Light Week? Try Astonishing Spider-Man + Wolverine #1, Hellboy in Mexico, or G.I. Joe Origins #15

Sometimes you look down at that pull list that you just made and you realize there aren't many books on it and that you've got a light week! And that just won't do! You can't go all the way down to the comic book store for just a handful of books. It's at times like these that you need some suggestions on new comics to try. Well, luckily, we're here for you.


Ron says try:

Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine

Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1

By Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert

After reading the past year's worth of Wolverine: Weapon X as written by Jason Aaron, I am now a card carrying member of the Jason Aaron fan club (despite not reading Scalped in issues).  Reading his tales of Wolverine have made me hungry for more.  Now you say he's going to be doing Wolverine AND Spider-Man?  Score.  Throw in one of the best artists in the business, Adam Kubert, and this become a bundle of super hero fun, Marvel style.


Josh says try:


Hellboy In Mexico or Drunken Blur One-Shot

By Mike Mignola and Richard Corben

I can't say exactly why this title makes this a must buy, but the simple fact is, that unique combination of words implies necessity.  It doesn't hurt that the art is being handled by Richard Corben, who has absolutely killed every panel he's done on Hellboy so far.  The description promises vampire-killing luchadores, tequila, and evil turkeys among other things.  I'm not sure what else I could say to convince you, but I am rubbing my two unfortunately symmetrical hands together with relish.


Conor says try:

G.I. Joe Origins #15

G.I. Joe: Origins #15

By Merrill Hagen & Klaus Scherwinski

I'll be totally honest with you: I've never heard of either the writer or the artist that are listed on this book. But I'm excited about this issue for two reasons. 1. I love the series on the whole. It's been great fun, and a nice bridge between the super gritty tone of G.I. Joe: Cobra and the more traditional tone of G.I. Joe. 2. It's Snow Job! In Venezuela (?)! Engaged in a sniper battle! These G.I. Joe: Origins stories have been either one and done or two part stories and are great for jumping on if you're at all curious.


  1. I’m already buying two of these three.  I’m on the fence regarding SM vs. Wolverine.  Jason Aaron is tempting….

  2. Is snowjob going to be wearing his parka in a Venezualan jungle? If so, I’M IN!!

  3. I saw that GI Joe cover last month, and loved it right then.

  4. Buying Astonishing solely b/c Aaron is writing it, but I will say that I haven’t been thrilled with all his work outside of Scalped. The run that he had on Ghost Rider was good, but not great, and the payoff for reading all those issues wasn’t what I expected. As for Weapon X, I’m not loving his run on it. Plus, the new story line with the Deathloks is Terminator 2.0.

  5. @mikegraham6 – I expect him to be up in the mountainous region. (Pico Bolivar perhaps?)

  6. I think I’ll be giving Astonishing a chance. Not much of a Spider-Man fan, but Jason Aaron is a great writer and well, it’s Adam Kubert.

  7. Already picking up all three – and am really excited for all of them. Aaron doing a Wolvie/Spidey team-up is like a superhero dream, Corben never, ever disappoints, and GI Joe: Origins has been a solid read each and every issue despite a lack of a consistant creative team in the last half dozen issues.

  8. After Free comic book day, it won’t be a light week for me for months. Seriously where the @#$% am I going to hide these boxes of discounted comics? Gonna be a while before I buy new stuff, but I’ll put those issues in my list anyway, can get them in back issues later.

  9. A S-M&W is very tempting, but i don’t want to add another book to my pull-list these days.  I hope to hear good things and will grab the eventual trade.

  10. Like Cobra Commander, I can’t take Snowjob seriously because of Robot Chicken. Great premise of a comic though. Hellboy should be loads of fun though, I love the full title for it:

    ‘Hellboy in Mexico, or Drunken Blur’