Light Week? Try Starborn Vol. 1, Vengeance #1 and Jonah Hex #69

They're just suggestions, OK? Nothing clever.

Josh says try:

Stan Lee's Starborn TP Vol. 1

By Stan Lee, Chris Roberson & Khary Randolph

We've been telling you about this for almost every issue, and now the first trade is out, and the thing is listed at $9.99. So what's the hold up people? It's fun, rollicking sci-fi adventure from Stan Lee and BOOM!, and you simply have no excuse. A regular guy finds out that his whole life is a lie, and the worlds that he thought imagined are very real. Then they go to space! I can tell you're sold. Go now.


Ron says try:

Vengeance #1

By Joe Casey & Nick Dragotta

They had me at the creative team, but Magneto just makes it that much sweeter. I don't know much, but I do know that Joe Casey can write the hell out of a comic book, and Nick Dragotta has impressed me with every piece of work he's published. Put them together and throw in Magneto and a little throwback villainous flavor to it? Count me in for the 6 issue mini series!

Conor says try:

Jonah Hex #69

By Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, & Jeff Lemire

Do I really need to say anything? I'm just going to point to the cover.


  1. I think that is my favorite design for Magneto ever. I love the non-centered buttons, the helmet, the belt, its all fantastic.

  2. I’m bummed at the crossover brewing for the Stan Lee Boom books.  I’ve dropped all of em except for Starborn, and the thought of Starborn crossing over with two books I already dropped doesn’t excite me.

  3. Starborn’s got my vote for most improved book… I thought it started to get redundant through the first three issues, but it’s been fantastic since then.

  4. Don’t forget about Greg Pak’s Red Skull mini that starts this week. I’m really optimistic that it will be in the same vein as the PHENOMINAL Magneto: Testament from a few years back.

  5. Light week? I say try the new Elric series. The free comic book day issue was pretty great. Also, Vic Boone #1, noir sci-fi, the advanced copies are getting good reviews.

  6. Not sure if i like the cover treatment of Vengeance, but i am intrigued nonetheless

  7. @diebenny  Yes, I have been trying to avoid the other books also (after trying them), but now they are invading my Starborn! It’s a conspiracy to sell books or something! Of course, I had been under the false impression that Starborn was the top seller out of the three, and it turns out it’s the lowest seller, so if the crossover can bring some more readers in and show people how good Starborn is…

  8. @diebenny @wiski: I tweeted about this crossover a few months ago and Chip Mosher actually replied saying, “This ain’t your Father’s crossover! It’s all self contained–old school style! Give it a shot!” My hope is that we don’t need to buy multiple books in order to keep up with the one we enjoy. I never really got into Traveler or Soldier Zero either. I enjoyed Starborn from the git-go, but it has really picked up the last couple issues.