Jimmy Palmiotti Presents THE PRO Animated Short

Recently, the wonderfully crass and wacky comic The Pro written by Garth Ennis,  with pencils by Amanda Conner and inked by Jimmy Palmiotti was adapted to an animated short.  It made it on the web only to be swept away very quickly. Well thanks to our pal Jimmy Palmiotti, it's back!  Embedding was disabled on YouTube, so you'll have to click the below image to go watch it.

WARNING: The Pro is intended for ADULTS ONLY as it includes lots of violence and sex, and sexually themed violence.  Beyond that though, it's awesome because it combines the over the top insanity of Garth Ennis with some early examples of how good Amanda Conner's art can be.

So if you're 18 or over, enjoy:



  1. cool…….lol

  2. Garth Ennis at his best!

  3. Wow that was hilarious!

  4. That was awesome, and the animation looked great. I hope there’s more at some point. 

  5. that ruled!!!!  

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    The woman voicing the titular Pro was wicked.

  7. More please?