Justice Society of America in SMALLVILLE Trailer

This week’s Smallville ended with the trailer for the Justice Society of America two-hour movie that is set for after the holiday break.

Originally we were told that the episode would feature Hawkman, Dr. Fate and Stargirl but there is clearly some Sandman and Alan Scott action going on in that trailer. Not to mention a badass big oil painting of a Geoff Johns-style giant Justice Society of America team.

This is exciting!


  1. *shrieks like a girl*


    When does this thing air!!!????

  2. What TNC said!

  3. WOW I wasn’t expecting that.  Now we need an HD version so we can make out who all is in that picture.

  4. @TNC Didn’t it say… January 22?

    Very cool. Oh, Geoff Johns. 

  5. Definite green ring at eight seconds in.

    Also looks like Jay is in the middle of the painting in the back.  Definitely a red shirt, looks something like either gray hair or a metal helmet and possibly a yellow streak on his shirt.

  6. I want that painting at the end.

  7. @MisterJ: Jay is definitely in the painting.

  8. WESLEY DODDS!?!?!?!?!


  10. if they include them thats three of my top five jsa only missing flash and hourman

  11. Not a huge Smallville fan by any means, but I can’t WAIT to see this… =D

  12. I don’t even watch SMALLVILLE but I can’t wait for this. Thanks for posting!

  13. Dr. Fate & his golden helmet kicks ASS

  14. Woooo!! Sandman!!!! Can’t wait for this episode.


  15. I quit Smallville over a year ago, but I’m totally gonna watch this! Looks awesome!

  16. It’s the guy from Dead Like Me!  I wonder who he plays

  17. Holy Shit he’s ZOD!?  I may have to start watching Smallville.

  18. Dr. Fate!! The only thing that would make me happier right now is if they include Wild Cat!

  19. @bommergirl It looks like he’s in the painting next to the original Star Spangled Kid

  20. at second 13 is that dead sandman

  21. @boomergirl not to mention there’s what looks like a boxing ring of some sort in the teaser. 

  22.  I can’t wait for January 22nd!!!!! Geofff Johns+Smallville+JSA=Pure Awesome!!!! I’ve watched this show from season 1 til now and the only weak seasons have been 4and8. 8 featured Doomsday and man they really built him up to be this huge threat to Clark and Co. and he doesn’t even kill anybody except for poor Jimmy and that was just his human side that killed him. Season four was Witches need I say more. Season 4 at least had Clark as Kal-El Flying in the season opener and Impulse,Aquaman,and Mxyplytk and Lois Lane as a series regular and Season four ended with The Fortress of Solitude!!! 🙂 B

  23. bad news smallville jsa is airing the 5th of febuary

  24. I really don’t like this show, but I’m all over this episode.

  25. i just crapped my pants and jizzd hard

  26. Geoff’s Legion episode was outstanding. If this gets anywhere near that, it should be really good.

  27. Is that painting done by Alex Ross? It sure looks like his style.

  28. Geoff Johns confirmed yesterday that the painting is by Green Lantern cover artist Rodolfo Migliari.

  29. I haven’t watched this show in about 4 or 5 years, but I’m on board for this one. Awesome-ness to ensue.

  30. Alan Scott and Wesley fucking Dodds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. original mr. terrific!

  32. PICS!

    Dr. Fate and Stargirl!

    Hawkman vs Green Arrow!

     The cosmic converter belt is a lot less bulky than it should be but even Johns favors her using the cosmic rod over it now a days so I understand why they would downplay it.