Light Week? Try Hellblazer #275, Memoir #1, or Rat Catcher

You're in the shop, and you want more. But what? You need guidance! Let us be that light to show you the way!

Josh says try:

Hellblazer #275

By Pete Milligan, Guiseppi Camuncoli, Stefano Landini

I really do hate to play to type, but it's very easy when Hellblazer has been this good for this long. The whole point of the John Constantine's story has been to get him close to people and then rip them away from him, either by their violent deaths or their… well, usually it's their violent deaths.  All of his relationships fail. It's the rule.  But Milligan and company have been setting this story up for a long time, and in this issue, the crusty, old mage is finally getting hitched.  What could possibly go wrong? I can't wait to find out.

Ron says try:

Memoir #1

By Ben McCool & Nikki Cook

Continuing the trend of hot new books by new creators you should check out, Memoir #1 is the new series written by Choker scribe Ben McCool, this time joined by the ultra talented Nikki Cook on art.  This book promises to be one that's both chilling and entertaining, as this tale of a midwestern American town where one day everyone wakes up with their memories wiped clean begins this week. Get on board early as this book promises to be another hot #1 issue from Image Comics.

Conor says try:

Rat Catcher

By Andy Diggle & Victor Ibanez

The Vertigo Crime series is on a roll. The last entry, A Sickness in the Family, was fantastic and after reading an advanced copy I can tell you that this latest offering might be the best one yet. Gritty crime is right up Andy Diggle's alley and this twisty tale of a mystery assassin plaguing the U.S. Marshal service is tons of fun.


  1. I’ve been looking fwd to Hellblazer #275 for a while – it’ll be my first Hellblazer floppy!

  2. Ha! I had assumed that Conor’s pick was about the Batman villain, Rat Catcher.

  3. I love the Vertigo Crime series.  I would think it would be a great way to introduce new readers to comics with the format, the mature content/story, and the done-in-one story.  I have read all of the volumes and I think I like Area 10 by Christos Gage about trepanation, super creepy.

  4. I meant to say I think I like Area 10 the best…but I’m looking forward to this new entry!

  5. who did the memoir cover? it looks like john cassaday when he was good

  6. @wangman31888 It’s Cassaday.

  7. i have all the vertigo crime ogn’s. i will skip on diggle’s, though. his work on daredevil drove me away from the title, so no interest in reading anything by him.

  8. @iSpiderMan  I can’t speak to his DAREDEVIL work but Diggle has done a lot of great work like THE LOSERS and GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE. This is probably the best Vertigo Crime OGN so far.