Light Week? Try Sif #1 and The Brave and the Bold #33

Sometimes you look down at that pull list that you just made and you realize there aren’t many books on it and that you’ve got a light week! And that just won’t do! You can’t go all the way down to the comic book store for just a handful of books. It’s at times like these that you need some suggestions on new comics to try. Well, luckily, we’re here for you.


Josh says try:

Sif #1

Sif #1
By Kelly Sue DeConnick & Ryan Stegman

I’ll be completely honest here. I’m reading this solely because I think the artist Ryan Stegman is really funny on Twitter. Is that a good reason? Maybe not, but really, he’s very funny. Also it looks like a nice looking book, so it’s good to know he’s got the chops to go with the funny. Social media marketing works, because I wouldn’t have checked this out otherwise.  You’ve also got Matt Fraction’s wife Kelly Sue DeConnick on writing duties, and a Beta Ray Bill appearance.

Conor says try:

Brave and the Bold #33

  The Brave and the Bold #33
By J. Michael Straczynski & Cliff Chiang

Zatanna, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) spend a girls’ night out on the town and it’s drawn by Cliff Chiang? Not even a spell cast backwards could keep me from reading this book. I actually saw a copy of this at C2E2 and I only quickly glanced at a few pages because I didn’t want to spoil the reading experience. But what I saw looked gorgeous. These one-off, the-superheroes-blow-off-some-steam-in-their-civilian-identies stories used to be commonplace in comics but these days they are a rarity. I’m always excited when I see them, and even moreso when one of my favorite artists is drawing it. If you’ve been at all curious about this title this would be a great week to check it out.


  1. I’ve been grovving on Brave and Bold lately.  I love the done in one format.  


    I’m passing on Sif.


     the Tiki 

  2. I would be buying both of these.  THe site managed to convince me to try B&B a couple of months ago and I haven’t looked back, and the art is the icing on the cake.  I wanted to buy Sif too, if only to see what DeConnick’s writing was like and if it tied into FRaction’s upcoming Thor run.  I WOULD be buying them if the people of Iceland could keep their naturally occurring phenomena under control…

  3. Crap, I missed B&B 33 in the solicits and didn’t not order it from DCBS.  I am a sucker for a Barbara Gordon as Batgirl story, and will usually by anything with Chiang’s name on it.

  4. Girls night out! Very excited for that issue.

    I’ll be picking up Sif too

  5. I’ve been hearing great stuff JMS is doing on Brave and the Bold and for some dumb reason keep blowing it off.  Will have to make it up on Wednesday.  Hopefully what he’s doing here will transfer well to when he takes over Superman and Wonder Woman.

  6. I’ll try both! Thanks. More women comix please.

  7. These both look interesting, but I think I’m going to hold off because I’ve been buying a lot of issue on recently (primarily Irredeemable).  Brave and the Bold sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. I had no idea B&B was looking to be that awesome. Definitely picking it up this week.

  9. Cliff Chiang? I’m soo there.

  10. There once was a Lady name Sif, who seemed to like God of Thunder a lot.  And while she made Thor mightily stiff, she secretly thougt it was Volstagg who was hot.

    (sorry but I did not see any type of anti-limerick policy in the terms of service)

  11. Funny enough, I had highlighted these exact two as ones to try this week myself…especially Cliff Chiang on B&B.

  12. Definately picking up B&B.  Last month was my first taste of this series. 

  13. Hilarious!

    Cliff Chang is my first guest on my C2E2 coverage (with Bendis & Fraction talking about their C2e2 related announcements) , and I’m talking to Kelly sue about Sif in 45 minutes.

    The Word Balloon C2E2  coverage will begin later tonight, and continue friday and next tuesday.



  14. I’m debating whether I want to get Sif or not. I love me some Ryan Stegman but not really interested in the actual story. Will be a game time decision.

    Everyone should be reading Brave and the Bold no matter what issue this is. Having Cliff Chiang as artist and a Girls Night Out is more incentive though.

  15. Will try both. I’m back into comics after a few months hiatus due to a heavy course load and I’m testing the waters.

  16. Glad I stopped in here. I somehow missed the fact that Cliff Chiang was pencilling B&B. So now I’ll be picking that up.

  17. Kelly Sue is awesome!  And that art looks great.  I don’t really know for sure who Sif is, but whatever.