Lego Joker Killing Joke Speech

We're ever so slightly late on this, but if you missed it like we did, take a gander.  What we've got here is a very well voice-acted and shot recreation of Joker's speech from Alan Moore's Killing Joke, as performed by Legos.  There's definitely a Mark Hamill influence to the voice, and I think we can agree that there is nothing wrong with that at all.  This also shows you how good Moore's dialog was, even several decades back.


  1. Wow.  Well done.  This speech would’ve worked very well in The Dark Knight.  I can hear it coming out of Heath Ledger’s mouth.  Moore’s dialog is indeed incredible.

  2. That’s why The Killing Joke is still so good and sells so well to this day. Dialog and great storytelling.

  3. @ccarney-Taking nothing away from the dialog and storytelling, you cannot discount the brilliance of Bolland’s art in the work.  A good case can be made that it is some of the best of the era without dipping into hyperbole.

  4. Screw Nolan, this guy should direct the next Bat-film. 😛

  5. Wow! And now I’m gonna reread TKJ.

  6. Must admit, I thought this was silly when I read the title. But… damn…

  7. Whoever did the voice needs to take over for Hamill in animation

  8. Don’t let Alan Moore see this!

  9. Not sure how far I was into watching this before I realized I was holding my breath…

  10. So AWESOME!!!

  11. @Mister j Absolutely brilliant art. Makes the whole thing come to life.

  12. Bloody brilliant. The voice acting was on spot. Wishing they did the comic in it’s entirety 

  13. Wow! That’s absolutely fantastic! I think even Alan Moore would be proud of that adaption. And when Hamill retires give that guy the job!

  14. Great job bringing one of th best speeches in comics to Lego Life!

  15. Funny, I just read that comic a few days ago. Great re-creation!