Live around NYC? Want to be on HBO’s BORED TO DEATH?

Bored To Death, the awesomely quirkly HBO comedy series about a down-and-out writer turned (sort of effectual) private investigator is looking for comic book fans to play extras in an upcoming episode.

Bored To Death

Bored To Death hs a lot to do with comic books. Its creater, Jonathan Ames (who wrote The Alcoholic), based the main character on himsef. His sidekick, played by Zach Galifianakis, is based on comic book artist Dean Haspiel and on the show is a former X-Men artist now toiling in indie comics. Just this week Bored To Death shot a scene in my comic book store, Bergen Street Comics. Is this for the same episode? Possibly. Here's the casting notice:




    Comer & Gallucio Casting is seeking comic book collectors and enthusiasts for an upcoming episode of the TV show

    “Bored to Death”. This is for background work at a comic book convention scene.

    This is a paid position – rate TBD

    -SEEKING: Males & females, ages 18+, and must be legal to work in the US.

    -SHOOT DATES/LOCATION: End of May (no specific dates yet but will probably be within the last week). Shooting in NYC.

    -CONTACT: Please email the following info to BOREDTODEATH2010@GMAIL.COM: Full name, phone number, and 2 current & clear snapshot photos (no professional shots). One should be of your face and the other should show your body. If you have costumes that you wear to conventions, please include photo of yourself in this costume, as you might be used with it on the show.


If someone ends up doing this and they wear an iFanboy t-shirt we will send them something extra special in the mail.


  1. I fufill all three of those requirements!


    But I don’t have an iFanboy shirt –how come you guys don’t show up?

  2. That looks like fun.  Yet another reason I wish I lived in NYC.

  3. Wow, that is a classy looking LCS Conor.  Makes mine look like crap.  Serious crap.


  5. Emailing as soon as I finish typing this.

  6. I heard about this show ages ago and totally forgot about it! It sounds awesome.

  7. i hear touching Jason Schwartzman’s hair cures any illness

  8. Me and my friends are so taking a Road Trip for that.

  9. Bergen Street Comics is all kinds of awesome.

    And as soon as I hack off my crazy Yankee beard, these folks will get an e-mail. 

  10. You and Josh really better try out for this, it would be great to see you on the show!