Light Week? Try Cobra #12, Journey Into Mystery #636, & Green Lantern: The Animated Series #1

From now on I see a bad comic book, I kill the man reading it. So run you cur. And tell the other curs the law is coming. You tell ’em I’m coming! And Hell’s coming with me you hear! Hell’s coming with me!

Josh says try…

Cobra #12

By Mike Costa and Antonio Fuso

I want to start by saying that the Cobra series from IDW has remained very good. However, the first couple mini-series, focusing on Chuckles was very, very good. In this standalone issue, Chuckles returns, via letter, and lays it out. If you liked it before, and even if you haven’t been keeping up, you need to buy this issue. It’s very, very good, and still more than you’d ever expect from a G.I. Joe series.


Ron says try…

Journey Into Mystery #636

By Kieron Gillen & Richard Elson

Every once in a while, a comic book does something so bold, so crazy, so inspired, that I can’t help but raise it up to you, the reading audience and give it praise. Trust me, true believers, Journey Into Mystery #636 is one such book. The conclusion of the current story arc, The Terrorism Myth, features something so unique and creative, I really want to make sure everyone sees it. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I assure you, when you read the middle of this comic, you’ll roll the dice and your head will explode. ┬áSeriously.


Conor says try…

Green Lantern: The Animated Series #1

By Franco, Art Baltazar, Dario Brizuela, & Saida Abbott

Not only do we have four super fun cartoons from Marvel and DC right now but we’re getting their all-ages comic book equivalents too! And that’s a good thing, for me at least, because we need more books like that on the market. Plus, I’m gravitating more and more to all-ages books these days. They’re fun without the baggage and the ancillary angst. In this particular case, I’m really looking forward to Green Lantern: The Animated Series because it’s being written by the Tiny Titans team of Franco and Baltazar and, presumably, features the same kind of Green Lantern adventures from the cartoon that I very much wish were in the regular comic book.


  1. Journey into Mystery such a great title!

    • I jumped in the middle of the arc and it is not hard to get caught up with it. Ever issue seems like its very easy to jump in.

    • It has a great narrative which makes the reader feel like you know the story regardless of having to get back issues, but I do recommend that you get the back issues or trades.
      The great thing is that Thor isn’t the main focus & the storytelling is top notch, which I guess is where the comparisons to The Sandman come from.

  2. I am so excited for this issue Journey into Mystery.
    I never would have imagined such a book would become my favourite title! It’s just brilliant.

  3. What about America’s Got Powers, Secret, and Secret Service? All great new #1s!

  4. I’m gonna have to get this current Journey Into Mystery trade cause its intrigued me and while I have plenty to read, I’m really drawn to the Snake Eyes solo run(Cobra mention reminded me).