Jamie McKelvie Presents…X-Men’s Cyclops with Moustache

In a fit of creative energy this weekend, artist Jamie McKelvie posted to Twitter his suggestion for a style change to Cyclops…the addition of a moustache.  Here is McKelvie's reasoning:

@McKelvie Jamie McKelvie It's good because it makes use of the facial real estate left by the gap in Cyclops' mas


And without further adieu, we present to you, Cyclops with moustache:

Now, as the resident X-Men fan and Cyclops fan (he's my favorite mutant), one would probably guess that I would groan, roll my eyes and be annoyed by this suggestion.  But, the more I look at it and the more I think about the concept, what with Cyclops recent position has the leader of the X-Men, the more it just makes sense.  The moustache brings a level of authority that Cyclops needs to gain the respect of his fellow mutants and the general human population as a whole.

My question to Jamie McKelvie now is…what does he look like OUT of costume? Does the moustache work with the mod haircut and suit as McKelvie has drawn him the past? 


Cyclops and his moustache – where do YOU stand? Pro or Con?


  1. If it involves McKelvie drawing a mutant, I’m for it. Mustache or no mustache

  2. Pro – End the Stark monopoly!
    (Plus depending on which side of the fence cyclops takes during Schism, it could really give him a badass new look)

  3. I just want him to be Ned Flanders now, or played by a 80’s/Magnum P.I. era Tom Selleck (Who I always though would make an interesting live action Corsair) that’s some good Cyclops. 

  4. oh man, that is a fantastic stache, although i do think cyclops should have a boy-ish look to him

  5. It’s awesome. I want to see this in Uncanny next month.

  6. Great! But I think you mean “without further ado”.

  7. Nothing says, “Now hold on just one minute, mister!” like that mustache.

  8. Is he going to write some speeding tickets?

    No withought any more goodbyes- Cyclops in Mutant Super Troopers 

  9. @josh  agreed. This makes me want a scene of Scott calling some of the students into his office to yell at them

  10. Mustache, sure, no problem with a change.  But a ‘cop-stache’?  Sold on the idea, pass on the style.

  11. He has been sporting stubble in a lot of the X-Books as of late…

  12. I think it gives him that Highway Patrol look that all authorty figures should have. It says, “quit screwin’ around… with the sixer I left in the back seat.”

    But seriously, I think if he gets the ‘stache, his convertable top needs to come back.

    Paid for by the “Society That Wants a Moustache on the Super Soldier.”

  13. I’m all about the ‘stache.  It would be another thing creators could play around with to give his face some expressiveness, and different styles would give him a completely different demeanor.

  14. I loved Kieron Gillen’s response to this…”For the love of God, NO!”

  15. Pro! In fact I’d quite like to see a series of these featuring various members of the moustache family.

  16. It begs for an Invincible/Cyclops crossover. The War for the House of M(oustache).

  17. I dig it, but I think I’d prefer a handlebar mustache.

  18. He should have a Rawley Fingers mustache.

  19. facial hair is almost always a win!

  20. Pro! Now excuse me while I go draw staches on all my x-men comics.

  21. If he’s going to have the ‘stache then he needs the longish wind blown hair with blonde highlights, an open chested button up shirt and couple of gold chains. A raging coke addiction probably will complete the image.

  22. I can see the Tom Sellck.

    I think he would even rock an Errol Flynn.

    What about when he takes off the mask he has a Travis Bickle mohwak to go with the stache? 

    I have created a monster:  http://twitpic.com/554etb/full

  23. Now I will forever see Cyclops as Axe Cop.

  24. Who wants a moustache ride!
    I want him to have a stache like Mr. Red of the Cincinnati Reds.

  25. Well, he does look more like the boss of the X-Men, and nobody’s friend now.

  26. Tom Selleck stars in “Cyclops: Axe Cop Bad Stache Earth”. I would watch that.

  27. @Jurassicalien  Tom Selleck as Corsair is inspired casting.  I really want a Spacejammers movie now. 

  28. all great men have moustaches

  29. Cyclops is more of a goatee guy I think.

  30. so this is what causes the schism

  31. Guys, come on, he is from Alaska

  32. Always pro-‘stache.  Make it happen.  Red Hulk next.

  33. Perfetto!

  34. Wow. Talk about something I never could have imagined I wanted before I saw it. Cyclops. Moustache. Now.

  35. he briefly had a mustache/beard when the X-Men were stranded in the Savage Land in the 70s. its what made him realize he looked a LOT like Corsair

  36. He could even reflecto shave it in the mirror like Superman.

  37. The moustache is part of the costume. It comes off when he’s in his civies. Clip on. Potato-Head style.

  38. Very Axe Copian.

  39. Give him a moustache.  Just another thing for Wolverine to mock about him.

  40. I kinda dig the Cyclops Molestashe, no wait, that’s not right…

  41. Oddly pro