Light Week? Try Birds of Prey #1 or Frenemy of the State #1

Some weeks you're just looking for a little something extra, a hole to fill, an unnamed need.  We are there to light the way for you, and make some suggestions, something you just didn't think of, that little spark of an idea that, in your head, drives you to say "Yes, yes I will try this. Thank you."

You're perfectly welcome.

Josh says try:

Bird of Prey #1

by Gail Simone and Ed Benes

I know, right?  I even surprised myself.  But the thing is, as I learned with the recent Brave and the Bold #33, sometimes it's good to defy your own expectations, and backtrack a bit on what you think you will and won't like.  Me, I've got no problem with Simone, but her work's just not usually my thing.  No big deal, but then, what if it's not true? What if this is my thing, but I never even gave it a thought?  I've never read a Birds of Prey book, despite the fact that I like this characters, and I like Oracle, and I think I might as well give this a shot, because who knows?  There must a reason so many people like these creators.  So maybe you're not trying this one, but try something else. 

Ron says try:

Frenemy of the State

Frenemy of the State #1

By Christina Weir, Nunzio DeFilippis, Rashida Jones and Jeff Wamester

Oni Press has been on a roll of late, what with all the love for Stumptown and most recently The Sixth Gun, so when I saw that this new title was finally hitting stands, I thought, why not take a chance?  Sure it's got the Hollywood aspect to it with Rashida Jones of NBC's Parks and Recreation being attached to it, but if you look beyond that you get a story about a heiress with a secret identity as a CIA operative.  Not a bad combination and could be some good comic book fun.


  1. My fingers are crossed for Birds of Prey. For me, Barbara Gordon is one of the most interesting characters in comics who has has the potential for some really great stories. She was already in one of the best, The Killing Joke, but they just haven’t happened lately. That Oracle mini-series was a train wreck. So, once again, my fingers are crossed, and my wallet is open for Birds of Prey #1.

  2. A Gail Simone pick?  Looks like Josh was awesomed by Evie.

  3. Too bad this isn’t a light week for me, I think i’ll pick up Birds next week

  4. ahhhhh i want both but cut them from my list because I had too many books already 🙁  spending waaaay too much money lately between all the weekly comics and recent purchases of the complete Essex County and Bone. yikes…

  5. Picking up ‘Birds’.  Not really interested in ‘Frenemy’, though.

  6. this is certainly not a light week

  7. "Frenemy"?  C’mon Oni, you’re better than that.  (This is not a commentary on the book, but on the title…which does not leave me hopeful for the book.)

    I’m all about Birds Of Prey, though.

  8. Were it a light week I’d definitely be tempted by Frenemy, as it just looks kind of light and fun.  Unfortunately it realy isn’t a light week, I’m already gonna need a forklift for the books on my pull list.  Maybe in trade, if I hear the word of mouth is good, as that tends to be my way of reading the more unknown comics quantities.

  9. Yeah…I already hate the word "Frenemy" so that is sucessfully keeping me from trying out that book. But if I hear good things, might give it a shot.

  10. This is definitely not a light week for me so i won’t be picking any of these up. If that wasn’t the case I may have given Frenemy a look but Benes’ art is really not my cup of tea even though I like Simone’s writing. As we have seen recently with Philip Tan’s art on Batman and Robin, if you don’t like the art it can really hurt a well written book. So sorry DC, maybe down the road if you swith art teams i’ll give it a chance.

  11. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a Gail Simone book other than the first arc of Secret Six. You guys have really soured me on her! I feel bad for letting your opinions affect me that much. Maybe I’ll have to give Birds of Prey a shot just to be fair. I love all the characters in it.

  12. @Anson17 Don’t misunderstand the iFanboys. I think they thought Secret Six was good, but just not for them. Secret Six isn’t really like anything else Gail Simone writes. "Free your mind and the rest will follow."

  13. I haven’t read much, other than Secret Six, and like I’ve said many times, it wasn’t my thing. Clearly it is the thing of many others, and I hope they continue to enjoy and read the book.

  14. I know he tends to draw women a little exaggerated BUT the Benes art sold me on Birds of Prey

  15. Frenemey of the State could be a lot of fun.

    Writers are very good (they recently did the King Tut arc in Batman Confidential), and the concept is a bit fun. Might not be the greatest thing ever; but a good ‘popcorn’ type of comic anyways. Hopefully the shop gets it. 

  16. This is not a light week, it’s even heavier than last week. I have 22 books coming out without picking up these 2!

  17. I picked this up once I realized Ed Benes was drawing it. I loved his art on Justice League, he draws hot superchicks soooo awesome.

  18. Sam & Twitch: The Writer #1 was fantastic. That’s my recommendation for a first issue to pick up this week.