Light Week? Try 25 To Life #1, Star Wars: Dark Empire Trilogy, and 1 Month 2 Live #3

You're looking around, and feel like there must be more.  There has to be.  You need something new, and it must satisfy.  We're here in aid of your light week.

Josh says try:

25 To Life #1

By Eriq LaSalle, Doug Wagner, and Tony Shasteen

Peter Benton!  When will you finally let go and release the vice grip you have on your feelings? Just let it out! I know you've been hurt. I know your nephew died, but you've got to be strong.  Not just for your son, Reese, but also for Carter!  Can't you see they need you?  Don't push everyone away like you did Jeanie Boulet and Dr. Corday (who is now incidentally seeing the Doctor of all people).  Or maybe you know him as the Soul Glo guy.  Either way he's co-writing this comic book, and aren't you just a little curious?

Conor says try:

Star Wars: Dark Empire Trilogy

By Tom Veitch, Cam Kennedy, Jim Baikie, & Dave Dorman

I haven't read a ton of Star Wars comics in my day but I have read the Dark Empire Trilogy. Flash back to 1991. I was about to start high school and I was experiencing a Star Wars renaissance. 1991 was the year that Timothy Zahn's Star Wars: Heir To The Empire novel came out and almost single handedly revitalized the entire franchise; a franchise that had laid somewhat dormant for most of the late 80s for all but the most hardcore fans. That same year, Star Wars: Dark Empire came out from Dark Horse (the first Star Wars comic they published under their newly acquired license) and spun directly out of Zahn's "Grand Admiral Thrawn" Trilogy of books. It was an EU golden age for lapsed Star Wars fans like me. Honestly, without Heir To The Empire and Dark Empire, I probably would not have come back to Star Wars in such a big way. I haven't looked back since 1991. The comics themselves were great (still the best Star Wars comics that I've ever read), with a story that tied into the world that Timothy Zahn had created (Mara Jade!) and with wonderful, almost water color, art from Cam Kennedy.


Ron says try:

1 Month 2 Live #3

By Stuart Moore and Shane White

Every now and then, Marvel will have a mini-series that reminds you that they take place in "our" universe.  In the "real world."  This concept is taking place right now this month with a curious event that's been riding under the radar.  1 Month 2 Live #3 may be smack dab right in the middle of the series of 5 issues, but you see, it's been released weekly this month, so I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't go snag the first 2 issues from your local comic shop this week while you pick up issue #3, and you should.  Imagine if you found out you had one month left to live and at the same time were given powers.  How would you use that time? How would you use those powers.  This mini series explores that concept with a ton of heart and realism set inside a fantastic world.  This series is one that we're going to be talking about for a long time, and I don't want you to miss out, so pick up 1 Month 2 Live #3 this week and get on-board, trust me, it will be worth it.


  1. 1 month 2 live is the biggest surprise of the year for me. came out of nowhere and i love it more than anything I’ve read all year

  2. Cool suggestions. What’s with this recent spate of X amount of Ys to Z titles? Just this month we had 25 to Life, 5 Days to Die and 1 Month to Live all launch. (I was also under the impression the later was a name change cash grab from the heavily solicited 5 Days to Die)

    I absolutely love the Dark Empire Trilogy, for much the same reasons as Conor. Speaking of which, Conor did you ever listen to the Full Cast Audio Adaptations they did of the comics – well, two of them, because apparently three isn’t available outside of a special disc? They’re pretty damn good and almost straight word-for-word adaptations. (And the Dark Empire II FCAD even includes some "deleted" scenes to explain where Kam comes from at the Start of DEII.) As well, Bill Dee supplies his own voice. 

  3. I probably won’t be getting it this week, but I’m highly tempted to pick up that Dark Empire hardcover. The Star Wars EU is something that I haven’t touched in a very long time, as I remember reading Heir To The Empire when I was in 6th or 7th grade. This going to start a chain reaction and send me down a long dark road of Star Wars novels, I know it 🙂

  4. @Conor: Do you have to have read Heir to the Empire to appreciate Dark Empire?  If I was interested, should I read the Heir to the Empire trilogy prior to reading Dark Empire?

  5. dark empire is a prime example of pissing all over the star wars trilogy.

  6. @ctrosejr: It’s hard for me to say because I have read the books so the knowledge is so subconciously ingrained. I’d say you can probably read it without having read the books. I’m sure many people did.

  7. @PraxJarvin I have those, including Empire’s End, you’re right they are fantastic. Normally of course I’d rather read the book, but I put them on my iPod and listened at work, makes the day fly by. They also did adaptations of a bunch of the Tales of the Jedi comics, Dark Lords of the Sith etc… great fun.

  8. 1 month to live really is awesome. Glad to see it get some hype here. From a storytelling perspective, I’m actually liking it more than Marvels. It is shaping up to be the ultimate "average joe becomes a part of the greater marvel universe" story. Reminds me why I fell in love with Marvel in the first place. 

  9. If you enjoy the Dark Empire Trilogy I strongly suggest you give Star Wars Legacy a chance.  Both embrace the mythology and entertain.

    @ctrosejr – I don’t think you need to have read Heir to the Empire to enjoy Dark Empire.

    @Prax – I didn’t know those existed. I’ll have to hunt them down. 

  10. Man, Dark Empire really takes me back to the time I first read it when I was 16 years old.  I read it a couple of months before the Zahn novels and don’t think it affected my enjoyment.  Is this coming out in the same format as the Thrawn graphic adaptation collection from last Christmas, does anyone know (kind of a smaller but thick hardcover format)?  That too had some gorgeous art from Europeans Edvin Buikovic (sadly deceased) and Olivier Vatine, as well as the always excellent Terry Dodson (inked by Kevin Nowlan!)…well worth seeking out.

  11. the dark empire trilogy was freaking awesome. loved the art and the way the thrawn story was continued. it had so much more mythology and atmosphere to it then some certain prequel movies that sucked balls.

  12. They said at Star Wars Celebration in August that the Dark Empire collection was being released as a fund-raising effort for artist Cam Kennedy, who is currently fighting health issues.  Just thought I’d share that tid-bit.  It will look great next to my Thrawn trilogy apadtation.

  13. one 1 month to 2 live has been really interesting, two wasn’t as good as 1 to me but both highly recommended 

  14. DAVE MCKEAN CAGES TP (RES) (C: 0-1-2)

    pre-ordered the Dark Empire Hardcover.  Looking forward to reading the mofo.

    I’ll also be picking up the reprint of ‘Cages’ (Dave McKean).