Let’s face it, you’ve caught New Comics for 04/30/08 doing much worse than this.

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

This week I’m all about DC Universe #0, the $0.50 primer on the DCU leading into Final Crisis, and a double shot of Geoff Johns with Action Comics #864 and Green Lantern #30. I’m also hoping that The New Avengers #40 rights the Secret Invasion ship after the huge disappointment that was The Mighty Avengers #12.

Bonus Question: Which summer movie are you looking forward to the most?

The Dark Knight. As if there was any question.


  1. It’s a fairly light week for me.  The titles I’m looking forward to include:

    EX MACHINA #36
    BQ: Iron Man 


  2. I’m all about DC Universe #0 two, and only for $0.50!!! I’m alsow looking forward to Green Lantern #30 and Blue Beetle #26, I think the all Spanish issue is going to be interesting.


    BQ: The Dark Knight, but I must say Hancock with Will Smith looks a verry funny movie. 

  3. This was one of those scary weeks where I just kept clicking pull as I went down the list. 14 comics this week. Lookin forward to the conclusion of Ultimate Human; plus: DC Zero, Action Comics, Green Lantern, New Avengers, and Teen Titans Year One.

    Now if only present day Teen Titans was as good as Year One, but it has been getting a bit better. I’m just glad they’ve had a stable roster this arc.

    BQ: Definitely Dark Knight, but there are so many that its hard to not be excited for everything. May is gonna kick my ass.

  4. All indies for me this week.  Black Summer #6, Crawl Space #4, Proof #7, and finally, Local #11, can’t wait to read this one, though I have no idea where the story left off.

    BQ: The Dark Knight, probably going to reread some of my Batman books a couple weeks leading up to it, and really add to the anticipation.

  5. Light week for me, only 6 books. I’m really looking forward to Glamourpuss #1. Plu, I’m always excited when a new issue of Avengers: The initiative comes out. I think that is probably the most under-rated title in comics right now.

  6. missed the BQ. for me, it has to be Iron Man. Iron man was my absolute favorite character when i was a kid. While he no longer has the top spot, he’s easily in my top 4-5 still.  I am looking forward to this movie more than not only any movie this summer, but probably any movie EVER. I am filly prepared to hit the theater, and turn back into a 7 year old when the lights go down. So yeah, absolutely it’s Iron man for me. 

  7. All about DC Universe this week, but New Avengers looks good too.  Really looking forward to that.  I think this is my last issue of Teen Titans.  I’m sad about that.


    BQ: I wish I could say it was Hulk, but it’s not.  I want to see Iron Man really, really badly. 

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Action Comics

    Daredevil and the Kiss of the Spider-Woman (or whatever)


    DC Universe Zero

    New Avengers

    Green Lantern


    BQ:  Iron-Man, but after this weekend it all shifts to Hellboy II 

  9. Nice! Not alot of books this week for me, but all  of them I’m really looking forward to.


    Daredevil Blood of the Tarantula

    Green Lantern 30

    Dc Universe 0

    Secret Invasion #1

    and Mayyyyyyybe

    Thor Ages of Thunder 

     Bonus Question: I’m looking forward to Gotham Knights more then either one really, but I have high hopes for The Dark Knight.

    Iron Man….bahhh….. its all about GTA IV this week! 

  10. A pretty light one for me this week, which isn’t a bad thing.  I might be able to pick up a few back issues (like last week’s POW).  Most looking forward to New Avengers only because I’m an obsessive Jimmy Cheung whore.  And hopefully, the story will be pretty nice.  Like Conor, I look forward to the double dose of Johns this week, and strangely, I’m kind of excited about Elephantmen: War Toys #3…

    BQ:  I’m really looking foward to The Dark Knight the most, but Iron Man and Hellboy II are very, very close behind.  The only movies I’m really looking forward to this summer are the comic book movies for some strange reason.  Nothing else really looks all that great.

  11. Looks like at least 9 books, which is a lot for me — and ‘New Avengers’ isn’t going to be one of them unless someone convinces me I really need to read it.  But I might get the 50 cent DCU primer.  I guess I’m a bad Marvel fan this week.

    But lots of good stuff in what I am getting; looking sadly forward to the last issue of ‘the Order,’ and I’ll probably buy Fraction’s take on Thor, too.  Xmen: Legacy has been one of the most exciting books for me lately, and will I be foolish enough to pay $3.99 for a ‘Marvel Comics Presents’ anthology b/c there is one little story called ‘Cyclops and Wolverine go Hunting’?  Of course I will.  Also buying my LAST ISSUE EVER of Ultimate X-men.  Seriously, ifanbase, you need to hold me to that.

    BQ: As a fanatical Tony Stark fan, I have to say ‘Iron Man’; of course, I’m also a fanatical Harvey Dent fan — but, well, it comes down to the fact that I’ve seen good Batman movies before but Iron Man will be a new experience.  (There are other movies coming out this summer than those two?  I had no idea).

  12. Wow, looks like I’m only getting Noble Causes #33, so I might pick up the Buffy omnibus too. Although people keep telling me to jump on Green Lantern at the moment.

    BQ: It’s gotta be The Dark Knight, I couldn’t betray my avatar. Iron Man looks great, and I’m excited for Hulk, Wanted and Indy. But everything I’ve seen for TDK looks PERFECT! 

  13. A light week.  Most looking forward to DC Zero, Green Lantern, New Avengers, Noble Causes, Teen Titans Year One.

    Likely will drop Iron Fist after this week.

    BQ: Dark Knight first, then in no particular order: Iron Man, Indy 4, Hulk, Hancock, Get Smart.  And movies that I would be excited for if I didn’t think they were going to very disappointing: X-Files 2, Mummy 3, Tropic Thunder.

  14. i am looking forward to

    Action Comics #864, Teen Titans #58, Teen Titans Year 1 # 4, New Avengers # 40, DC: Universe 0, and the X-Men: Messiah Complex HC

    and the movie for the BQ is….. THE DARK KNIGHT!!

  15. DC Universe Zero

    Action Comics

    GTA 4! =D


    BQ — The Dark Knight. I don’t wanna get too amped for this, after being let down by SO many comic book movies … but it looks so damn good.

  16. Looking forward to DC Universe Zero, Green Lantern & Titans Year 1.  I’m gonna pick up Action Comics this week too and see what’s happening with Superman.  Only 5 books this week, just right.

    BQ: The Dark Knight….no question!! 

  17. Only seven books this week? Fantastic! I needed a light week… Jesus… I’m with Conor on all of his picks for the quality stuff… I’m not really un looking forward to anything… Solid week..

    BQ: Dark Knight, but Iron Man and Hellboy II are very, very close runner ups!

  18. Lotsa intriguing stuff this week – I’m not sure what to expect from Glamourpuss, or what new heights/depths of depravity XXXombies will deliver.

    BQ: Dark Knight, hands down – but I’m still gonna try to get to Iron Man this weekend. 

  19. This week I’m looking forward to Iron Man, after that its Speed Racer then Indiana Jones then Sex and the City in between that its Prince Caspian.. I can go on.. And that’s only for May. Its a fun filled movie summer for me. i don’t remember having that many movies I was looking for to..

    Anywho, I don’t know what a light week looks like anymore. I really don’t. 

    So many things i’m looking forward to.. Green Lantern, Glamourpuss DC Universe Zero.. Ay.. 

  20. Can’t wait for Green Lantern and New Avengers. Is Action Comics 864 a good place to jump on?

     BQ: Dark Knight

  21. I’ve got a large week and there’s a lot I’m looking forward to.

    Avengers: Initiative and New Avengers.

    Crawl Space

    Teen Titans: Year One (Thanks Conor and Ron for recommending this one. It’s been a really fun series so far and I’m loving the art.)

    Ultimate X-Men (Kirkman’s last issue)

    Youngblood 3 (late, but I’m still looking forward to it after the surpise ending of last issue).

    I’m looking forward to Iron Man the most. Looks like it will be a lot of fun. It was a toss up between that and the Dark Knight, but I heard Dark Knight came in at 3 hours long.

  22. @wingsfan757 – I think so.  It’s not the middle of an arc.

  23. Looking forward to GL, of course DC Universe, a new arc on Action, and Jim Cheung on New Avengers.

     BQ: Iron Man

  24. Good to see Local coming out again. How ’bout that Kevin Maguire cover on Action Comics?

  25. I love Kevin Maguire.

  26. It’s like super-awesome DC fun time this week. All the Johns stuff and DCU Zero w/ Gmo might as well be the only books this week. NA #40? Eh, not too into the Skrull politics that this issue’s supposed to be about.

    BQ: The Dark Knight followed closely by Indy 4 

  27. New Avengers

    Action Comics

    Green Lantern

    BQ: The Dark Knight of course, followed by Hancock 

  28. I always look forward to New Avengers; hopes are high.

    I look forward to the too-soon end to The Order, in a way.

    I look forward to the inexorable, pitiless slog of Iron Fist, in the hope that something, anything will happen. (Xao and Hydra have kidnapped Jeryn to build a death train to Kun Lun. Q: Have I just described #13 or #1? A: Both, and every issue in between!)

    X-Men Legacy, three issues in, is teetering on the bubble already.

    BQ: I spent years thinking of Indiana Jones 4 as unnecessary, but I find myself getting eager as it approaches. Still, Iron Man is the one to beat.

  29. What a mercifully light week.  It’s like Diamond said, "Look Becca’s buying furniture this weekend, let’s give her a break."  Thank you Diamond, much appreciated.

     Teen Titans Y1 and Jack of Fables.

     DCU 0 looked like crap from the preview, but hey.  50 cents.  So what can you do?

  30. Green Lantern

    BQ:  Indy 4.  Is every one else not old enough to remember seeing the previous three in the movie theaters?  They WERE the event movies… God Im old.  They should have re-released the first one right now to amp up publicity for this one.  Ford, Spielberg, Lucas-cant go wrong.

  31. @freakzilla – The second and third ones, yes.

  32. Looking forward to New Avengers, Countdown, Action Comics, GL, Local (man, I’ve been jonesing for this), Crawlspace, another Noble Causes (so soon, too), Glamourpuss, TT:YO – lots of promising books this week.

    Don’t forget – Free Comic Book Day Saturday – I usually use it as an excuse to score some extra cash off the missus and make the rounds to the shops I don’t always go to. And try to turn on some others to comics as well, of course.

    And if I can get my hands on that lesbian alien kidnap thing, it’ll be a bonus.

  33. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Looking forward to Immortal Iron Fist and New Avengers.

    BQ: The Dark Knight just barely beats out Hellboy II. 

  34. DC Universe #0 will blow my mind. I can feel it. After re-reading Morrison’s JLA Classified and Mister Miracle and Johns’ SCW this week, my anticipation for Final Crisis is sky high.

    My pull list: 

    Action Comics #864
    Dc Universe Zero
    Glamourpuss Comics Ed #1
    Green Lantern #30
    Kabuki Reflections #10
    Legion Of Super Heroes #41
    Local #11
    Teen Titans #58
    Teen Titans Go #54
    Teen Titans Year One #4

    BQ: Wall-E

  35. @freakzilla — Oh, Lord, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ was the second movie i went to that wasn’t a Disney cartoon.  The first one was Superman 2.  I didn’t have a blessed clue what was going on in ‘Raiders,’ though; not like that awesome guy with the tights and the cape. 

    God, I am old. 

  36. can’t wait for Action Comics and Green Lantern.

    On a side note: Hey, conor, did ya’ see the podcast review you guys got in SFX magazine. I found out from the wordballon podcasts. Awesome to see you guys become big.

  37. @mypistola – Yes, I/we did.  It was extremely cool and quite surprising.

  38. what on earth is so wrong with X-Men Legacy?! has there just been too much X-Men? we were all in it for Messiah Complex and then it kinda stalled. sure there’s a lot of crap but this thing goin on between Charles and Eric right now is remarkable. it’s a blessing to have more marvel than dc on my list once in a while.

    in case you didn’t know: the reason mighty avengers weren’t in their own book is because they were pre-occupied in the initiative book. that’s a good thing and all the more reason you should be reading it. support new characters!!!

    bq: speed racer may not be the best movie but it’s sure as hell going to be fun to watch. that being said, dark knight’s the one. i knew conor and i would agree on something eventually

  39. Weird week.  Weird.

    BQ: Indy – that being said there are a lot of exciting things this summer.  But nothing more exciting than Jones.  I’m not saying it will be the best – I’m just answering the BQ here.

    @freakzilla – I saw them in the theatre, too.  I was young for Raiders, but I was there.

  40. Looking forward to Glamourpuss the most! Going out on a limb here, but i see Mr. Sim being Ron’s POW!?

    That said, other exciting stuff:

    DC Universe Zero , GL #30, Action, Avengers Initiative, Teen Titans, The Order, Crawlspace XXXombies, JSA Classified, LOSH, Uncle Sam, Marvel Comics Presents (Great anthology title apparently i’m about the only one reading!), some Green Lama stuff, Helen Killer (!!!!) and some comic about Lesbian Pirates or something (OK, i pull out of curiosity, but you gamble a bit when you order your comics online!)

    BQ: Sigh…married with children limits my movies these days, but for the kiddies i’m looking forward to Wall-E and Speed Racer. But i’m most excited about Indy 4, but will undoubtedly love Dark Knight and even Iron Man. Hulk…meh…didn’t see the first one….. 

  41. Books I’m looking forward to in alphabetical order:

    Crawl Space Xxxombies #4

    DC Universe #0

    Green Lantern #30

    Noble Causes#33

    Teen Titans Year One #4(This one seemed to take some time to come out)

    BQ: Dark Knight hands down, although the new Hulk movie does not look to bad.

  42. Too many great books this week!  Local, Black Summer, New Avengers, Youngblood (can’t believe I’m actually excited for this), a Thor book by Fraction!  But really, Glamourpuss has got to be my most anticipated.


    BQ: Too many!  Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Dark Knight, Wall-E… Not in that order.  After watching the other three over the last two weekends, I guess I have to go with Indy.

  43. Not a great deal of books this week although what there is I am really looking forward to.


    New Avengers #40

    Action Comics 864

    Avengers Initative #12 (Im hoping this booki is going to start having resonance within the marvel universe now that they are starting a new arc)

    DC Universe Zero

    Green Lantern #30

    Teen Titans #58 (this book has gone down hill a bit but it still has potential)

     B.Q.: Its got to be Dark Knight

  44. New Avengers #40

     DC Universe O

    Thor: Ages of Thunder

    Ultimate X-men 93

    Crawl Space XXXombies 4

     B.Q.: Dark Knight, with Indiana Jones nipping at its heels.

  45. Any week with Green Lantern is good in my book. I am also looking forward to picking up the Messiah Complex hard cover since I missed out on reading the issues.

  46. Pretty excited about the Daredevil & Thor Specials this week, and sad to see The Order has officially ended.

    BQ: Iron Man or The Dark Knight – too close to call, but this is gonna be a great summer for movies.

  47. Looking forward to New Avengers, Proof and Green Lantern.

    BQ: Of coarse I’m excited for DK, Iron Man, & Indiana Jones, but I think the sleeper hit for me is going to be X-Files: I Want to Believe…I sure do.

  48. Avengers Initiative 12

    New Avengers 40

    New Warriors 11

    The Order 10

    X-Men Legacy 210

    That’s a fairly average to light week, I think. Really sucks that this is the last issue of The Order, too. 

    BQ: Iron Man is the movie I’m most excited about this summer. 

  49. Only Ultimate Human for me this week. Next week however looks to be a HUGE week.

  50. Unless I’ve missed some, this will be the smallest week I’ve had in months.  Which is quite good considering I spent WAY too much at the Pittsburgh Comicon over the weekend.  I was able to get my hands on Justice League of America #111 (Vol 1), which features the first appearance of Libra, the baddie for FC.  Also over the weekend, I listened to the DC Comics podcasts from NYCC.  And if I got anything out of those, it was that i’m PSYCHED for Final Crisis,  Hence, the book I cannot wait for this week is

    DC Universe Zero – Morrison & Johns setting the new tone of the DCU!  Are you kidding me?  It’s $.50?!?!  Anyone that doesn’t pick this book up should have their head examined!

    Also, looking forward to Action Comics #864 & Green Lantern #30.

    BQ:  The Dark Knight!!!!!!!  "WHY SO SERIOUS?!?!"

  51. Man this is a big week for me: Dc Universe 0, Green Lantern, Thor, New Avengers, Avengers: Initiative, Ultimate Human, Legion of Superheroes.

    But I wondered what everyone is thinking of New Warriors. The art to me is awesome but the story totally bores. What ya think?

    BQ: The Dark Knight by far.

  52. Just DCU 0 and Blue Beetle but I think I may take the opportunity to check out Action Comics, as well. All this positive buzz and what seems to be a regular schedule have certainly got me interested and those Maguire covers don’t hurt, either.

    BQ: Dark Knight by a TKO.

  53. New Averngers #40
    Action Comics #864
    DC Universe Zero
    Iron Fist #14
    Ultimate Human #4
    Order #10
    Marvel Comics Presents #8

    I’m looking forward to Dark Knight the most, Iron Man is a close 2nd place.

  54. DC Universe #0, Action, Green Lantern, TTY1 and New Avengers.  I’ve swtiched to trades for all my Marvels (with the exception of the Bendis books, which I just can’t wait for) so I’ll be getting the Thor and X-Men HCs as well as the latest BPRD trade.

    BQ–Dark Knight and Hellboy II are at the top of my list, but I’m hoping for big things from Indy, Iron Man, Hulk and Speed Racer.

  55. I’ll be honest.  I’m shocked to see so many pulls for ACTION COMICS.  All the talking up of the last arc must h ave paid off.  Geoff Johns owns the pull list this week.

  56. @freakzilla – Couple years too young for Raiders, but Temple was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre! And it scared the shit out of me. I loved it! Saw Crusade 3 times in it’s opening weekend.

  57. Raiders and Clash of the Titans opened on the same night and were playing the same theatre back in 1981 (I was 13).  Me and my 2 best friends were dropped off for the 7pm Clash and then got back in line for the 9pm Raiders before going back to my house.  Needless to say, it was the GREATEST MOVIE NIGHT EVER.   We were babbling all the way home and well into the night.

  58. Forgot the BQ in my comment yesterday. Indie for sure.

  59. This may be the first time that I’m picking up all of the top 5 most pulled books (also getting Elephantmen: War Toys #3).

    Especially looking forward to the Johns DC books. I’m jumping back onto Action after jumping off for the Legion arc, as I’m really excited to see what Johns and Robinson have in store for Superman.