Josh Guests On Ink Panthers Podcast

They’ll be damned if they talk about comics, but in this week’s episode of the Ink Panther’s Podcast, Josh joined the panel to talk about celebrity meetings, awkward children’s entertainment and Six Flags Great Adventure. 

The Ink Panthers Podcast features cartoonists Mike Dawson (Freddie and Me, Ace Face) and Alex Robinson (Too Cool To Be Forgotten, Box Office Poison) talking about pretty much whatever, except comics and cartooning, and it must be said, they’re really funny.


  1. now i have something to listen to at work this evening. 

  2. rawr?

  3. I would sincerely like to know who created that image.  I need someone to design some birth announcements.

  4. Josh, the link in the first setence brings us (or me at least) to episode eighty of your video show instead to the ink panthers site. I don’t think it’s intended.

  5. Fixed!

  6. Thanks for the heads up. Downloading now.

  7. I’m thoroughly disturbed by that picture.. and yet… curious… well played Mr. Flanagan, well played.

  8. Is it rude to make a comparison with Smodcast? (I very enjoyed it by the way.)

  9. I can tell you that not a one of us have ever listened to a Smodcast. 

    But I took that in the best possible way.  Thanks.

  10. @Josh – Smodcast is occasionally very enjoyable and occasionally very boring, but always a bit strange.  It has become increasingly odd as Mr. Smith has increased his marijuana usage.

    This podcast seemed more focused and useful than most Smodcasts.  It was interesting to hear some of the technical stuff there at the beginning. 

  11. @Josh: You should I enjoy the Smodcast, even though Smith persona tends to overdo it sometimes due to the aforementioned heavy use of marijuana. Which is funny a couple a times, but makes you feel bad like spending money on a Libertines ticket when Doherty was having dinner with Buddha.

    However, I just wanted to draw that comparison since the show featured similiar aspects of Smodcast. Firstly, two creators, who work in the same business, talking each other. Topics revolving with daily lives of said creators instead of information about their creative process. And lastly, New Jersey. 

  12. Fun!  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks for giving me yet another podcast to follow.  With Ron appearing on Around Comics a few weeks ago and now this, looks like Conor has some catching up to do.

    And hey, I just recommended FREDDIE AND ME to my British sister-in-law who now lives in America and is a reading teacher.  She’s really excited to check it out.  So, thanks iFanboy and, especially, Mike Dawson!