Light Week? Try Officer Downe, The Man WIth The Getaway Face, The Sixth Gun #1-2

Let's face it. It's rare that we have a light week, but what if.. just what if that turns out to be the case?  What if the quantity is rich but the quality, the content, the meat, the stuff of love is light and unsatisfying?  That, my friends, is what we are here for.  Our recommendations will fulfill you, if only for the 10 minutes you're reading.  But you… you'll remember. Oh yes, you will.

Ron says try:

Officer Downe - Image Comics

Officer Downe

By Joe Casey & Chris Burnham

When it comes to one-shots, you want to make sure that you're getting your money's worth.  At 48 pages for $4.99 and a cover like that, I highly doubt that I will ever feel like I'm not getting my money's worth with Officer Downe.  Look at the size of that gun! Joe Casey and Chris Burnham team up again, after the great graphic novel Nixon's Pals, to give us a tale of cop that doesn't take any crap.  Knowing how out there Casey can be with his concepts and characters, combined with the excellent, detailed work of rising star Chris Burnham, means that this has the makings of an ultra violent spectacle that I can't wait to get my hands on. 

Josh says try:

The Man With The Getaway Face: A Prelude To The Outfit

By Darwyn Cooke

If you were lucky enough to pick this up at WonderCon earlier in the year, you don't need any convincing, but if you've been on the fence at all, then worry no further.  Yes, this is part of what will be the next Parker graphic novel from Darwyn Cooke, but if you've been itching for a taste of the follow up to our Book of the Year for 2009, look no further!  This is a complete tale.  You're going to want more when it's done, but you're not just watching the first 4 minutes of a movie to have it shut off unceremoniously.  We remember Parker from the The Hunter, but he's back, and even though you didn't think it possible, he might be meaner than before.  I'll say this: you don't want to trust anyone in this story.  It's worth every cent. Go now. Also, it's gigantic.

Conor says try:

The Sixth Gun #12

By Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

Did you miss Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's awesome western/fantasy mash-up on Free Comic Book Day? Well, you're in luck! Oni Press is very smartly releasing the first two issues of The Sixth Gun at the same time this week! See, if you picked up the first issue on Free Comic Book Day you're all set for the second. But if you missed out on it (or your store didn't get it or your store didn't participate in Free Comic Book Day) and heard how great it was (and it was!) and don't want to miss out (you don't!) you can get on board all at once. It's the Old West and there are six magical guns of otherworldy power! And the sixth gun is the most powerful of them all! And it's missing! If you don't think that sounds fun then I don't think we can be friends.



  1. Officer Downe reminds me of Judge Dredd, which means I’m in if my shop has it.

  2. The Sixth Gun does indeed sound fun.

  3. I picked up The Man With the Getaway Face at Wondercon and it was probably the best single issue I’ve read this year! Even better than Jonah Hex 50, also by Cooke.  That man is just amazing, but we all know that already.  Really can’t wait for The Outfit.

  4. First issue of Sixth Gun was a lot of fun so I pre ordered the second.

    Darwyn Cooke, I’m in. 

  5. Gettin’ all 3. That’s a change.

  6. Loved the FCBD Sixth Gun and definitely getting #2.

  7. @JesTr – agreed, will trade wait but loved the FCBD issue

    Also trade waiting on the next hunter book – but for a light week a couple of great picks!

  8. @rjspring: You don’t really have a choice in trade waiting on the next Hunter book, it’s only released in trade…