Jimmy Palmiotti on Kickstart Comics

Yesterday, the formation of Kickstart was announced.  Comics scribe Jimmy Palmiotti will be handling editorial duties on some of the books, and he told us a little about what's going on with the publisher.


Josh Flanagan: What exactly will your role be in Kickstart Comics? Will you and Larry Young be doing the same things?

Jimmy Palmiotti: Honestly, I am not in touch with Larry at all on any of these books. What I am doing right at the moment is editing 7 of the graphic novels for Kickstart. My job is to work with the writer, artist, colorist and letterer and put the book together and hand it off to Kickstart. I also traffic the pitches they receive but don’t read them myself. They give me the books they are interested in doing, I look it over and tell them my opinion if what they are presenting is any good and then I collect the teams and get them working. Other than that, I am available for any press to promote the books and at the same time I am working on my own books with them as always, like Back to Brooklyn and Random Acts of Violence.

JF: Is there an editorial direction as to types of stories Kickstart will publish?

JP: Yes, a simple editorial direction. Most of the books are 88 pages, should be available for an all ages read and have a beginning, middle and end that will take the reader on a voyage or adventure. These are done in one graphic novels that set up characters and worlds that are all totally new. Last, they have to be good. We all are pretty picky here.

JF: What will Kickstart do differently than the other comics publishers out there?

JP: Publish only new material, as well tell stories in only the graphic novel format…there will be no 22 page comics coming out monthly and all that. and last, they will listen to me and my suggestions…something that can be frustrating when dealing with other companies. As far as their business model and such…I have no clue…I am only editing the books.

JF: Will you still have time for your freelance comic writing?

JP: Sure, otherwise I wouldn't be doing them.  My own work always takes priority with me. These books take about an hour of my day , each day and that’s fine. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a master at multi tasking…and get my work handed in well in advance of when its due. Since I write mostly with a partner like Justin Gray, we are able to do a lot of work together at a different pace than most. Nothing on my plate will suffer…and the minute it does, I will change things. Its why I am only editing 7 and not much more.  that all said, these books are a total blast…anyone with a love of comics and graphic novels will enjoy these books.

JF: Is there going to be a digital distribution model for Kickstart as well as physical books?

JP: Kickstart is in talks to work out a digital deal that is most beneficial to them…I know its in the works, but more than that, I really am not sure of at this time.

JF: Will Kickstart have an open submission process?

JP: They want writers with some experience, and artists with some work under their belt. They are not really looking for people trying to get their first job…because as you know, they would get 100,000 submissions in a week if that was the case. They want professionals and I help them best I can weed out some of the “problem” people in the process … people with deadline problems, reputations and whatnot. They are just trying to find the best and most original properties and stories they can…but their staff is small, so open submissions can be a dangerous thing.


  1. I like the simple mandates for the books.

    I’m going to try a couple of these out.

  2. Sounds really refreshing.