Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon on Punisher MAX

In an odd, pre-San Diego announcement on G4’s Attack of the Show, It’s been announced that Jason Aaron will be writing Punisher MAX with Steve Dillon on pencils.  Here’s the scoop from Marvel.  Get ready for a lot more announcements over the next week.

Of course, you all know what Steve Dillon’s Frank Castle looks like, but here’s the preview image.

And if you’re excited about this, but not reading Scalped, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a Christmas card from me this year.


  1. What if I have no intention of buying this, but I read Scalped in trade? Do I get a Christma card?


  2. Sweet, I’m hoping they can do something different and interesting.

    I know I’m not going to get it but a "First Year" story would be good. 

  3. Well, reading Scalped doesn’t necessarily get you *on* the Christmas card list.  Truth is, there is no Christmas card list.  But keep that hush hush, please.

  4. I’ll say it again: AWW YEAAAH!!

    Aaron is perfect to write the Punisher. He writes dark, violent, and depressing stories and that all fits well for a MAX version of the character. If anyone hasnt read it yet, go pick up the Punisher MAX X-MAS Annual from last year. That should be enough proof that Aaron is perfect to write the ongoing series.

    So excited, I just cant contain it. Guess I wont get a Christmas card btw.

  5. How about a Christmas email list?  With a little staff photo.  Santa Conor with Ron on his knee…. 

  6. and then it got creepy…

  7. Josh,

    Thanks for the heads up on scalped.  At first I wasn’t all that interested from reading the synopsis, but with your consistent postings of the depth of the story I think I’ll check out the first trade.

  8. yesssssssss

  9. Looking forward to this. Scalped is one of my favorite books right now, so I’ll pretty much read anything Jason Aaron is doing and Dillon on pencils just sweetens the pot!

  10. Here’s a review with Jason Aaron on newsarama.com about this annoucement:


    Quick facts:

    A) He is going to bring Kingpin and Bullseye into the Max-verse. They will be reimagined to be considered more realistic.

    B) This will be a continuation of what Garth Ennis did. He’s going to ignore what the last three writers have done.

    C) Although he didnt give a specific length of his run; he has stated he will be around for a few arcs. Cause the Kingpin story arc will be a long story.

    I’m even more psyched then ever!

  11. EDIT: When I mean ‘review’, I mean ‘interview’. Why isnt there an edit feature!?

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    There is no edit feature because we want to inspire meticulous proofreading skills. 

    "Ooops, missed an apostrophe. Wait. Why am I saying this on a public forum? Why did I type this? Normal people don’t say this kind of thing to anther person. What am I doing with my life? This is one of those proofreading epiphanies Paul was talking about. Gosh he’s insightful. Devastatingly handsome too." 

  13. @Paul: Says the man who tells me I need to proofread my articles more 😛

    Also I think your putting words in my mouth with that last sentence 🙂

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I may have to try this for an issue or two. Aaron is a perfect match for the title. Really not a big Punisher fan at all, but two of my favorite Marvel writers are working on the character. Really conflicted.  

  15. I only read three volumes of the Garth Ennis run so I don’t even know if I’ll care too much.  I dropped this again a month or two ago.  Who wants to read about a giant crocodile?  This is supposed to be Punisher MAX, not Lake Placid.

    I’ll give it a shot though.  When does all this start?  I always wanted to see Steve Dillon do Punisher.

  16. I’m not terribly conflicted.  I don’t think I’m going to read it regularly or with anticipation.  I just don’t like the Punisher, at least in a series.  And while I can appreciate the craft, such as Remender doing a great job with it from a technical standpoint, I just don’t like the character, and I lose interest.  Now that I don’t have Opena art to look at as well, I’m far less interested in Punisher.  This book is the same thing.  I can see when it’s good, but I don’t necessarily want to partake.

  17. I feel bad for Duane Swierczynski and Michel Lacombe. They hit a homerun when it came to their arc in Philadelphia. I’m stoked for Aaron/Dillion; but a Swierczynski/Lacombe Punisher ongoing would kick major ass.

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @josh – Yeah, agreed. The conflict for me isn’t about expecting to read it for the long haul (I’ll at least try it). I’m conflicted in how I feel about it as an Aaron project. I like these two writers a lot and I like seeing them prosper on more popular titles, but I also wish they could continue doing more of the awesome books I like which don’t sell nearly as well.  

  19. I can’t fault a man for making a living, and apparently having fun while doing it.  As long as he doesn’t ditch Scalped, whatever is cool with me.

  20. @josh: You would be so pissed if he just ditched that wouldnt you? Like what Remender did with his ‘baby’…

  21. I dig Jason Aaron, and I love the Punisher.  but Steve Dillon’s art is just a little cartoony, and I’m concerned about it taking away from the story.  Hopefully not, it’s a wait and see kinda thing for me.

  22. Yeah, like I’m getting sucked into that trap.  Go on with your conspiracy theories.


  23. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    *sigh* I don’t fault him either. It’s the right move. I’m just saying I wish it were different and…damnit, Josh, I’m just selfish and awful…and…if…

    If if’s and but’s were candies and nuts, we’d all have a wonderful Christmas. As they say.   

  24. @josh: No, it’s not Straczynski.

    It’s Duane Swierczynski…..Swierczynski…Spell it with me.

  25. If you spelled that well all the time, Paul wouldn’t have to mention it.

  26. @josh: …..Oh I see where we’re going with this…

    *cracks fingers* You want a war, why didnt you say so? 🙂

  27. Going to read this in hardcover.  Ennis MAX run was the best.  You’d like Punisher if you read that.

  28. *sigh* I thought this tread was about Jason Aaron on Punisher.  Can you guys please stay on topic? Sheesh.

    I can only hope Aaron will attack this thing with the passion he puts into Scalped. 

  29. Punisher is like the Hulk for me, I can’t get down with it, no matter what I try, and I’ve tried it all, or at least samples of it all.  It might be my own bias, where I decided before I read it that I’m not going to be interested, and then, wouldn’t you know it, I’m not interested.  But I’m sure I’ll check this out.  That’s a hell of a lot of talent doing this book.

  30. Yes! Dillon back on Punisher makes me go a big ‘ol rubbery one. Can’t wait to see what Jason Aaron brings to the only true Punisher title.

  31. @birdseye yeah, Dillon can get a little tedious to look at. 

    If the stories done right, which I think it will be, I’ll really enjoy Aaron’s run.

  32. Steve Dillon’s got to be the only guy in the industry able to get away with as many profile shots as he does.

  33. @Josh – I believe that is referred to as a self fulfilling prophesy.  I suffer from the same problem when it comes to almost everything Marvel publishes.  I cannot explain it and I don’t want it, but I can’t get it to go away.  I blame World War Hulk.  Hopefully Aaron on Punisher will change my tune.

    (As a side note: Some economists believe self fulfilling prophesies [or just expectation/anticipation, really] are responsible for many recessions.)

  34. If this is building off of Ennis’ amazing run on MAX I’m incredibly excited about it.  Aaron and Dillon are the perfect team for this

  35. I’ve read very little Punisher, but I suspect I’d dig it if it was handled right.  I might try the Ennis/Dillon run after I finish Preacher.  And this feels like a better fit for Aaron than Wolverine.  I’ll definitely be curious.

  36. this is perhaps the best news ive heard since "Morrison/ Quietly on Batman and Robin"

  37. @ohcaroline – my humble opinion is that if you really liked Preacher, you might enjoy Ennis and Dillon on Hellblazer more than Punisher.

  38. @josh  Good to know, thanks!

  39. @josh – I agree 100%.  It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

    I heard rumblings that Aaron would be writing Punisher MAX, but had not heard about Dillon. Bonus!

  40. I read Ennis’s Punisher Welcome Back Frank soon after finishing Preacher years ago.

    It was fun, but did not have the depth of story or character interactions that made Preacher more than just a lot of ultraviolence and crazy shit.

    I’m also not into Punisher as a character. I read Aaron’s Punisher MAX Christmas special. It was cool. There wasn’t much to keep me interested beyond the decent crime story.

    Kinda off topic: but I can’t wait for the return of Criminal.

  41. Enough Punisher.  I rather have any other Max series from Jason Aaron. 

  42. I’m fall on the side of Paul and Josh with this one. GREAT team, no doubt about it… but Punisher is one of those characters that rarely sustains my interest for long. I think I *have* to give this one a shot, but I don’t know how long Aaron can hold my attention. I think that the Punisher concept is an interesting one, but in a serialized drama, he’s SUCH a straightforward character that it’s hard to create the drama of, say, a SCALPED. Castle plows through a story in one direction, without nuance or subtlety. I get that, it’s by design, but… I think interest wanes in serialization. 

    Remender has suprisingly kept me on the mainstream Punisher for a bit, but he got a big boost from Opena’s art. And now i’m fading a bit. I do love the hook that Remender came up with, and I kinda love Remender bringing back all the 80’s vilain characters, but… that just tells me that I’m not really reading it for the Punisher.

  43. Have the 2 of them collaborated on any project before?

  44. @daccampo – If he can bring the type of barely contained rage and visceral violence to Punisher that he does to Scalped, then I think Mr. Aaron can keep my attention enough to get me to finish the first arc.

  45. I love me some Aaron and Dillon, but have never really given Punisher a try. Now might be the time to start.

  46. this will be the first punisher book I’ve ever bought. 

  47. If people think Remender’s Punisher is great. They’ve seen nothing yet with Jason Aaron’s.

    Cause, once again, his X-Mas special from last year was crazy fun.

  48. Yeah I knew this was coming after read that X-Mas special. I dunno maybe I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was, but I ate that shit up with a filthy spoon. If Aaron’s given time to let his story breathe, I think this is gonna be ligit!!!s

  49. Josh is right.  There isn’t much character substance involved with the Punisher.  Ennis made him the slightest bit interesting by putting him on the government payroll at times.  I think if this Jason Aaron guy can pull something like that out of his hat, then we might have something worth checking out. 

    I’ve never been a BIG Punisher fan either.  I just dropped mainstream continuity Punisher this month, and MAX a couple months ago.  I’m not exactly counting the hours until Punisher is good enough to read again, but I might check’er out still.

  50. I–Just–JIZZED–myself…

  51. Moving on…

  52. Awesome! Looks like im gonna be reading punisher again!

  53. hhmmm im already getting the other punisher book. im giving jason aaron one chance but he usually does grab me

  54. Punisher is going to start popping cancer bullets into local ruffian’s grills, I’ll bet.

    Sounds good. I’ve grown to love Dillion’s style, and Jason Aaron, I’ve heard, is quite the scribe. I need to start reading Scalped before I even consider picking up his Punisher book though, and funds, mostly, are what prevent me in that end. Good things, though. It’ll be a nice trade to look forward to, I’ll bet.

  55. Look’s like I’ll have to put the Punisher back on my pull list.

  56. Why have one seriously great Punisher series when you could have two? Until now I’ve been telling myself that the Marvel U Punisher is the only important one. However, I have always wanted to like the MAX series, and I feel like now I might get to do that.

    Two good Punisher titles. The world will be slightly better place come November.

    I know Aaron can write Castle, and just look at that preview image. That is a perfect example of one badass Frank Castle.

  57. I’ve been really surprised with how good (not awesome) Punisher Max has been since Ennis left the series. The only arc that I didn’t like was the Girls in White Dress one immediately following Ennis’ departure.

    Swierczynski’s story was a fun read, and I am really like the storyline now with Castle in the Bayou. With Aaron coming on plus Dillion there is every reason to be excited about this. I have yet to read an issue of Scalped I didn’t like and I have a feeling this will be no different.

  58. Ennis’s MAX Punisher is my favorite Punisher story. Nick Remender is doing a marvelous job on it right now. I am stoked for this though. I expect tons of cartoony violence and solid writing.

  59. I think both punisher’s are decent right now. I still think the white gloves and booties should be done away with.

  60. This is probably very good, with Aaron writing, but I am so not interested in MAX-versions of the Kingpin. Bullseye or any other Marvel characters besides the Punisher. It’s a door that should better stay closed.

  61. I am a bit conflicted on this. Aaron is well-suited to write this, but I am not the biggest Steve Dillon fan, despite how much I love Preacher and Hellblazer.