Lost – S05E05 – This Place is Death

Tonight’s episode: This Place is Death

Ohmygod! Is Sun going to shoot Ben?!?! (No).

Lost continues on its roll with another strong episode last week. I, sadly, had to wait until Thursday to experience it as I was, at that point in the night, passed out. And if you know me you know how amazing it was that I was asleep at 9pm.

Back to the show. Sun’s pretty pissed that her man got left behind to get blowed up, even though she like totally told everyone that she was fine with it. Instead of actually being fine with it, it appears that Sun has used her time back in civilization to amass the kind of wealth and power that buys one revenge.

Note to self: They are never “fine with it”.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. Let’s have a great and lively blogging tonight guys! Yea!

    With a title like ‘This Place is Death’ you know it’s not a good thing.

  2. The four or five years of waiting for Rousseau’s story is about to end. This is truly a historic moment for Lost.

  3. I can hardly contain myself.  But alas, as always, I shall watch in peace with my wife and I will join the post show hijinks!!!   Enjoy!!!

  4. Conor quick question: What did you think of last weeks episode? Now that your feeling fresh as a daisy.

  5. Hey, i’ve been thinking. Is it possible that Rousseau meets up with the rest of the Oceanic survivors and then  they blink out and thus it leads to uber-paranoia of the "Others" who might not even have existed at that time?

  6. @TNC: From the above post: "Lost continues on its roll with another strong episode last week."

  7. @Kreider: Soons reasonable

    Hopefully we’ll know….RIGHT NOW!

  8. I AM ILL!!!

  9. What phone clicks like that?

    Cute kid btw

  10. Sun w/ a Gun….gotta love rhyming rising action.

  11. If I could stream from the UK I would watch it, but unfortunately will have to wait until the morning!!

  12. Jin’s lips need some chapstick.

  13. hmmm, now the question is who and why are they transmiting the numbers.

  14. Rouesseau is cute! Sorry…had to be said.

  15. It would be funny if Jin was like

    ‘Yes I know what your saying, I understand english perfectly’

  16. That was very sexist on that guy’s part.

  17. TNC – "And French as well, I am a master of many languages. By the way, you’re very sexist."

  18. I love that they’re making mainstream America read subtitles and grapple with time travel.  

  19. I still can’t believe there’s a tv spot of the comedian setting VC on fire! It’s so surreal!

  20. It’s like the monster has a series of landmines or something

  21. Paul- My feeble brain can barely handle it. But I made it through the Bicycle Theive(s). I can make it through.

  22. Wow this is exactley like season 1 when Locke got pulled by it

  23. DAMN!!

  24. Holy Samuel L Jackson from Jurrassic Park, Batman!

  25. The Smoke Monster is a master of deception!

  26. Is that a Dharma station that’s the monster’s hideout?

  27. The decayed arm is a brilliant storytelling device.  Very cool.  

  28. What station is that? Have we seen it before?

  29. Oh I would think the head would explode with that sniper rifle

  30. Non-gay hug right there

  31. Yep, every time they interact with someone there not supposed to time shifts.

  32. I just want to say, for the record, Sun/Jin episodes aren’t generally this compelling.  This is some interesting stuff.  

  33. Hmm, I wonder if that’s the temple the others were traveling to at the end of the last season to stay safe from the freighter people?

  34. NICE! Stayed in continuity. Sayid used that same gun the husband used and it jammed. I remember Rousseu say it jamming when the husband tried to kill her.

  35. Oh good call V.

    Agreed, Paul. Though I love their stories, something about their episodes are just usually average as opposed to amazing.

  36. I didnt notice that with the gun, that is pretty nicely detailed.

    (btw, conor….do you watch this anymore? Where’s your input?)

  37. Lost is harder to liveblog.  I can understand wanting to watch it independently or with friends at home.  

  38. Oh come on!!! We just got them together!

    This is bullshit!

  39. Especially episodes like this…everytime I look down to type, I miss some subtitles.

  40. So, I’m guessing we’re in the early 90s at this point?  

  41. @Paul: I dont see any difference with this show and Smallville, Heroes, or Battlestar.

    I think people just dont care anymore.

  42. The Island is pissed!

  43. Dude. I want one of these flashes to take them way in the future with flying cars. Is that asking too much?

  44. (I think people care more and don’t want to miss it by typing about it while watching.)

  45. Also, I just checked and the POW is shocking.  

  46. I know that’s how I am. I don’t want to miss anything so it’s hard to comment. 

  47. @Paul: You could miss just as much from typing a sentence for Battlestar or Heroes. That’s a weak excuse.

    There were no subtitles in the other episodes so your not missing anything there

  48. @S1 That would make things way easier, it’s already established that they can take objects with them through time…getting to the Orchid would be no problem…but the show might turn into Sawyer and Faraday Go To Whit Castle….still, if they brought NPH into the fold…I’d watch.

  49. Hmmm, prediction. end of this season losties go to the place that the wheel will transport locke who will turn the wheel. because two bodies can’t mantain the same space locke and dead locke will switch places as will all the losties…. or something like that.

  50. ben is pretty much the best character on tv


  51. @TNC – Seriously, who cares?  Just enjoy the show.  



  53. Charolette is starting to creep me out

  54. Man I didnt think the flashes were going to go quicker then this.

  55. Is Michael still alive and trying to interact with other survivors? Thus the constant time-slips?

  56. Charlotte is turning into River.  

  57. Damnit Juliet!!! Why did you say that?

  58. Wells always leave me with a sense of foreboding.  

  59. H.G. or David?

  60. Char is doing some exposition in here….waay to much exposition (bet she dies in a couple of mins)

  61. CS Lewis in search of Narnia.  

  62. @Kreider – Orson. 

  63. That was just gasp number 3 right there.

  64. yay exposition!  although as always it brings more confusion

  65. Daniel….he just set up everything for this series didnt he?

  66. @Paul – Frozen Peas…..*shudders**….Good call.

  67. defin harder to liveblog Lost than Heroes or BSG…  different type of show

  68. YA! Evil banks!

  69. So now that Daniel knows Charlotte dies, the next time he flashes back in time he’s going to tell her not to come back. I guess that goes back to the first episode when we saw him in the mine in the past.

  70. Jin is ripped!

    But he’s totally gonna be a bitch and bring Sun back.

  71. Hmm I think you people in the US are way ahead of Canada

  72. I think Jin is really underrated on this show, at least by me…he’s really compelling character-wise and a fine actor.

  73. Charlotte just died and we’ve gone to commercial in the great white north

  74. gobo  think you might be right

  75. Gobo- You just set up 96% of Americans for a joke at Canada’s expense. The 4% that like hockey though will forgo the cheap joke…I am of the later.

  76. WTF

  77. That’s a nasty landing by John

  78. She just died now in the US, Gobo.  

  79. okay so we’re a little ahead?


  81. of course

  82. Seems that way Phoenix.

  83. Gobo said what happened and then it actually happened on my end.  

  84. (That WTH was to the show, not to being ahead)

  85. iman i love christian too

  86. That’s a terrible thing to say as your last ever sentence.

  87. So much more excited for CASTLE than DOLLHOUSE.  

  88. Hey, Gobo, and other neighbors to the North, no spoilers, eh?

  89. Damnit! It’s bloodsport all over again!

  90. whoa! what?

  91. Yeah now that I know I’m ahead, I’m keeping quiet.

  92. Dude! First they rip off a guys arm, now a bone sticking out of a leg?! WTF Christian Shepherd!


  94. Ah, Ben pulled a fast one on Locke….again

  95. Hahaha Christian was the "WHAT THE HELL" 🙂

  96. Whoa…just whoa….but wait…is there a Jacob?

  97. Hey….the wheel looks jammed….maybe that’s why there are flashes?

  98. So is the episode over?

  99. Language is a bitch ain’t it Jack? Haha. Love Ben!

  100. DESMOND!!!!!

  101. Here comes the wildcard: Desmond

  102. Oh Sanp!

  103. Penny!…I mean…DESMOND!

  104. Oh man, people are gonna be so pissed on that Eloise lady…especially next episode.

  105. I CANNOT WAIT! That was another amazing episode. This season is shaping up to be the best yet.

  106. I love this show.

  107. Oh! Proffesor hawking! Wormholes… Nice.

  108. Ho MAN!  I can’t wait until next week

  109. This season is craaaaazy.  I love it.  Nobody can complain about not getting enough information now.  

  110. @Paul: Well I dont know about that, but I agree this has been a crazy season.

    So far the best season of the series

  111. Great stuff.  What else can you say?  I like how they’ve set up future episodes for us with callbacks that we can look for.  For example, we are bound to get an episode detailing Faraday’s experiences in Dharmaville.  How great will it be when he encounters little Charlotte? 

  112. Didn’t partake as I was enjoy the show without distraction.  But now here I am and I have to say it was another fantastic episode!!

  113. So do we have a pre-destinaion paradox with Jin and Russo??  Would she have gone into the cave had it not been for Jin?  Is Jin responsible for Russo thinking everyone is nuts but her?

    And does Locke think Jack’s dad is Jacob? Did I miss something there?

  114. hmmm…good question

  115. I think the ruins and Smokey the Smoke Monster were, as usual, highlights for me.  The ruins in particular.  I am dying to find out more about pre-Dharma island civilizations ever since the statue in season 2. 

  116. this show is so good.  can’t wait for next week!


    anyone watch Life on mars?  So far i think its interesting.  The music is GREAT!

  117. @DarthDuck – Locke does not know the apparition we know as Christian Sheperd is Jack’s father.  If I remember correctly, John saw a person sitting in the chair in Jacob’s cabin.  We have to assume that John therefore believes in a Jacob. 

  118. Another great episode!  LOST is one of those shows that makes me yell when it ends because I want more.  I wish I could somehow be watching this on DVD so I could mainline three or four in a row.

    I love that everything is clicking into place this season and that the answers are coming fast and furious.

  119. GREAT EPISODE! I’ve always felt that Locke represented "Faith" thematically but in this episode they totally set him up as the christ figure. All his suffering and perils throughout his life culminating with his moment with Jacob or God at the bottom of the well and the discussion of sacrifice. of course Jacob appears as a "christian shepard" and tells locke what he must do. Once he does it the very next shot is of a cross at the church with ben, jack, and sun. This leads me to believe that locke will somehow be resurrected eventually. This show is impeccably crafted in every way. excellent, excellent episode.

  120. @ShowMeYourWits – Lets also not forget that from the time of Bentham / Locke’s death is revealed to the time when the escapees must return is 72 hours – 3 days.  The same time it took for Christ to be raised up. 

    The man of faith / man of science conflict is one of the main thematic elements of the show.  Interestingly, neither one is ever wholly correct.  Locke has screwed up as much as he’s been right.  I think that one of the ultimate lessons that the show is trying to teach is that science and faith cannot operate independently.  Neither is right on it’s own.  A compromise between the two must be found to save the island (world). 

  121. Question: how could Jin have met Rousseau in the past if he met her in the future? doesn’t this go against Faraday’s time travel rules?

    sooooo, the smoke monster makes people crazy eh? wierd!

  122. @mike: Well it isnt going against Faraday’s ‘rules’.

    Jin was predestined to meet Rousseau in the past, so his first time encountering her was technically in the present. But he unoffically met her first in 1988.

    A lot of people seem to get confused on whether the survivors are changing the past or not. Well they really arent. Faraday was pre-destined to let them bury the bomb, Jin was pre-destined to meet Rousseau, the pre-Others were suppose to meet Locke in the past. It’s confusing to explain but basically; all these characters were suppose to meet with each other in the past like this. It’s already happenend, they just didnt know it and neither did we.

  123. @Paul Montgomery- I have to disagree with you on two things you’ve said.

    First: the begining sun/jin episodes were some of the most compelling episodes of the show. Believing that Jin was a villain for the begining of the series, only to find out in his first flashback show that he was truly a heroic man. The 2 episodes that showed each of their viewpoints on their marriage were 2 of the best episodes of the entire series.

    Second: Sure Nathan Fillion on Castle will be great, but better than dollhouse? C’mon its Joss Whedon were talking about here.

    Oh well to each his own. Anyways, this was a stellar episode and it really has me excited for whats to come.

  124. *show that he was a truly heroic man, showcased how compelling Lost could be.

  125. @Crippler, you’re totally right and that explains why Locke and Jack bump heads so much even though their experiences mirror each others.

    @mikegraham i think that maybe the "security system" corrupts people and makes them act in the interests of the smoke monster but that did intrigue me as well. 

  126. For the fourth consecutive week since its premiere, the mystery thriller (9.8 million viewers, 4.4 preliminary adults 18-49 rating and 10 share) inched down in the ratings. The drops are not steep — last night’s mere 6% dip was the largest yet, with Fox’s "American Idol" stretching into the 9 p.m. hour the likely culprit. But the decreases are troublesome as ratings on serialized shows are often a one-way gate. This season’s time-travel storyline has largely pleased fans, but has been tricky to follow despite the network’s best efforts to keep viewers on track.

    Nonetheless: "Lost" continues to rank as Wednesday’s highest-rated scripted series. And there’s an argument to be made that — from a fan perspective — "Lost" ratings are the least relevant of any drama. Producers have set a series end date. The numbers could rise or fall, and the show will still almost certainly conclude in 2010. Of course, the ratings continue to matter greatly to ABC (for pleasing advertisers and to keep Wednesdays afloat).

  127. What is ABC gonna do if there a few more dips in the ratings? They agreed on a 2010 end date and the creators/writers clearly have next season as the series finale. Unlike Heroes where there is no end date; that can get cancelled at any time.

    I’m not worried in the slightest with these ratings.

  128. This is an excellent season so far. My wife has the same reaction as Conor every week, when it ends she goes "NO!" It’s both the blessing and the curse of watching things as they air, as opposed to on DVD. The cliffhangers are great on this show, and the waiting is sometimes torture. Especially since I have to get up so damn early in the morning (2:30am), that I have to DVR everything and watch it the next day. So i basically spend my Thursday afternoons trying to avoid Lost spoilers until we can watch the show together that night, for if i ever watched Lost without her, I WOULD get divorced.