screwing around Jack at the age of 12!

  27. Man Sawyer is the boss in these episodes!

  28. Faraday is on the Looking Glass station!?

  29. ‘No you can leave any time….but I’ll shoot you in the leg’


  30. Jacks going to operate Ben…AGAIN!!!!

  31. Haha – a BACK TO THE FUTURE reference!

  32. Wow Miles is explaining to the audience what is going on

    Great writing with the Time Travel in this episode

  33. I want Christopher Lloyd to be in this episode now.

  34. I really love Miles. Can Miles have a spin off after Lost is done. Miles the sarcastic psychic investigator.

  35. ‘It’s your nephew Jack! Sometimes gotta be done about your nephew!!’

  36. Nice.

    See, Ben, this is what happens when you’re a dick to people as an adult. When you’re a kid and you get shot, those people you were a dick to will have time traveled and will be the only ones who can save you. And then where are you at?  It’s the oldest story in the book.

  37. "Then he dies" Genius! I love Jack’s attitude  this season.

  38. Can those Dharma vans reach the necessary 88 mph?

    So much for "do no harm" Jack. 

  39. @conor: lol!

    He’s learning a lesson….of course he wont know for another 20 years what that lesson will be. But he sure was owned in this episode.

  40. I really want someone to say "this is heavy" in this episode.

  41. Did Faraday steal plutonium?

    ‘Dan you just cant walk up into a store and buy some plutonium!’

  42. Man I really dont like scenes with Jack and Kate talking together anymore…

  43. Oooooooouch.

  44. Did something happen off island with you two?

    ‘Yeah I just stole his relative’

  45. Oh these two are perfect together:

    One is a drunken kid beater; the other is a bitchy deserter…Match made in heaven

  46. @TNC: You know that it’s not "stealing" when you take care of a baby that is not wanted, with the full knowledge of the baby’s relative, right?

  47. I would want this as a tv show:

    Hurley and Miles explaining relative theory and time travel for an hour

  48. @conor: Yeah and then she decided to keep the baby and not let Jack see him..

    But then again he doesnt care about Aaron anyways

  49. Strangely enough, this all makes sense.

  50. Wow now this is interesting:

    But it’s a loophole around Season 2. I mean did the writers really think of all of this Time Travel stuff for the future?

  51. This is heavy.

  52. You would think an island would have more doctors or at least a professional

  53. So does Ben know all them from the past before this new past happened?

  54. With as many guns they have around, you’d think they’d have a doctor on staff to handle all this.

  55. I bet Ben did recognize Sayeed. He is just that devious.

  56. We’ll never know if he did know the characters before they crashed.

    It’s from 3 seasons (years) ago where we first meet Ben

  57. The Unusuals looks really good

  58. Richard is going to heal Ben with the power of his serene expressions and soothing voice. And his eye shadow.

  59. So it looks like Sayid and probably Kate have gone rouge.

    I mean Kate cant come back after this

  60. I still want to know why Sun didn’t go with the others.

  61. Kate as a mother? Whipped

    Aaron is the boss of that family

  62. Creepy……….

  63. Jeez Aaron can book! She only took her eyes off of him for like 1 second

  64. Arent their camera around the sound death machines? Sawyer is screwed

  65. Maybe Sun didn’t flash with them because they didn’t mimic the original crash close enough, therefore the results weren’t exactly as they should have been.

  66. Creepy Supermarket guy on the tv

  67. Cause you dont care for Aaron in the first place?

  68. They should’ve told that to Jack in the first place.

    ‘No matter what he turns out to be, he’s still just a kid’

  69. Wow, is Sawyer really over Kate? I almost can’t believe it.

  70. Well now Jack isnt gonna be over Juliet

    ‘Oh I didnt see you in there’ *cue porno music*

  71. @TNC: It’s the classic "Would you kill baby Hitler?" debate.

  72. @conor: Maybe….but probably not considering the ramifications if he was never born

  73. @conor: But it’s still a kid, that’s horrible to let a kid die no matter what his/her fate would be

  74. I like it has been 3 years but no one really seems to have aged

  75. @TNC: That’s where the debate comes in.  Kill a baby and save millions of lives.  Or not kill a baby (who is essentially innocent) and let millions die.

  76. They are really trying to make Jack a jackass so they can redeem him in stupendous fashion I hope. Wlil he be replacing Christian as the island’s new caretaker?  Will we ever find out what happened to Claire?

  77. @conor: But in the long run not saving Hilter (or let’s just use Ben to make this less uncomfortable) could even hurt more lives then save. It’s not just one bad side against good side; I think it’s bad news on either end of the decision.

  78. Nothing says like building bridges then bringing a huge bombshell to an austrailian woman

  79. Oh shit!

  80. Gotta practice your speeches before you talk to someone Kate

  81. America is behind again!

  82. @gobo: Dont spoil it! Just 6 more mins!

  83. All done in Canada, no worries though I’m not going to spoil

  84. I like it that Kate leaves Aaron in the middle of the night alone in a hotel room.

    I know Claire’s mom is in the next room but still…

  85. And thus Ben was made evil.

  86. Ah there goes Hurley’s theory on why he doesnt remember Sayid.

    But what does he mean by innocence?

  87. What’s in the temple!?

  88. Hahahahaha

  89. Nice ending. First time Ben looks completely like ‘What the fuck!?’

  90. You never want to wake up to face the man you killed. Never.

  91. NOOOO!!! Next week is a Ben episode!?

    and it looks like big shit is gonna go down! Like questions being answered!

    Why the tease!?

  92. Oooooh – next week we finally get to find out who beat the crap out of Ben!

  93. Damn it I never get previews

  94. @conor: Judging from the previews we see who Ben killed (got beaten up to), what’s in the temple, why Ben had to come back, and more importantly….Smoke monster reveal? AWESOME!!!

  95. @gobo: You’d think they could fill in all that extra time with previews!

  96. So they wanted Richard to check with Ellie Hawking and Charles Widmore before taking young Ben? Strange that they are so important as part of the others. Maybe we’ll finally see Faraday again next week. Ben episode should be good.

  97. @s1lentslayer: Well we learned in this episode that Faraday is in The Looking Glass Station….Why there I dont know

  98. Wow, this episode was amazing. Loved how they mirrored the ending young Ben/Old Ben. Looks like next week’s gonna be mythos-heavy…the temple? Oh yeah!

  99. Next week sounds rad!

  100. Well for a Kate episode this wasnt painful….Still I could care less about her fate on this island. Hope she dies that’s all I’m saying.

    (puts remote on table)

    If there’s another Kate episode you can change the channel….I wouldnt blame ya.

  101. quoted Patrick on my tumblr.

  102. wow, what did I say there. quoted Conor. not Patrick. quoted Conor Kilpatrick. My bad

  103. @conor: Kate is ben’s stepmother … awesome

     The thing that I loved about this episode is the idea of turning the Hitler argument upside down… What happens if by killing Hitler, you actually create mass-murdering Hitler.



  104. @mattstee: Totally. It was a brilliant twist.

  105. Also loved the twist that Kate came back to save Claire

  106. Lost is not pulling any punches this season and I love it.

    Ben totally went to go kill Penny and got his ass handed to him by Desmond. He might have suceed though which could bring Desmond to the Island. 

  107. How convenient that Ben going off to get a special treatment from the others completely erases his memory 🙂 I guess that by the time he returns to the Dharma camp (I guess to finally wipe them out) the time travelers will probably be gone.


    Loved the whole back to the future conversation. Time travel confuses me as much as it does Hurley. Hey, where’s Faraday?

  108. @TNC

    I’ve sort of ignored it up to this point, but your hatred of Kate is totally irrational.  You just twist her every single action into an evil manipulation, no matter how altruistic her intentions.  It’s kinda sad man, it’s practically like racism.

  109. @Jon: Wow….just….racism? Really?

    I just dont like the character! I am not alone in this; a ton of people that watch the show with me hate her just as much.

  110. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Why do we have to be reminded so often?  Don’t answer that.  

  111. *swoon*Kate*swoon*

  112. @Paul: Maybe if I didnt see my name so close to the word racism I wouldnt have commented on it…

    Shouldnt it be sexist btw?