Light Week? Try Orc Stain Vol. 1, Widow Maker #1, and DCU Holiday Special 2010

You're in the shop, and you want more. But what? You need guidance! Let us be that light to show you the way!

Josh says try:

Orc Stain, Vol. 1

By James Stokoe

Do you know how much I know about Orc Stain?  Almost nothing.  But what I do know is that this book has had a steady and excitable buzz on it for a good long time, and James Stokoe is a guy who a lot more people will know in a few years.  The more snippets of excitement I hear about Orc Stain, the more I get excited about reading it.  Besides, Orcs are hilarious, and Stokoe's Wonton Soup from Oni was an explosion of artistic energy and imagination.  This can only be fun.

Ron says try:

Widowmaker #1

By Jim McCann and David Lopez

Itching for some more Hawkeye and Mockingbird action? What if they threw in some Black Widow to spice up the joint? That's exactly what you get with this espionage filled thrilling mini-series event.  McCann and Lopez team up again to bring us 3 of our favorite Avengers characters as well as…wait for it….a NEW Ronin! And look at that Jae Lee cover, now that's something to marvel at.  

Conor says try:

DCU Holiday Special 2010

By Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Seth Albano, Tony Bedard, Joey Cavalieri, Kevin Grevioux, Dara Naraghi, Renato Arlem, Roberto Castro, Richard & Tanya Horie, Carlo Soriano, Matt Haley, & more

It's been years since I've been to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Probably over ten. Probably since right after college. But I would go more often if there was a balloon that featured Jonah Hex menacingly pointing his six shooters at the crowd. I'd go see that every damn year. In the meantime, I will satiate myself with one of my favorite annual traditions, the DCU Holiday Special. And hey, look! Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning wrote a story!


  1. I picked up the DC Special last Christmas for the first time and have been unconsciously counting down til the next one.

  2. Stokoe is a helluva artist. He just posted 100 pages from an unpublished OGN called “Murderbullets”if you needed more reasons to pick his work up.

  3. I’m reading orc stain on the digital app. my light week pick for this week is Lady Mechanika #1

  4. I love the DC holiday specials. Always a lot of fun.

  5. I always enjoy the Holiday Specials so i’ll bite the price bullet. 

  6. I really don’t know what happened to Jae Lee but that Widowmaker cover is awful. And the Villains cover he did made me want to wretch. I don’t get what people see in his current artwork. His work of the Inhumans years agao was absolutely beautiful. His work now? No sir,

  7. @mikeandzod21  I feel the same way. His figures don’t have the same wieght they used to

  8. I think the cover is really good.

  9. The Thor the Might Avenger trade is out this week… just sayin’ 🙂

  10. @WonderAli: Don’t worry, I’m getting it. 🙂

  11. @roivampire it also seems like all of his cover since 2001 have been in that weird nebulous space where there’s a ledge and a dark background, like Wolverine 1, Dark Tower 1, GI Joe vs Transformers (2002) 1, and a bunch of others. But then again I’ve never really been a fan of his to begin with.

  12. That Jae Lee cover looks good; but I agree the faces are a bit weird. Also, I love that Villains cover he did but I also agree he should never, ever, ever do MODOK again.

     I might get the holiday issue, only because it’s a very light week and coming from last year’s issue….I’m a little wary on picking it up.

  13. This week will mark the first week where I only buy trades.

  14. Orc Stain has been such a great series that I’m really tempted to double dip.

  15. Well done Josh! Orc Stain is amazing and needs to be read by more people.