Light Week? Try Uncanny X-Force: Apocalypse Solution #1 Comic Book Comics #5, and Ultimate Spider-Man #155

Pull list looking anemic? Looking for something new to check out? We got your back.

Ron says try:

Uncanny X-Force: Apocalypse Solution #1

By Rick Remender & Jerome Opena

Since October I've been praising Uncanny X-Force as THE X-Men book to be reading, and Marvel seems to agree with me as they're giving you NO EXCUSE not to give this book a try.  This is reprint collection of the first THREE issues for just $4.99! That's over 60 pages of comics awesomeness for under 5 bucks! And if you like what you read, it's a perfect entry point into jumping on to the title, especially since you should be able to find the more recent issues at your comic book store.  Now sure, I would have liked to have seen the entire 4 issue first arc collected, but no way that would have been this cheap, so jump at this when you can.

Josh says try:

Comic Book Comics #5

By Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey

Like comics, and you're interested in comic book history? BUY THIS! Yes, it's a number five issue, but you can 100% absolutely read this now, and you absolutely 100% should. Comic Book Comics tells the true stories of the real comic book industry, and in this issue, they're going for it. DC vs. Fawcett, Jack Kirby vs. Marvel, and Miracleman are all in this issue, and many more. I can't wait to read this.

Conor says try:

Ultimate Spider-Man #155

By Brian Michael Bendis & Chris Samnee

We've got an note perfect run on Ultimate Spider-Man so far, and now the masterful Chris Samnee is doing a whole issue? What's not to love.



  1. Comic Book Comics is brilliant. I’ve waited impatiently for this issues, and now can’t wait to get to the shop to pick it up.

    I had no idea Samnee was doing this issue of USM – BIG WIN!!! Gonna be goooood.

  2. I agree, Conor. “blah blah” indeed.

  3. @TheGoddamnDeadpool  Oops.

  4. “blah blah”. Thats all you got Conor? I wanted witty banter gosh darn it!

  5. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    So glad they’re putting out that X-Force book this week. I jumped on with 5, so now I can grab this and #4 and catch up entirely. 

  6. should we be expecting this 3 issue mini trade reprint thing from Marvel for other titles going down the road? Part of me feels like a sucker for buying this in singles since issue #1. Thats a huge price difference. 

  7. @wallythegreenmonster  Early adopters always pay more.

  8. chris samnee = drool…

  9. @josh  —yeah i know…but if this is going to be regular i’d like to know….because that is half the battle. 

  10. If you’re curious at all about Uncanny X-Force, you’d be nuts to not buy the book.  It’s sooooooo good.  That $4.99 price point is such a steal.

  11. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @wallythegreenmonster  I don’t think they’d want you to know that in advance. 

  12. @PaulMontgomery –yeah makes sense. I guess it must be underperforming or something. At any rate it is a really good comic. 

  13. I think I am 100% going to take Josh’s advice and check out Comic Book Comics. I’ve never read or heard of it before. But his enthusiasm 100% worked on selling me.

  14. X-Force has too much good buzz around it for me to pass it up

  15. Try Savage Beauty #1, Insurrection V3.6 #1, The Calling: Cthulhu Chronicles TP, Skullkickers Vol 1, Hope:Hero Initiative (anthology).

  16. Uncanny X-Force is so awesome.