LeBron James Signs Exclusive Contract With DC Comics

LeBron James

CLEVELAND—In the latest in a slew of recent exclusive deals, LeBron James has shocked the basketball community by passing up lucrative offers from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls to sign an exclusive 5-year contract with comic book publisher DC Comics.

James had been courted by a number of publishers since becoming a free agent last week, with Marvel Comics offering James full control of the Avengers and X-Men franchises and Image Comics proposing a trade for Robert Kirkman.  Ultimately, it was the allure of the Green Lantern Corps that found James a home at DC.

"There were a lot of teams I could sign with to finally get a championship ring, but in the end, the only one place i could go to get a Power Ring was at DC Comics," said James in a live press conference held at Carol and John's Comics.  "I think I've shown that willpower won't be a problem for me, either."

This signing marks the third in as many weeks for DC Comics, home of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, following on the heels of Paul Cornell and Jeff Lemire as they too joined the ranks of DC-exclusive creators.  DC Comics Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee jointly issued a statement on welcoming James to their team: "We couldn't be more thrilled to add such a great talent as LeBron to the center of our roster.  We expect the hard work and leadership he showed on the basketball court to be a natural fit in writing and drawing the exploits of the world's greatest superheroes."

Speculation last week had James signing with DC's chief competitor Marvel Comics after Uncanny X-Men writer Matt Fraction announced over Twitter that "LeBron has signed with the X-Men," although it appears now that scoop was slightly premature.

ESPN analyst Jalen Rose found the signing particularly vexing, but noted the cable sports network would continue to provide round-the-clock coverage of James, including late-night Booster Gold writing sessions, and LeBron's appearance at Comic-Con International in San Diego later this month.

"We are in the LeBron James business, whether he's sinking threes or revising layouts on a Justice League Europe relaunch," said Rose.  "I mean the guy is a triple threat; he writes, draws, and letters all his own work.  You don't seem many guys coming to a big publisher with those kind of skills without honing their craft in the NCAA."

President Obama, a noted Spider-Man fan, was disappointed that James chose the "Distinguished Competition" over the "House of Ideas."

"I think the president believed [LeBron] was more of a 'Marvel guy,' and had hoped they might have the opportunity to 'team-up' in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man," said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs.  The White House confirmed the President was now in talks with newly signed Chicago Bull forward Carlos Boozer regarding a Heroes For Hire pitch he has been kicking around the Oval Office.

In other exclusive news, James' own mother, Gloria James, and former Cavaliers teammate Delonte West have both signed 2-year exclusive contracts with Top Cow.


  1. James always said it’s about getting that ring. LMAO!!!

  2. "There were a lot of teams I could sign with to finally get a championship ring, but in the end, the only one place i could go to get a Power Ring was at DC Comics" —quote of the day. Made this sports fan laugh. =)

    Don’t forget that DC and Powerade already made a Lebron Comic …. 

  3. Wait…he writes & draws comics? When did this happen?!?!?!

  4. Oh man, I had my Delonte West joke all planned out, but you snuck one in with the last sentence.  Well played, sir.

  5. okay – we are waaaayyy past april, so what’s with this fake story? i don’t get it. I mean, of course I know who LeBron James is, but what’s this to do with comics?

  6. Wade’s nickname is The Flash…just sayin’

  7. Random comment in which I appear to not understand sarcasm and then get angry about a humorous news story on a website dedicated to news about funnybooks!

  8. This made me laugh. Thank you for this. 

  9. Well done!


  10. So what you’re saying is that Lebron is playing John Stewart in the Green Lantern film.  Excellent!  He already has the hair for the part.

    (Or he could be playing Guy Gardner or Kyle if DC is willing to ignore race.  I’d love to see Guy in that film.) 

    Perhaps Wade could play Gardner and Bosh could play Kyle.  Dream team. 

  11. @kenzaburo—There’s a big world out there besides comics. Today is a pretty huge day in sports and economics. Lebron James is going to finally end the free agency craziness and commit to a team. 4 or 5 cities and millions of people will be pissed off at his choice. Every person with a pulse has an "inside source" as to where Prince James will wind up. The Twitter-verse has been out of control with exclusive "BREAKING NEWS!" about it…thats the parody…

  12. Well done sir.  An excellent comics spoof on the whole craze.  

    As someone who lives in Cleveland, I am astounded at what a big deal every makes of this one man. Yes, he’s a great basketball player, but there are people here who talk like our city will implode if he leaves.  If he does leave, the city will finally see the sun again because his ego won’t blot out light anymore. 

  13. Hilarious stuff good sir.

    Stuff like this makes me hate sports more then I should. Where does this get off putting a 1 hour special just to announce his team? The greats like Jordan, Bird, Magic, and others never did this kind of shit. They just went on the court and won championships. Need I remind everyone that Lebron has won SQUAT since joining the league.

  14. @Neb You do know though that if he leaves, your city is in trouble?

    Actually help yourself out here. Seriously tell me what to do in Cleveland cause that vacation video in Youtube didn’t really help.

  15. It’s all about the rings!

  16. @neb–all those restaurants and businesses that sprung up around the Q because the Cavs were a legitimate contender are not going to be doing so well if Lebron leaves and the Cavs go back to being a lottery team. 

    I read an article that said the local Cleveland economy will take a $30 million hit if Lebron leaves. Its the equivalent of a major corporation or factory leaving a city. 

  17. This shit cracked me up! Guess we will find out in his f’n "one hour press conference".

    I understand the need to build up hype…. but c’mon.

  18. Did Lebron also have a secret meeting with Cornell and Lemire to hash out who would go where?  hehe 

  19. Thanks Guardians, this soap opera ends tonite. How about an article ‘Top 10 comics’ Players or a Dc vs Marvel best athlete?

  20. @wally and TNC~  Cleveland may not be the the greatest city, but we have a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, restaurants, and good ole’ midwestern livin’.  I’m not going to do the Visitor’s Center promotion here. 

    While LeBron leaving will have an impact on the areas around the Q, don’t count Cleveland fans out.  We had one of the worst football teams last year, and they consistently filled the stands there, and it has about 40,000 more seats than the Q.  The area around the Q has been really spruced up, and it has a fairly lively community down there now that aren’t necessarily Cavs fans.  Also, if this means lower ticket prices, then they’ll have no problem filling the arena. I think the city will take a bit of a hit, but if the city does a nice job of attacting people downtown for food and fun, then his leaving won’t be too impactful.  Then again, I could be missing more of the bigger picture.

  21. @Neb: Well your basketball community will pretty much be dead. Sure the lower ticket prices might help, but seriously….Why would anyone want to see the Cavs with no Lebron or even Shaq?

  22. LeBron James is mine all mine!!! MineMineMine

    sorry I has a Larfleeze moment there 🙂 But yes he has signed to the Miami Heat and we(the entire city of Miami) can not be more happy. Welcome to Miami GL LeBron you will not want to leave!

  23. I hope his plane crashes

  24. I would like to see Maimi not win the Championship it would be cool to see Lakers Vs Celtics again.

    @ Hunter  you can have LBJ and his crackhead mom.

    @ Neb  the good   "ole’ midwestern livin’ " line had me lmao.

    @ TNC  Nobody gives a crap about Shaq, the NETS would not even want him.


  25. @Reform It’s Huntress and don’t start talking about peoples Momma!

  26. @reform–i wanted Shaq on the Celtics so we could call him "The Big Shamrock" haha

  27. Sorry Huntress  I had sore eyes from watching ESPN I am sorry I called you Hunter but, as far as LBJ’s momma you will see for yourself, when she gets around the good dope in Maimi she will have a relapse worse the Eminem.

      LeBron should of asked his dad for advice oh wait thats right oops nevermind.

     @WALLEY  if Shaq could help any team it would Boston good call, Shamroq?