Light Week? Try Hellblazer: City of Demons #1, I Am An Avenger #2 and Knight and Squire #1

You ever get that feeling like your comics reading is lacking something.  That new and exciting feeling you felt the first time you cracked open a comic book? Relive that magic this week with one of these recommendations:

Josh says try:

Constantine Hellblazer: City of Demons #1

By Si Spencer and Sean Murphy

Coming off a what must be a wee hiatus on Joe the Barbarian, Sean Murphy is the star of this book.  His prior, as yet incomplete project highlighted the fact that Murphy outshone even Grant Morrison.  Further, this is a stand alone story seems like a perfect entry point for anyone who's been thinking about trying out Hellblazer, as a 5-issue mini series.  While the ongoing series is no slouch, maybe this is better for those timid about jumping on.  Si Spencer comes from British comics and TV, so at the very least, it has a good chance of feeling authentic.  It could be fun, so give it a shot.


Ron says try:

I Am An Avenger #2

By Sean McKeever, Greg Rucka, Paul Tobin, Mike Mayhew, Michael Lark

The obvious reason to recommend this next issue of Heroic Age-esque anthology stories would be the return of Greg Rucka to Marvel Comics.  Rucka returns to Marvel to write a Steve Rogers story in this issue which could give you a taste of what it would be like to have Rucka back on super hero comics. But that's not the only reason why I'm picking this up.  This issue also contains a story about Firestar and Justice, who I'm hoping can get past their troubles and get back together as a couple, because those two are perfect for each other.  Crossing my fingers.

Conor says try:

Knight & Squire # 1

By Paul Cornell, Jimmy Broxton, Guy Major, & Swands

Right now with Action Comics, writer Paul Cornell is proving that he can put the fun back in funny books without making them overly silly. He rides that line of embracing the inherent ridiculousness in some (all?) of these super hero concepts while still taking them seriously and crafting action-packed stories. It's a thin tightrope to walk, but Cornell is pulling it off superbly. If you watched our San Diego Comic-Con 2010 interview with Cornell that mentioned Knight & Squire then you know that with this six issue mini-series Cornell is going to push the wacky limits of the modern super hero. It's not going to be every body's cup of tea — for some people, any comic book that doesn't take itself 100% seriously is an affront to their sensibilities — but it sure sounds like mine.


  1. Craaaaaaap I night have to get ‘i am an avenger’ now…stupid Greg Ruck being awesome!

  2. Definitely picking up Knight & Squire when it’s traded.

  3. Who has a light week this week? Anyone? It’s like everything is being released tomorrow. I still plan on getting that Hellblazer and Knight and Squire minis though.

  4. It’s not a light week for me, but I really want to try Knight and Squire. I can’t get enough of that preview shown endlessly in every single DC comic the last couple of weeks.

  5. 19 books = not a light week, but I am getting both Knight & Squire, and the Hellblazer mini. At the vertigo panel they made it seem like the mini could be a good jumping on point…so why not?

  6. I wasn’t going to get Knight and Squire, but I also didn’t know Paul Cornell was writing it.  I’m sold.

  7. I’m getting I’m An Avenger because of the awesome Greg Land cover!!!


    I kid, I kid.

  8. Knight and Squire was already on my pull/order list. Can’t wait.

  9. Woah woah woah! Greg Rucka?! Didn’t he quit DC this year cause he’s sick of the big publishers? God damn it, I could have happily enjoyed my comics this week but now I am going to have to pick up this bollocks to get some Rucka loving

  10. @origamikid Pure speculation here, but it is probably a heldover story. Marvel’s done this with Robert Kirkman’s work before as well (releasing a piece after a public departure from the majors.)

  11. Most looking forward to the ‘blazer mini.  I love those loose, sketchy yet detailed, Cam Kennedyesque pencils and Spencer has his moments. I’m one of the five people who read and enjoyed Vinyl Underground.  Knight and Squire should be fun too.

    @ghettojourno…hasn’t it got to be slightly recent work given that it appears to be a Cap’n Steve-current continuity story?

  12. I’m picking up knight and squire. Hellblazer looks good, too.

  13. Eagerly awaiting City of Demons and Knight&Squire in trade 🙂

  14. I’m all over "I Am An Avenger"; love the shit out of that book. Would totally buy it as an ongoing. Anthologies don’t have to suck, they just need to have a focus.


  15. I’d rather just buy Knight & Squire when it is collected, but that could be a decade from now!!  I’m conflicted…