Light Week? Try Butcher Baker #1, Savage Dragon #170, Jimmy Olsen #1, & FAME: Justin Bieber

No shortage of great things to try out this week, so you can go with your instincts, but where has that gotten you so far? Try ours instead.

Josh says try:

Butcher Baker: The Righteous Maker #1

By Joe Casey & Mike Huddleston

Check out that junk. There's your Righteous Maker. Joe Casey's new series is rushing from the fount of his fertile imagination and Mike Huddleston's trippy, filthy and gorgeous art. Butcher Baker was the biggest thing in superheroes, but he went into a form of erotic retirement, surrounding himself with earthly pleasures. Now, the world needs him again, and he will heed the call. Plus there's a 70's style car chase. Bonus for longtime iFanboy readers: former staff writer Sonia Harris designed the book. It'll be the most unique thing you read this week.


Ron says try:

Savage Dragon #170

By Erik Larsen

Seriously people, Savage Dragon is one of the best comic books being published right now and NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO JUMP ON! After nearly 20 years of publishing, Erik Larsen has turned his ongoing saga upside down, wiped the slate clean and is handing you a nearly perfect comic book to enjoy.  Less than 50 of you pick this book every month when it comes out and that's a crying shame.  Savage Dragon continues to be one of the most entertaining and fun comic books around, and all of you are missing out.  Change that tomorrow.  I DARE YOU to pick up Savage Dragon this week and give it a try.  I know you'll be back for more next month.


Conor says try:

Jimmy Olsen #1

By Nick Spencer, RB Silva, & DYM

Talk to writer Nick Spencer and you'll find that he is a huge fan of Jimmy Olsen. He would have loved to have written a Jimmy Olsen comic book. Sadly, it's not the 1960 or 70s anymore and the comic book market would never support that. So this is the next best thing. Remember that Jimmy Olsen co-feature that was so much fun? It's collected here PLUS the unpublished chapters that never saw the light of day once DC pulled the plug on the co-features. Also? Cover by Amanda Conner. Smallville fans take note: this story featured the first official appearance of Chloe Sullivan in the DC Universe.


FAME: Justin Bieber: The Graphic Novel

By Tara Broeckel Ooten, Claudio Avella, & Francesco Crisci

I am not above shameless SEO baiting.



  1. BEIBER! This is the perfect time to jump on! USHER has turned his ongoing tween pop saga upside down, wiped the music industry clean and is handing you a nearly perfect comic book to enjoy. I DARE you to pick up FAME: A graphic novel and give it try. 

  2. Been waiting for Butcher Baker since it was announced a while ago. the preview looked good.

    and all i can think about that Justin Bieber is “pull my finger” and 1000’s of screaming 13 year old running to do it.

  3. SEO beiber baiting…hahahaha love it. 

  4. @Ron That’s because Savage Dragon is not a good design.  I know comic book characters are somewhat ridiculous if you dissect the costumes, but c’mon…a fin on his head?  I know that I shouldn’t judge the quality of a book on something so trivial, but whenever I try to read this on your recommendation I get turned off by the character design.  Maybe I’ll give it another whirl. 

  5. That Butch Baker cover is awesome only because it will be sitting right next to some other, more kid friendly title. 

    I’m definitely looking forward to Jimmy Olsen as I enjoyed the back-ups and look forward to any new material in this one.

  6. lol that bieber cover looks like one of those jae lee dark tower covers where ppl are randomly pointing

  7. Can’t wait to read Butcher Baker!

  8. @MadMartigan — i wouldn’t say its a bad design per say, but i remember even back in the 90s during the first image wave i always kinda thought the concept and character were a bit too silly for my tastes. In this day and age anything that lasts 170 issues has to be good..might be worth a look…

  9. @wallythegreenmonster  I agree with the fact that anything that lasts as long as this has is indeed successful, but I guess at the end of the day the things that we consider “silly” or a “bad design” are only a matter of opinion.  Comic books as a whole can be considered “silly,” but I guess I should have just said that the SD design is just not appealing to ME.

  10. 3 out of 4 for me this week: Huddleston is probably one of only two or three artists for me who I will try out everything they do.  His style is so unique, kind of a cross between Mike Allred and maybe Humberto Ramos; whatever it is it seems to work.  Savage Dragon has just finished up its best arc in the entire series, plus it’s my all time favorite comic book.  Also, Nick Spencer?  Guess I’ll pick up a DC book…

    Great recommendations this week.

  11. Thoroughly on board for Butcher Baker, but as good as the Olsen book was I can’t quite bring myself to swallow that price point for material I mostly already bought.  Sweet cover tho’.

  12. …of course we aren’t actually getting Butcher Baker in the UK(or the Halcyon reprints/Halcyon 4) because Diamond can’t fit them into the planes because of the huge numbers of Free Comic Book Day comics they’re flying in…so an event designed to encourage people to read comics is actually causing us to read less comics (at least for a week or two).

  13. Oh, Mr. Flanagan, you sly dog!

  14. I never knew Sonia worked on Butcher Baker. Congrads to her!

    Lots of great #1 issues coming out this week. You have Butcher Baker, then Eric Powell’s Godzilla, and also a Caligua issue by David Lapham! Great week for new stuff. 

  15. @MadMartigan
    I remember when Savage Dragon was anounced. A green strong guy with a f-ing fin on his head? That’s what your favorite Spidey-artist comes up with? Didn’t look appealing at all. Picked it up anyway and haven’t looked back since. Still my favorite comic book.

  16. @Josh what do you mean by Sonia “designed” the book? what goes into that? the cover design?

  17. @mikegraham6  All the graphic design in the book. Cover, inside cover, logo, etc.

  18. BTW  – people always claiming that iFanboy favours one publisher over another should regulary check out the Light Week?-feature. It’s all about the books.

  19. @Bendrix  *hugs*

  20. Thanks for the mention Josh!

    @mikegraham6 (and anyone else who is interested)
    – I designed the logo (pretty classic look to it),
    – designed the layout of out the front page (again, it is a pretty basic, standard layout),
    – the inside front cover (as well as having some fun with Mike’s art for that by blowing up a tiny detail of an orgasmic woman for the background on that page),
    – the back cover (which uses a version of one of the teaser images we created for the marketing campaign back in November 2010),
    – 6 full pages of extra text by Casey and sketchbook materials from Huddleston,
    – a logo for that section (which is called “For Which It Stands”)
    – and finally, the title page, double-page spread montage and coloring on the “Coming Soon” section.

    It is a wonderful job that I’m enjoying a lot, made that much easier by Joe Casey and Mike Huddleston’s incredible content.