‘Justice League: The New Frontier’ – First Trailer!

Nothing else gets the folks in the iFanboy offices more excited than the upcoming animated movie Justice League: the New Frontier based on Darwyn Cooke’s excellent series, DC: The New Frontier.

Here is the latest trailer that actually shows the heroes in action:

This is, as they say in the business, “the shit.”
How great does this look? We may be rabid fanboys, but this has the makings to be one of the best animated releases in a long time.


  1. That looks wicked. Wow.

  2. This trailer just reminds me that New Frontier is the only book I’ve ever read where Hal Jordan came across as a real, likeable, deep character.

  3. That looks f’n awesome!! I was on board with this from the start, but it looks like I’ll have to dig out my issues to give it another read.

  4. Despite some unfinished shots *why even put those in there?) that was freakin’ awesome. I’m so excited for this I can’t even tell you guys and gals.

  5. Great trailer…there’s also a featurette on youtube. Great Stuff, very exciting.

    (( Speaking of trailers you should check http://www.hellboymovie.com for the new Hellboy trailer))

  6. I can’t wait. It looks amazing. Consider it pre-ordered…

    By the way, the new Hellboy looks pretty narly as well!

  7. I am so exited about this and the fact that down stairs is a gift that looks very like an Absoulte New Fronter from my girlfriend

  8. The little featurette that was posted a few months back was really hyping this project up, & it’s looking like one of the few times someone wasn’t just talking. It’s really as though panels in the book have come to life, I can’t wait.

  9. when does this come out again?…

  10. February 26, 2008

  11. havent got no surf board but i think your alright.