Light Week? Try Marvelman Family’s Finest, B.P.R.D., Vol. 13: 1947, Batman: Odyssey #1

Let's face it. It's rare that we have a light week, but what if.. just what if that turns out to be the case?  What if the quantity is rich but the quality, the content, the meat, the stuff of love is light and unsatisfying?  That, my friends, is what we are here for.  Our recommendations will fulfill you, if only for the 10 minutes you're reading.  But you… you'll remember. Oh yes, you will.


Ron says try:


Marvelman Family's Finest #1

By Mick Anglo

Man, what a week this week.  So many amazing books, and so many awesome #1 issues, like X-Men #1, Scarlet #1, Casanova #1, Avengers Children's Crusade #1, Steve Rogers Super Soldier #1, Shadowland #1, the list goes on and on.  But if you really want to dive into your comics and get the hidden gem of the bunch, pick up Marvelman Family's Finest #1.  It was almost 1 year ago that Marvel shocked the world announcing that they had the rights to the hotly debated Marvelman property and now, finally we see the first Marvelman book in print by Marvel, containing the original stories by Mick Anglo.  Now this may not be the legendary Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman work…yet, but every character starts somewhere, and for Marvelman, it starts here.  

Josh says try:

B.P.R.D., Vol. 13: 1947

By Mike Mignola, Joshua Dysart, Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon

I did a B.P.R.D./Hellboy book last week didn't I? I don't like to repeat myself like that.  Then again, if you're following the talent in comics, you'd be batshit crazy insane to miss out on this story.  Mike Mignola is a constant, serving as an advisor, but the script is by Joshua Dysart, who is one of the most underappreciated talents in comics.  On art duties, you've got the brothers Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, whose praises I cannot sing highly enough.  Besides that, this is a story about the nascent B.P.R.D. forming in 1947, and a hellish clatch of evil women, in a scary medieval castle in Europe. It's moody, it's spooky, and it's just good comics.  I've said it before, but try this one, even if you've never tried any Hellboy before.  Just take a swing. It's got little kid Hellboy!

Conor says try:

Batman: Odyssey #1

By Neal Adams

I don't know if everybody realizes how special and amazing this is. If everybody did, this would be one of the top pulled books of the week (it's not even in the top ten!) Neal Adams is a gen-u-ine living comic book legend. His contributions to the industry you love cannot be overstated. He changed the way comics looked. He changed the way comic book companies operated. And at 69 years old, he's still drawing circles around 90% of the comic book artists working today. Adams was one of the principal people responsible for moving Batman out of the goofy Silver Age stories into the more mature and, dare I use an overworked cliche, grim and gritty stories that brought about a renewed popularity to the character. And now he's back doing another Batman story. One where he gets shot through the forearm! On the cover!


  1. Two out of three on my pull list already but Josh you’re a tempter, I might just go for the hat trick.

  2. BPRD 1947 was mad awesome when it came out in issues, and I’m really excited for the new Neal Adams stuff.  The preview looks mad crazy good.

  3. I’ll definitely be buying Odyssey in trade, and I totally agree with Conor about Neal Adams’ legendary status.

  4. Nice picks, the old Miracleman stuff will be a fantastic trade when it comes out.

    I also recommend: Hit-Monkey #1 by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajic. It’s a continuation from the fantastic one shot and it should be the start of another epic 3 issue mini.

  5. I’m trade waiting Odyssey too. It looks fantastic in the previews, but I would much rather have that collection on my shelf rather than inside a box.

  6. I’m another trade-waiter on Odyssey.  Maybe thats why the pulls on that book aren’t so high?  Lots of trade-waiters?

  7. "Hello, I’ll be your trade-waiter this evening. May I take your order?"

  8. Marvelman I’m looking forward to.

    Neal Adams is excellent.

  9. Oddysey is a trade wait though I did order the first issue of DCBS for a taste (twas only a dolla!)

    Marvelman, I’m going to ignore. Looks crappy and ridiculously expensive (and the trade has already been solicited and it’s crazy expensive).

    BPRD is something I need to really catch up on. 

  10. I’ll be trade waiting Miracle Man and Odyssey. I’d humbly recommend picking up Landridge and Samnee’s Thor: The Mighty Avenger, just based on Samnee’s design sketches alone (

  11. I strongly second the BPRD suggestion. It is excellent.

  12. I third it, it was a fantastic little series.  And I’m still determined to wait for the HC on Odyssey just to avoid another double dip.

  13. @RapidEyeMovement – "I’ll have the ‘Batman: Odyssey’ with a side of ‘Batwoman: Elegy’, please."

  14. If you missed HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD, #1 has a 2nd printing coming out tomorrow as well as issue 2, which goes down to a $2.99 price point!  $3 of AWESOME!  🙂

  15. Damn you, iFanboy! Can’t you leave my wallet alone?? *curls into foetal position & sucks thumb*

  16. Gonna wait for Odyssey in trade format. BPRD is on the list already, and really don’t rate the early Marvelman stuff from what I’ve read before – It only really became good when Moore re-invented it.