Light Week? Try Hawkeye: Blindspot TP, The Red Wing #1, or DC Comics Presents Batman: Gotham Noir

They're just suggestions. That's it. No need to make it personal. Go in peace, brothers.


Josh says try:

Hawkeye: Blindspot TP

By Jim McCann, Paco Diaz Luque, and Nick Dragotta

People often ask me what the best place to start with Hawkeye is, and for a long time, I had no answer. But this book is the place right now. You get the whole Clint Barton story, wrapped up in one modern tale. Jim McCann was a big Hawkeye fan before he ever got the chance to write him, and this was quite literally his dream job, and he did the character quite proud. It's a fun little romp, full of classic comic book intrigue and family drama. There's a great old fashioned flight between Steve and Clint too. That's worth admission right there.


Ron says try:

The Red Wing #1

By Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra, & Rachelle Rosenberg

If there's one thing we've learned ever since Image Comics published The Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman, it's that when Jonathan Hickman delivers a creator owned series, you better take notice.  The Red Wing #1 marks his first new creator owned series since moving to Marvel and doing the super hero thing over there and this one is a doozy.  You like fighter pilots? You like time travel? Then this is the book for you.  We can only hope there's a volleyball sequence at some point…if we're lucky.


Conor says try:

DC Comics Presents Batman: Gotham Noir

By Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, Dave Stewart, & Scott McDaniel

DC is finally reprinting the classic Elseworlds story from 2001 by the creative team behind Criminal. The story is set in Gotham City in 1949 and stars hard boiled private detective Jim Gordon, and if you're a fan of Brubaker and Phillips' work on Criminal picking up this one is a no-brainer. If all of that's not enough, I highlighted this book on one of our vault video shows way back in the first year of the show, back when we were young and fancy free and didn't have professional lights. Check it out:


  1. Gotham Noir is a great read and I recommend it to any fan of the Batverse or their run on Criminal

  2. For some reason every time I see that “Red Wing” cover I think it’s some kind of Star Wars spin off

  3. @forestjwp  sold

  4. As Conor mentioned, the thing to remember about Gotham Noir is that this story focuses on Gordon. Batman appears, but this isn’t his story. That said, it’s a great story and a showcase for true crime noir.

  5. This is the first time that I remember where I’ve been excited about all of the suggestions. Just wish I had a little more disposable income…

  6. Light week? SIGH…I have 17 books this week!!!!!

  7. When i read the solicitation for The red Wing a few months back, I was super excited for it. I didn’t know if anyone else was looking forward to it, then i saw all Conor, Ron and Josh all pulled it, and it made me happy to realize there’s a good chance it’ll get discussed on the show this week.

  8. Would Blindspot be a better buy than the Hawkeye & Mockingbird trade, or doesn’t it really matter?

  9. Blindspot is Much better than Hawkeye and Mockingbird.