Join Dash Shaw and BODYWORLD at the Isotope in SF and more!


Dash Shaw, the amazing graphic novelist behind Bottomless Belly Button, has got a new book called Bodyworld and is in the midst of a whirlwind, around the world tour of fine book stores all over the map.  After kicking it off with an appearance at MoCCA in New York, Shaw will be appearing in San Francisco at the Isotope on Tuesday, April 27 at 7 PM.

Bodyworld looks to be another amazing work by Shaw, challenging the format of a traditional graphic novel with it's innovative design.  Continuing with his strong body of work, Shaw's Bodyworld checks in with a solid entry into the running of best graphic novels of 2010.

Check out the information about the event in San Francisco at the Isotope on Tuesday, 4/27 and you can RSVP on Facebook.

Tune in and Turn on with Dash Shaw @ the Isotope
Come celebrate Dash Shaw’s new darkly-exhilarating, mind-altering, genre-expanding graphic novel BODYWORLD at the Isotope on April 27, 2010, 7-11pm.
BODYWORLD presents a dystopian future in which the Hunter S. Thompson of botanists, Professor Paulie Panther, descends on the bucolic Boney Borough to research a newly discovered psychedelic alien plant that induces telepathic body-swaps when smoked. Shaw, the well-known comics visionary behind BOTTOMLESS BELLY BUTTON, THE UNCLOTHED MAN, and MOTHER’S MOUTH, bends the genre even further this time as his art dives head-first into the psychotropic experiences of his characters. Neither his characters, nor the reader will come out the same.
Come take the head-trip that is BODYWORLD with us!
Tune in and Turn on with Dash Shaw @ the Isotope
Tuesday, April 27th
21 and over please.
Never a cover.


  1. Didn’t love this enough to finish it.  I like Shaw’s style, and his Fuck Conventions attitude, but this top binding was obtrusive, and the story seemed really flat for something that involves psychedelics; also, that description of the sport that he invented was way too complex to hold my interest.

    Loved Bottomless Belly Button, though.

  2. Jealous of you West Coast peeps! I bought Body World at C2E2 and didn’t get the chance to talk to Dash even though I intended to.

  3. I loved BodyWorld and it worked perfectly as a webcomic.  The story was great, but I’m most interested in seeing how it transitioned into a printed work.  If you’ve seen the comic on his website each chapter is divided into two massive vertically scrolling sections.  Not your typical book format, to say the least.