Light Week? Try Vertigo Resurrected #1, Hulk #26, and DCU Halloween Special 2010

There's so much extra room in my bag. There's so much extra money in my bank account. There's so much emptiness in my life. New comics cure all!

Josh says try:

Vertigo Resurrected #1

By Warren Ellis, Brian Azzarello, Grant Morrison, Garthe Ennis, Jim Lee, Phil Jimenez, Bernie Wrightson, and more

Glance yon eyes up yonder and see the absurd list of talent associated with this release.  Some stories are reprints, but the famed "Shoot" story, banned by DC Comics, is included, and in print for the first time ever.  At the very least, it's a study of how politics and society affect what comics see the light of day. At the very best, we get to see a hell of a lot of work by a hell of a lot of masters all gathered in one place. Make sure to give it a shot.  Didn't mean to pun there.


Ron says try:

Hulk #26

By Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman, & Elizabeth Breitweiser

One of the things we're constantly being asked about is what books should people try? And then they ask when's a good jumping on point.  I kind of want to make a big "JUMP ON HULK NOW" sign and carry it around the streets of my city, but instead, I'll do that here.  Listen up people, Hulk by Jeff Parker and Gabe Hardman is the real deal.  Looks unlike anything you're reading now (and is awesome) and is some of the freshest and most exciting comics I've read in ages.  Jump on board now!

Conor says try:

DCU Halloween Special 2010

By A lot of people

I always buy these holiday special books, and I probably always will. Regardless of the talent involved, and regardless of the track record of quality, these issues warm my heart. It's one of the last vestiges of the old time comics from my childhood that exist. The annuals are pretty much gone. The alternate universe comics are pretty much gone. But every year there is still a DCU Halloween Special and a DCU Holliday Special. (Up until last year Marvel had a holiday special too. Last year was a magazine. I was sad.) The stories are usually goofy and corny and they are often by people you've never heard of but they always make me happy.


  1. I was thinking of picking up this month and last month’s issues of Hulk.  I read a big chunk of the series and it was fun.  That Vertigo Resurrected looks cool too.  I’ll paw through it.  It’s probably a game day decision.

  2. That resurrected issue looks awesome.

    my light week addition this week was the Ghostbusters one shot written by Peter David. Can’t wait.

  3. I’m definitely interested in the DCU Halloween special. Looks like fun. 

  4. Fire up the Delorean and head back to the 90’s with the Carnage mini-series!  That’s my recommendation for a light week.  I also second Ron’s Hulk recommendation.

  5. I always get the DC Halloween books. I don’t find them corny at all.

  6. DCU Halloween Special is a game time decision.

    I jumped on Hulk last week, and I enjoyed it. I read Hulk for the first ten or so issues on Loeb’s run, but lost interest during that whole defenders arc. Seems like I dropped it just before it got good.

  7. I LOVE the Holiday books.  Always a pull for me.


    the Tiki 

  8. Might pick up the Halloween issue. I’m taking a three-hour train journey to a friend’s for Halloween, and this would help pass the time.

  9. Hulk #25 great.  I haven’t been this excited about a Hulk series in awhile.   I hope Parker/Hardman are on this title for the long haul.

  10. Already ordered Vertigo Resurrected, how could I not?  Ten years ago there was no way this story would ever, ever, ever see the light of day.  I think I’m also on board Hulk, thanks to Josh and Ron recommending last month’s issue, it really was excellent.  And, after all, Hulk is indeed strongest one there is….Unfortunately I can remember some Holiday specials from a few years ago that were really good, but these days I’ve been more disappointed.  The stories just don’t seem to have a lot of thought or effort put into them anymore, which is a real shame as comics will always be intertwined with holidays for me.

  11. You would think Grundy would be a fan of Halloween. Though maybe lobbing heavy objects at innocent party goers is how he cuts loose.

  12. From Halloween Special, I can’d decide if my favorite line is:

    1. "Oh crap, tentacles!  I hate tentacles." in the Wonder Woman short; or

    2. "I can haz ur soul?" asked by a cat familiar in a Teen Titans short.

  13. Wait I’m sorry; Josh recommends Vertigo Resurrected and didn’t pick it up?

  14. For the love of god, stop looking for some conspiracy. I forgot to hit the pull button for it.

  15. @josh: Not looking for conspiracy; just thought it was funny that you recommended but didn’t pick it up. Thanks for clarifying.

  16. No one can shame someone through a message post like Josh.

    He shamed me one time and I didn’t post for a week and I stopped cussing for over a month on here as penance.

  17. "I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore."