Jock’s Cover for Tron: Betrayal

Jock made with the sharing on his blog of this cover he did for the OGN prequel Tron: The Betrayal in advance of the movie, Tron: Legacy. Without colons, this titling would all be a jumbled mess.  Robot6 says it's a collection of a 2 issue mini-series by Jai Nitz and Andie Tong.

He also threw in some concepts, like this one that makes me think of Thomas Jane. But then, what doesn't?

And this one that shows, once more, the man can cant the crap out of an angle.


  1. "Look, you’re nice and all, but I’m Tom Jane…"

  2. Looks cool. The more Jock the better – how ever that I may sound, I still mean it.

    "Priced higher in Canada", darn. Again?!? 

  3. Oh, I thought it was about male athletic supporters. D’oh!

  4. that art looks great but whats going on with that logo? did he try to give it a hand drawn treatment? 

  5. Kinda reminds me of his Losers design.


    the Tiki