Leaked Chris Evans Stunt Double Pics From CAPTAIN AMERICA

Suddenly, and all over the internet, we find ourselve faced with the first substantial picture leaks from the set of Captain America: The First Avenger.


These Captain America stunt double pictures are everywhere. You can find them here and here, for instance. Quite predicatably, people on the internet have been freaking out about the Captain America costume in the pictures. "No!" you say. Yes, yes, it's true. The thing is, they shouldn't freak out. Even a cursory glance at the pictures reveals that the stunt double doesn't appear to be wearing the actual costume, but a modified and simplified version for the, most likely, wide angle stunt work. It's enough of the costume to look authentic from afar or in the midst of heavy action. But this doesn't appear to be the actual the costume. So chill, screeching internet people. At least until we see a picture of Chris Evans wearing a costume.

To me, the most interesting thing about these pictures are the ones that don't feature Cap, but the Hydra agents. That's some bad ass stuff. Combined with the photos of the V-E day celebrations that have previously come out and you've got an art direction that I'm really digging. It's starting to look like the director of The Rocketeer was the perfect choice for Captain America.


  1. Those HYDRA agents need more green (and yellow) in their diet.

  2. Once again, iFanboy is the site to go to for the non-reactionary story.

    It’s clearly a motorcycle suit with the some of the details just spray painted on.

  3. i hate this

     i didn’t look at the other pics and don’t want to but i hate this. i just realized i hate everything though 

  4. Seriously.  The phrase "stunt double" should make people pause.  Dude needs to stay safe.  There’s pads on and under the costume; functional instead of the super shiny duds evans will be dawning.  It will all be okay.

    I love the look of it as well, the sort of period style but slightly tweeked into the fantastic.  It’s lovely. 

    Also, when I am rich I will own a replica of that car.

  5. Okay one more thing.  The excitement over the wings on that first site made me laugh. 

  6. The hood ornament on the car is a Hydra logo.  Nice.  🙂

    The agents and their motorcycles look great.  As does the Hydramobile.  The stunt double suit: not so great, but I’ll keep hope alive until I see the real costume.  

  7. I totally agree that the extra padding and wierd halloween mask the stuntman is wearing makes it obvious its for protection and to be shot at a wide angle…so maybe a crash and burn or something is at the end of this scene?

    Those Hydra agents look cool. I completely forgot that Johnston was directing this. He’s a really good director and The Rocketeer was such an amazingly underrated movie (Don’t open movies within the same genre against Indiana Jones)…that changes my expectations. 

  8. Uuugh, I hate peoples’ reactions to this.

    Also, one article I saw about the story said the Hydra bikes had the Red Skull’s symbol on it… Right, whatever.

  9. Hot diggity damn.

  10. The design looks awesome.  So far, this movie is looking great.

  11. Ummmm…I don’t know why people would freak out.  It’s supposed to be 1945.  I wouldn’t expect CA to be wearing lycra spandex or microfiber anyway.  The whole point is to make it iconic, but low tech so that he can get his superhero costume later.

  12. That doublt is pretty lucky. I heard that sometimes Evans lets him do the wide shots when he feels like getting blazed back in his Winnie.

  13. Stunt doubles?!?!?1 You mean Chris doesn’t ride bikes and kicks ass? That he didn’t really do that skate board thingy? What a let down. I guess his possie of doubles do most of his work, even beat his rivals. I’m hurt. This is not America.


    PS: still love u Chris.

  14. When I looked at this pic, I thought of one thing… Captain America movies from 1979-1980. Ah, the classic scene where Captain "throws" the motorcycle over the wall. (If you have not seen it, Youtube it) Haha. I needed a good laugh.

  15. Does anyone else think its strange that Cap’s shield would have scratches and scuffs on it?  That better be the pre-vibranium shield, or they better explain that it has been coated with a non-invulnerable aerodynamic glaze.



  16. It’s got an old 40’s movie serial feel, which I think is appropriate. This has me excited!

  17. Not worried about the stunt Cap pics, everything looks good.  The Hydra agents on the motorcycles look awesome but for some reason remind me of Cobra agents.  This gives me an idea. When can we have a Cap/S.H.I.E.L.D. and G. I. Joe crossover. I’d love to see them team up to take on a joint effort of Hydra and Cobra.

  18. Neat….Also, looks to be a stunt costume for protection…..This should be a fun movie…..

    Bucky, please.

  19. How gorgeous is that motorcycle??  I love the look.

  20. he may do some of his own stunts, but what if this scene ends in an explosion? Hence the padding. This will either be Raiders or Crystal Skull…with Marvel Studio’s current record, I’m banking on Raiders. 🙂

  21. Even though a lot of us realize that it’s a stunt costume, it would probably save Marvel a lot of trouble if they just released an official shot of the official costume.  (A real photograph, not a render).

     It would shut a lot of people up.

  22. omgomgomgomg


    I’m so excited. SO EXCITED. I feel like a kid waiting for this to come out.

  23. I have really enjoyed seeing all the preview stuff for both of the next two Marvel movies.  Just first rate stuff all around. 

    My only wish is that the Hydra troops were decked out in some olive drab with yellow-brown accents instead of black leather.  That would have given a nod to the comics and remained realistic at the same time.  But that is just a nitpick.

  24. I love that motorcycle.

    I believe he’s supposed to go through several iterations of the costume. Also what looks good on film sometimes looks really crappy in real life. You just can’t know. 

  25. What the hell… the stunt double looks pathetic. Can Marvel do anything right? The dude got a beer gut overlapping the belt. This is another disaster in the making; a waste of $200 million dollars production. Why can’t they give some pictures worth seeing rather then some fat dude with double chin. How the heck the is the rest of the movie gonna be like when these are the best teaser pictures they can come up with. Joe Johnson better make Cap a badass, kick some Nazi but instead of getting slap around by the Red Skull.

  26. Its the 40’s, chill. OCD wasn’t discovered yet and forums like these didn’t exist. Now go find a girlfriend or lad magazine.

  27. The costume may look a little silly in that photo but check how awesome the bike is. come on

     for some stupid reason, i’m not allow to mount shotgun holsters on my motorbike

  28. @hellblazer101 how are you gonna fit in the theatre seat with all those layers of haterpants on?

  29. The pic shown here, makes it looks really bad. REALLY bad.

    But the rest looks good to me. I would like to have seen some green for Hydra, but it seemed obvious they would need some type of update. 

  30. Wait a minute… why would Chris Evans be chasing them on a bike anyway? Couldn’t he just burst into flames and fly after the bad guys?

  31. Actually I just thought of this and excuse me if someone already mention this.

    If the director is right, then he’s going to include the Invaders in this film in some way. So that means there could be the original Human Torch in this? But Evans is Cap so he can’t be the old school Torch……but that means he’s gonna interact with a character he’s (sorta) done and….

    *head explodes* 

  32. @TNC–Chris Evans is the new Peter Sellers. He’ll play every character on the Invaders team causing masses of fanboys head’s to collectively explode which will have a ripple effect through the space time continuum…or something. 

    I just realized that stuntman wasn’t wearing a protective michael myers style facemask…thats one pale looking dude.  

  33. I wonder…when the F4 Human Torch is ultimately recast in the new movies, will suckas still be making lame Chris Evans jokes?