Light Week? Try Venom #3, Ducktales #1, and Cobra #1

You're putting your pull list together, but what does it say about you? As a person? I suppose what we're getting at here is that though our suggestions and recommendations, we will definitely make you a better person. Amazing, right?

Josh says try:

Venom #3

By Rick Remender, Tom Fowler, and John Rauch

There's no doubt that Rick Remender has been on a roll lately. Between Venom and Uncanny X-Force, we've been reintroduced to old concepts in completely fun new ways. But that's not all folks. Normally, if Tony Moore was taken off a title for a fill-in guy two issues in, I'd be a little bummed. But here, I rejoice, because the guy taking over for him is Tom Fowler. Tom has impressed me week in and out for the last year whenever I see a piece of his. I've been waiting to see more sequential art, and now it's time. I can't wait.

Ron says try:

Ducktales #1

By Warren Spector and Miquel Pujol

Back in the day, right alongside G.I. Joe and Transformers, one of my favorite cartoons was the epic Ducktales cartoons.  Focusing on Donald Duck's nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie and their adventures with Scrooge McDuck, Ducktales was like the old Disney comics brought to life, and now they're telling tales in comics form again.  Written by the guy who wrote the recent hit video game, Epic Mickey, Ducktales #1 is guaranteed to be some classic Duck comics fun, but also and excuse to share this amazing video with you, which you will now have stuck in your head for the rest of the day:

Conor says try:

Cobra #1

By Mike Costa & Antonio Fuso

While I'm not 100% sold on the new G.I. Joe direction from IDW, I remain hopeful. Of the three new books, G.I. Joe, Snake-Eyes, and Cobra, it is this one that I am most excited about. Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso, the creative team behind the really excellent G.I. Joe: Cobra, are back together and it was their gritty and realistic take on that last series that made these new G.I. Joe books so special. Can they capture lightning in a bottle again? I hope so!


  1. I’m really looking forward to Cobra.  G.I. Joe: Cobra was a fantastic series.

  2. Venom is a great comic, well worth the price. Remender’s really knocking it out of the park. Get it now, while it’s still available. 😀

  3. @stuclach  I just hope I can understand it without the other Joe books.

  4. …..not cocktales,no, no, no…..ducktales….HA!  brilliant

  5. @vadamowens  I’ve read the other new (and rebooted) books and they don’t feel like they have crossed over in any real way.  As long as you know there is a power vacuum at the top of Cobra, you haven’t need anything from the other books.  I hope Cobra maintains that.

  6. I’ve gotten that far with #0 issue.  I just didn’t want references to things going on in other books that I wouldn’t understand.

  7. I would buy Ducktales, but it’s not a .1 issue…. i don’t know if it’s a good jumping on point.

  8. My roomie gets Venom so I’m reading that for sure. I’m happily surprised it turned out better than I expected.
    DuckTales I may buy just because…I actually plan to grab that in trades so I can share with the younger folks around here

  9. People should be getting:

    DC Comics Presents: Green Lantern Willword
    by J.M. Dematteis and Seth Fisher

    A reprint of a wonderful and gorgeous looking Green Lantern book. Seth Fisher sadly passed away too soon but he gave us some treasures before he left. This is what got me hooked on the guy and you won’t forget about this book that’s for sure. 

  10. Try Kirby Genesis #0. It’s only a buck!

  11. Xombi is so damn awesome….