Light Week? Try Strange Tales II #2, Generation Hope #1, and Batman/Catwoman: Follow The Money

You're in the shop, and you want more. But what? You need guidance! Let us be that light to show you the way!

Josh says try:

Strange Tales II #2

By Kathryn Beaton, Nicholas Gurewitch, Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Paul Hornschemeier, Scott Richardson & Alex Robinson

The last issue of this installment of Strange Tales completely won me over, thanks in no small part to Rafael Grampa's mesmerizing work.  But even though Grampa doesn't have any work in this issue, I'm still jazzed for what fun could be inside.  I see Los Bros, and of course, Tiger Bear himself, Alex Robinson, who did a short Fantastic Four story that I can assure you is quite fun. When everything else is so serious and so determined to keep the status totally quo'ed, these short, unique stories are fresh and fun. There might even be some unexpected gold in there.

Ron says try:

Generation Hope #1

By Kieron Gillen & Salvador Espin

It's been a while since we've had some "new" mutants, hasn't it? Every since the whole "No More Mutants" and the 198, the ranks of the X-Men have been pretty steady.  The only time we had any changes when was someone dies.  Well now that seems to be over, and it looks like the future of the mutants franchise are both the characters in this book as well as it's writer, Kieron Gillen, who is also coming on as co-writer of Uncanny X-Men.  Generation Hope harkens back to the days of New Mutants and Generation X, "hope"fully giving us some great characters and stories to go along with it and possibly give us a preview of things to come. 

Conor says try:

Batman/Catwoman: Follow The Money

By Howard Chaykin

A 56 page one shot story written and drawn by the legendary Howard Chaykin starring Batman and Catwoman and featuring one of Batman's greatest lame villains, The Cavalier? Sign. Me. Up. As long as it's Good Chaykin. Please be Good Chaykin.


  1. Very excited for the Batman/Catwoman book – honestly, chances are this is going to be good Chaykin – he’s always had a unique handle on Batman.

  2. Probably won’t be checking any of these out, maybe Generation Hope.

    I’m hoping this is the week Freedom Fighters is a good book.

    Also, Days Missing.

  3. really want to check out strange tales II, but my shop won’t order it for me (no big pull lists, no special orders)

    I"ll be interested in checking out Batman/Catwoman. Crossing fingers for good (old school) Chaykin. We shall see.  

  4. I’m excited for Strange Tales II; although Superboy looks like a good first issue to try out.

  5. yeah i like the Cavalier – that was the one in Blades right?

  6. Strange Tales II #2 is already on my "Yes, please" list.

  7. Already getting these. Also try Rememder’s final Punisher arc, “Punisher, In Blood”. Also, Fred Van Lente’s “Iron Man Legacy” has been AWESOME if you’re craving old school shell-head stories.

  8. Second two are already on my list.  Chaykin’s art is never less than good, so I know that book will at least be gorgeous.  Generation Hope is promising too, Gillen always warrants a look.  Strange Tales is a slightly harder sell.  I read the first issue and the Grampa was exceptional but the rest was a little hit and miss

  9. and I’d second the Punisher recommendation above.  Bound to be worth a look.