Jock’s Scalped Cover: Start to Finish

I noticed this on Twitter this morning. Over on Jason Aaron‘s message boards, Jock posted his cover

This is great for process junkies, whether you’re an artist or not, and is one of the great things about having comic artists active on the web. I think for me was the fascinating transition between steps 1 and 2. Honestly, that first one, I think I could do that. But right after that, I’m out.

Here’s the final product for Scalped #28, but make sure you go take a look at the rest. It takes you from very rough pencil sketch through inks, greyscale, and finally color. Or colour, depending on where you live.


  1. Saw this on Twitter too.  Gorgeous.  Love that we get to see the process so often with more and more artists sharing their work on blogs and then promoting them on Twitter.  The perfect system. 

  2. Jock’s art is so damn pretty. I just wish he would do some more interiors. I can’t wait for the Delano/Jock Hellblazer story.

  3. This series has some of the best covers. They always pop off the shelf.

  4. nice owl dude… i’m so wasted

  5. I saw this when Andy Diggle tweeted it. It’s a great cover but between the almost finished greyscale version and the final, color version the eyes changed significantly. The expression on the man’s face goes from fairly neutral to scared/upset. No word from Jock as to why that is/was. 

  6. Great find!


    These pics excited me so much I’m typing this post using only my hardened nipples.  😉



    the Tiki 

  7. If you want to see loads more fantastic Jock art then head over to the Clickwheel site.

    They are offering free (this is 100% legal btw, its a promo for their pay-by-the-download 2000AD service) download of the ‘Judge Dredd by Jock’ collection, in your choice of either .pdf or .cbr format. Highly recommended – see Jock at the start of his career !

    nb. you don’t need to sign up for anything, in case you are wondering.


  8. I love seeing an artist’s work from beginning to end, it can be so insightful. I especially love it when it’s an artist the caliber that Jock is.

  9. Nice.

    Stan Sakai also does this sort of process walkthrough over at     He mainly does it for trade covers but they’re still sweet. Gotta love the Ronin Rabbit…even though I never hear love for him here. What’s up with that?

  10. I too am excited for the Delano/Jock HB story.  Haven’t heard any updates on it for a while though.