Light Week? Try Astro City #1, 7 Psychopaths #2, and Detective Comics #866

Sometimes you look down at that pull list that you just made and you realize there aren't many books on it and that you've got a light week! And that just won't do! You can't go all the way down to the comic book store for just a handful of books. It's at times like these that you need some suggestions on new comics to try. Well, luckily, we're here for you.


Ron says try:

Astro City #1

Astro City #1

By Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson

You've heard us rave about Astro City in an episode of our video show, and if you haven't tried Astro City yet, well you really have no excuse now as DC Comics offers up a new printing of the 1st issue for just ONE DOLLAR.  Seriously, this may be the best dollar you ever spend as that first issue of Astro City is beyond epic, introducing you to the wonderful world of Astro City and it's heroes and villains.  Sure this issue is meant to hook you in, but trust me, this is one series you want to get hooked into. It's guaranteed pure super hero comics done right by the great Kurt Busiek.


Josh says try:

7 Psychopaths #2

7 Psychopaths #2

By Fabien Vehlmann & Sean Phillips

Seriously, the solicitation was almost enough: "Seven men, 1 impossible mission – assassinate Hitler! With World War II in full swing, there's only one way to draw the war to a quick end: kill Hitler. But who would be insane enough to try?"  Not to mention the fact that this book is illustrated by the wonderful Sean Phillips.  The first issue was very good, and I'm guessing if you have the kind of comic shop that buys these titles in the first place, they've still got one.  So pick up #1, then pick up #2, and then you can thank me, because it will have been fun and beautifully crafted. It's a bit like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, with a bit of Inglourious Basterds.  If any of those words intrigue you, go for it.


Conor says try:

Detective Comics #866

Detective Comics #866

By Denny O'Neil & Dustin Nguyen

If you're still smarting over the departure of Greg Rucka and J.H. WIlliams III from DC's flagship title then you might want to consider coming back for this 40 page one-shot story. Written by the Batman legend Denny O'Neil with art (if the solicitation is correct; always a dicey proposition) by the most excellent Dustin Nguyen, the story jumps back and forth between the present (with Dick as Batman) and the past (with Dick as Robin). Denny O'Neil knows his Batman and a story that spans the years is right up his alley.


  1. Astro City #1 is the one that highlights the Superman-esque character, right? Been meaning to check that one out.

    Also definitely planning on get Det #866. One of the best classic Batman writers teamed with one of the best modern Batman artists? I’m there. 

  2. I am VERY psyched about Detective- I can’t believe how painfully unexplored the whole Dick-as-Batman transfer has been. Aside from very early on (and very briefly at that), I feel like none of the Batman titles have really explored what it has been like for Dick to take over the cowl, both logistically and emotionally.  Don’t let me down, O’Neil!

  3. @HailScott; I’m not sure that that’s the story we’ll be getting from this issue of DETECTIVE. There’s no indication of that. (And I thought that the first arc of BATMAN & ROBIN handled everything that needed handling in that regard.)

  4. I was reading the synopsis of "7 Psychopaths", and I realized I hadn’t noticed which of the guys had recommended it.  As my brain was processing "Josh says try", I realized I was scrolling up to find out which was recommending a WWII book drawn by Sean Phillips.  Silly me.

  5. I do hope my LCS gets this Astro City reprint. Definitely wanna try it out.

  6. @DarkKnightJared – Yes, the first issue highlights the Samaritan and his dreams of flying.  Great story.

  7. That wasn’t the issue of Tec I saw at my comic shop.