Like Stan Used To Do! Let’s Come Up With Creator Nicknames

Over at Paul Cornell’s blog, The House of Awkwardness, he asks whatever happened to the nicknames from the old House of Ideas? The folks in comments are a bit ahead of us, but I think we can outdo them. You’re clever folk, aren’t you? 

We’re gonna stick to Paul’s rule: no negativity. You want to take shots at creators, please don’t do it here. This is for fun, not figuring out how cleverly we can knock them down. But I shouldn’t even have to say that right?

“Manic” Jim McCann? Robert “The Kid” Kirkman? Joe Casey “At the Bat”?

Clearly, I am no good at this.


  1. Robert "The Beard" Kirkman

    Brian"Bend it like" Bendis

    Gail "Young Gun" Simone

    Grant "The Real McCoy" Morrison

    Jeph "Mos Def" Loeb

    Oh I like where this could go 🙂

  2. Actually, let me change that last one to "Mos Def" Jeph Loeb

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "The Unforgettable" Rick Remender

    Kieron "Record Shagger" Gillen

    Geoff "The Cleaner" Johns 

    Allan "HEINBERRRRRG" Heinberg

    Jason "Sunshine Kid" Aaron

    Jeff "Onion Slicer" Lemire 

  4. Ben "Creepy is king" Templesmith

    man this hader than it looks 

  5. "Hurricane" Chris Gage

    "Lil’ Man"Mark Millar

     "Pugnacious" Peter David

    Larry "Lionheart" Hama

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Paul Corn’ell "of Krypton."

    Mike "Fillet" Mignola


  7. Mark "Giant Bags of Money" Millar?

    Bryan "K is for Kick Ass" Vaughn?

    Joss "Busy as Hell" Whedon?

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "Sassy" Peter Tomasi

  9. Alan "is a bad mutha…shut yo’ mouth, hey I’m just talkin’ ’bout" Moore

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    "Strapping" Jock.  

  11. Matt "Action Jackson" Fraction

    Marc "Just in Tim" Guggenhiem 



  12. "Just" Geoff Johns

    "Graceful" Garth Ennis

    Tony "Fuzzy Whiskers" Harris

    J.G. "Fist Bump" Jones

    Daniel "Milky" Way

    Cory Walker "Blue"

    Chuck BB "Gun"

    Joe "It’s me or the dog" Casey

  13. Brian K "Y" Vaughan

    Ed "Cap’s Dead" Brubaker

    Joe "Big Show" Quesada

    I saw these names on

  14. Alan "The Galleon" Moore

  15. Ryan "The Gravy" Dunlavy

  16. "Give Knox a Grant" Morrison.

  17. Jerry "The Eagle" Siegel

    Will "The Kaiser" Eisner

    "Mad" Fred Van Lente


  18. Doug "Don’t call me monkey" Mahnke

    Jeff "Poppin’ Fresh" Parker

    Brian "Big Top" Bolland

  19. Greg "The Leader of the" Pak

  20. Peter "Pert" Laird

    Kevin "The Piston" Eastman 

  21. Dorit Maya "The Honey Bee" Gur

  22. Joe "The Cup" Kubert

    Neil "The Caisson" Gaiman

  23. Leinil "No soup for" Yu

    Sterling "The Pearly White" Gates

    Steve " No Quarter Given" McNiven

    Matt "Big Action" Fraction

  24. Joe "The Giant" Kelley

    Brian "The Killer" Vaughn

    Garth Ennis "The Bloody"

    Jamie "Line Man" McKelvie

  25. Ben "Kushti" Lovati

  26. Brian Michael "Don’t call me BM" Bendis

     Geoff "Not Jeff" Johns

    The Late Warren Ellis

  27. Sonia "Ferris" Harris

    Josh "No Fret" Flanagan

    Jim "The Stan" Lee 

    Joe "The Case" Casey

    "Around the clock" Jock

    Robert "Manifesto" Kirkman 

    Jack "Hammer" Kirby 

  28. By comment #45, we will be well into John Hodgman hobo name and/or Sopranos territory.

    Paul "Lady Knuckles" Montgomery! Joey "the Cheese" Quesada! Wicker Basket Mark Waid!

  29. Brian "Michael" Bendis.


  30. "hits the" mark millar

    jeph "ear" loeb

    steve "when it’s ready" mcniven

  31. (Madam, I’m) Adam Warren

    J.R. Jr., the man so nice his initials are said twice

    Mike "Brusier" Norton – y’know, ’cause he’s always gonna punch someone in the face, according the the Crankcast.

    John "Burn, baby" Byrne

    Ed "The Hat" Brubaker

    Greg "Mother" Rucka

    "Retro" Ron Richards

    Jonathan "the Professor" Hickman

    "Gosh, it’s" Josh Flanagan

    "Mercurial" Mark Millar

    Conor "the Mad Irishman" Kilpatrick. I was going to go "Cue-ball Conor" but that kinda comes across as mean even though it’s not meant to. 😉

    Jaded Jimski

  32. Roger "Watch Your Language" Langridge. Stole that from the qpaw guys.

  33. Mutha Rucka is one that jumps to mind for me.

  34. We already did G-Mo.

  35. Joe "The Big Cheese" Quesada

  36. Robert "Kid Kentucky" Kirkman

    Brian Michael "Jinx, knock on wood" Bendis 

  37. I really like some of Paul’s: "Sassy" Peter Tomasi & Mike "Fillet" Mignola. Good stuff!


    We need Chris Berman on this! 

  38. Joe "Piposh" Casey, Joe "Hollywood" Casey

  39. Paul ‘Ladies Man’ Dini

    Daniel ‘I am only good at writing Deadpool’ Way

    Garth ‘Fucked up’ Ennis

    Mark ‘Partners with late artists’ Millar

    Conor ‘I Kill you’ Kilpatrick

    Josh ‘Goatee Man’ Flanagan

    Ron ‘Ramblin, Gamblin’ Richards

    Paul ‘RICHARDS!’ Montgomery

  40. Paul "The Genie" Dini

  41. Grant Post-Morrison

  42. Ron "Sideburns" Richards

    Josh "The Derailer" Flanagan

    Conor "Ice Cold" Kilpatrick

  43. "Ed "The Hat" Brubaker" this one I like.  Also I thought they still sort of tried to do it in the spiderman book when they stuck in editor notes.

  44. My vote goes to KickAss for Brian K. "Y" Vaughn.  Brilliant.

  45. Sonia ‘Cheeky Bastard’ Harris

    Jim ‘Always misspell last name’ Mic….Miz….you get the idea…

    Mike ‘Harry Henderson’ Romo

    Neil ‘so depressing’ Gaiman

  46. Garth "The Bastard" Ennis

    Robert "The Self Righteous Loudmouth" Kirkman

    Mark "In-the-Bag" Bagley

    Grant "I don’t get it…" Morrison

    Jeph "What the hell happened?" Loeb

    Rob "Deal with the devil" Liefeld

    Greg "The Mutha Fucka" Rucka

    Brian "Where’d he go?" Vaughan

    Mark "The Shark" Millar

    Frank "The Killer" Miller

    Mike "50/50" Carey

    Roberto "nothing rhymes with his last name" Aguirre-Sacasa

    Steve McNiventually

    Damon Lindel-off-doing-Lost-instead-of-writing-the-comic-that-he-started-three-fucking-years-ago-and-what?-he’s-actually-gonna-finish-it?-Yeah-definitely-pull-a-copy-of-number-3-for-me!

  47. Gerard "dont judge him by his emo" Way

  48. Geoff "King Midas" Johns

    Jason "Hank" Aaron 

    Garth "P" Ennis

    J. Michael Straczynski – "Initials"


  49. Chairman Mike Avon Oeming (M.A.O.)

  50. That’s inspired.

  51. RobAbsten nailed it with Greg "Mother" Rucka.





  52. Damon"Not towing the party line by introducing Ultimate She Hulk at the same time Marvel is cutting back on the Utlimate universe and I don’t know why she’s there anyway it reminds me of when they added Poochy to Itchy and Scratchy" Lindoff

  53. @leonard – lol. great point. perhaps her body will get ripped in half too.  

  54. They’re either committed to delivering the original story, or she’s part of the plan for the new Ultimate Universe.

  55. "Chuck it Often" Austen

  56. Wadewilson wins in my book with:

    Garth "P" Ennis   …..rofl

  57. John Byrne "Bridges"

  58. Brian "the Lion" Bendis

    Olivier "The Way" Coipel

    John "The Wand" Cassaday

    Leinil "Can Feel" Yu

    Rick "The Stick" Remender

    Michael Avon "Calling" Oeming

    Warren-Ain’t-Borin’ Ellis 


  59. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Josh stipulated "no negativity."  Let’s try and comply, yeah?  

  60. Alan ‘Dark Wizard’ Moore

    Jason ‘Gritty’ Aaron

    Geoff ‘God’ Johns

    Brian ‘Cant think of a nicknames cause he already has’ Michael ‘as a middle name’ Bendis

    Bryan ‘Sllllooooowwwwww drawer’ Hitch

    Greg ‘Jet’ Pak

  61. Hell yeah, Jet Pak

  62. The results are in.  A couple of our guys got named!  Nice work!

  63. Yay!

    Cornell liked my idea of Greg ‘Jet’ Pak! Recognition! 🙂

  64. Steve "Big" McNiven

  65. Dan "Ugly Mirror" Clowes

    Adrian "Chinless" Tomine

    Gary "arteeeest" Panter

    Tony "Dook" Millionaire

  66. So let me just ask; is Cornell going to try and use these nicknames or suggest them to the writers/artists?

    I would love to see all of these nicknames on the actual comic in the future.

  67. @TheNextChampion – I don’t know, but they sure do spice up those fetish fantasies.