Light Week? Try Hellblazer: City of Demons, Image First: Jack Staff #1, and The Rocketeer Adventures #1

Light weeks, heavy weeks, in between weeks… it's all in need of something more, and we're here to provide that something. For good or ill.

Paul says try:

Hellblazer: City of Demons TP

By Si Spencer & Sean Murphy

If you've ever wanted to see what all the fuss surrounding John Constantine is all about, look no further. This stand-alone mini series from Si Spencer and Joe the Barbarian artist Sean Murphy is both new reader friendly and totally effed up. Constantine is struck by a car and ends up in the ER…hovering over his comatose body. Meanwhile, some ethically lacking physicians decide to mess around with our hero's demonically tainted blood, which leads to a few hapless patients going red in the eyes and more than a little preoccupied with some casual murdering. The real star of the show? Sean Murphy's jaw-dropping visuals, more than an appetizer for his upcoming American Vampire spinoff. 

Ron says try:

Image Firsts: Jack Staff #1

By Paul Grist

If you ask people who know good comics, most will tell you how great Paul Grist is.  A British creator whose work I've enjoyed for years has been quietly creating one of the most inventive and fun comics around with Jack Staff, and now's your chance to get on board for just ONE DOLLAR.  Again, you have no excuse not to try this.  If you like superheroes, vampires, British humour, and general comic book wacky-ness, then Jack Staff is the book for you, and it's just ONE DOLLAR!

Conor says try:

The Rocketeer Adventures #1

By Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, John Cassaday, Alex Ross & Dave Stevens

I love The Rocketeer for reasons that consist mostly of design. It's just such a wonderful look. Sure, I saw the movie and it was tons of fun but mostly I remember the wonderful art direction and costume design. And yes, I bought the giant Artist's Edition that IDW put out last year but that wasn't so much for the story as it was an art book purchase. I am excited for this series not only for the design but because IDW is really bringing out the high level talent. Allred? Busiek? Cassaday? Ross? And work from the late Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens? And that's just number one! Darwyn Cooke's got a short story in an up-coming issue!


  1. Hallblazer? Hmm. Does he roam halls with anguish and regret? You know, Constantine style.

  2. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    HAR HAR!

  3. Did Josh lose his ‘Light Week’ privileges after last week’s Total Recall fiasco?


  5. Thanks for point out the Rocketter. I missed it originally.

  6. I’m really looking forward to the Rocketeer.  I bought the normal size trade on a whim (loving the movie but never reading the books) and was way more impressed with the art than the story.  I hope that this art team can make Betty look as good as Dave Stevens.

  7. Love the Rocketeer! Bought one of the fancy Hardcovers that was out last year. Just one of my all time favorite Golden Age style Nazi Fighting all American aw shux characters. This book and creative lineup sounds like a great time! 

  8. Hellblazer Rocks

  9. The Rocketeer #1 is already in my next DCBS shipment. Really looking forward to it.

  10. Thanks for the heads-up on the Hellblazer TPB.  Very excited to read it and drool over the Sean Murphy art!