Light Week? Try The Guild, Northlanders, and X-Factor

Sometimes you look down at that pull list that you just made and you realize there aren't many books on it and that you've got a light week! And that just won't do! You can't go all the way down to the comic book store for just a handful of books. It's at times like these that you need some suggestions on new comics to try. Well, luckily, we're here for you.


Ron says try:

The Guild #1
The Guild #1
By Felicia Day & Jim Rugg

This book hits on multiple levels.  First, if you're into gaming (particularly World of Warcraft), then you have to read this.  If you're a fan of the pseudo nerd/online celebrity like Felicia Day, then you have to read this.  But if you read this for any reason, it should be the wonderful art by Mr. Jim Rugg, who's praises we've been singing with the current book of the month Afrodisiac.  Rugg's art is worth the cover price alone.


Josh says try:

Northlanders 26
Northlanders #26
By Brian Wood & Leandro Fernandez

We're heading into the third act of my favorite Northlanders arc by far.  This one has been masterfully laid out, and I'm really excited for the final bit.  I'm a huge fan of Leandro Fernandez, and the world set up by Wood in this one is some of his best work. What will become of Hilda?!


Conor says try:

X-Factor #203
X-Factor #203
By Peter David & Valentine De Landro

X-Factor used to be the X-book for people who don't read X-books. That was until a seemingly endless stream of crossovers threw this book wildly off track. I dropeed it. So did a lot of other people. I've come back. So should you. This issue is a one shot story between arcs and would seem like an ideal spot to give one more look to that book you used to love.


  1. I wouldn’t say crossovers threw X-Factor off-track… It’s had tie-ins to big storylines like Civil War all along, and major X-Men crossovers have affected it right from the start. The only thing that really affected it was Messiah Complex, and the effect wasn’t strictly negative.

    Of course, the tie-in to Secret Invasion was just horrible on its own right, but that’s a slightly different issue.

  2. Love Northlanders. I’ve read the first two trades, and will be picking up the third trade. It’s just a fantastic book, with great characters, and just over the top violence. It’s like a mob movie set in Viking times.

     I, like many others, dropped X-Factor, but I picked it back up again at 200. I’ve been happy with it thus far, and the recent Doom Arc was a nice, tight, and well crafted story.

     As for the Guild, I’m a fan of the show, follow Felicia Day on Twitter so logic dictates that I should pick up the book. I guess I made up my mind mid sentence.

  3. Completely on board for The Guild – I’m not a gamer, but the show is brilliant, even if some of it goes over my head. And with Felicia Day (a future ex-Mrs. Dan Griffin, I may add) writing it, it should carry over some of that goodness. Jim Rugg is just like an added bonus, really.

    Northlanders has been a solid, often brilliant, book since the start. This arc has been the best so far, though, and its one-shot-like construction certainly makes it easy to just pick up this issue and get on board. But do yourself a favor and try and track down the other issues in this arc at least.

    I was on X-Factor for a good 30-40 issues, but had to get off as a cost-cutting measure last year. Really on the fence about it, though, because of all the praise the recent issues have been getting. 

  4. please please please make this a weekly feature. i hate it when i listen to the podcast and you guys discuss a book that sounds great but i had completely passed over in the shop, these weekly suggestions would really help!

  5. Im going to pick up these series but Im surprise Shuddertown is not one of the picks.  A detective story about a cop trying to stop ghost from killing. Brilliant

  6. I hope this becomes a regular feature. I frequently find myself with comicless weeks.

  7. I have a light week this week, so I’m picking up Power Girl (which I probably should have been doing for roughly the last 9 months).

  8. @Bornin1142 The X-Factor Secret Invasion tie-ins were attrocius

  9. The Northlanders has me interested quite a bit. I’ll pick up the first two trades once I’m done collecting all the Bone books and have caught up with at least 3 more Fables trades.

  10. @Cyberauron: SHUDDERTOWN #1 isn’t out this week. It has been bumped to April because of a UPC printing error.

  11. I can always start reading all four titles of Deadpool…

    …yeah I’m kidding!

  12. This arc on Northlanders is a bleak, dark, look at a very bad time.  It is done so good it makes me shiver.  READ THIS ARC.  The other arcs are good but this one "The Plauge Widow" has been great.

  13. deadspace says try: KING CITY

  14. @conor, damit. I was really looking forward to it this week, I thought I saw it on the list.

  15. @cyberauron: It was on the list. And then the UPC error was discovered.

  16. Another great feature!!!))

  17. You don’t need to tell me twice to buy X-Factor!

    As for Northlanders, it’s a book that always intrigued me, but never bought for some reason. Since this issue is the beginning of the third act, I think I’ll find the issue where it all starts. Really sweet cover, though.

    The Guild is also something I’ve been highly aware of but never dived into. Sounds funny though.

  18. I’m already getting all of those. Looking forward to them as well!

    usually on light weeks I try to pick up a trade. This week either Afrodisiac or Mysterious the Unfathomable. 

  19. What no Deadpool??? I kid, I kid but seriously.

    I’ve been wanting to try out Northlanders and X-Factor for a long time.  I’m collecting many Vertigo titles in trade so I’ll put off Northlanders for a bit.  I heard nothing but good things about the current X-Factor and want to dive right in. i’m also interested in going back and reading the orginal X-Factor.

  20. The Northlanders arc is phenomonal at the moment with stunningly designed art.  I would say that you need the other issues though, especially to really get the sense of how Wood built to last month’s violence. One thing’s for sure, you won’t read anything else quite like it. 

    I keep dipping in and out of X-Factor, and it’s always solid, but not even to hook me back in.  The Guild intrigues me though…

  21. @Conor and Cyberauron:

    I got Shuddertown today. Image must be getting confused (see Choker mess-up a few weeks ago, now this).

  22. @HailScott: Yeah, it shipped, just without the UPC code.

  23. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    OH at comic shop:

    "I don’t feel comfortable buying it without the UPC." 

    "I think you’ll be good, man."

    "Better wait."