J.H. Williams III and Amy Reeder Take on BATWOMAN in November

We already know that Batwoman's getting her own ongoing series this February, courtesy of writers J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman. Williams will reprise his artistic role from the acclaimed "Elegy" storyline from Detective Comics for the first arc, with Madame Xanadu artist Amy Reeder taking up the reins for the second chapter. 

But we don't have to wait until 2011 to see Reeder's take on the character. In fact, we'll be seeing a whole new side of Kate Kane in just a few months. To cap off its special Batman news week, DC announced today that Williams and Reeder will team for Batwoman #0 this November. Williams wrote the script, and he and Reeder will tag-team the pages. 

Here's a look at the existing Williams cover as well as Reeder's variant for #0:


Here's what Williams had to say about the special issue: 

“BATWOMAN #0 has been a great experience in that it’s a real combination of everyone’s efforts due to the nature of the story and how it’s constructed. It has been a real pleasure. This special ‘bridge’ issue straddles between what came before and what is to come, but manages to be it’s own unique thing. It’s unusual construction allows two threads of content to run simultaneously, building to a greater whole, hopefully creating an interesting reading experience.”

Greg Rucka was the driving force behind this character for just about her entire existence. But the fact that he's no longer working for the company shouldn't mean she gets benched. I'm thrilled that DC is invested in the success of this character and that J.H. Williams is still a major contributor to that end. I'm also pretty stoked that more people will get to learn the name and experience the incredible art of Amy Reeder. She's got the goods, and attention must be paid. This sounds to be a pretty rad jam session too. 

Once again, Batwoman #0 hits in November and the new ongoing debuts in February 2011. 


  1. Yay. 

  2. Can’t wait for this. The batwoman issues of detective comics were some of the best comics of the last year.

  3. Missed out on that Detective Comics run J.H. had on Batwoman, look forward to getting on board this November, gorgeous stuff.

  4. Double yay.

    So very excited for this book. Kate is such an awesome character. 

  5. Has J.H. Williams ever wrote anything before? I have no doubt this is gonna be a gorgeous book. But when Rucka used to write it, even then it was a pretty boring book. Love Reeder’s style though, so that takes the pressure off when her run starts.

  6. I was pretty curious if Reeder was up for following JHWIII on arcs and if that cover is any indication, yeah, she probably will be. Yowza.

  7. I love the character of Kate Kane.  I agree with @Scruffy that the Batwoman Detective Comics were some of the most amazing issues of this past year.  Great storytelling – great run.  So I am stoked for Kate to get her own ongoing.  I just wonder when she will be incorporated into the Batman family.  Dick has acknowledged her, but she hasn’t received the blessing of Bruce.  She’s been on her own until now.  So I hope she becomes more intertwined with Batman and the rest of the crew.

  8. Wow Amy Reeder very much complements JH Williams based on the covers. This series should be worth getting for the artwork alone!

  9. Very much looking forward to this after reading "Elegy". Kate Kane is a fantastic and complex character. Perfect timing, this launch … jumping off B&R when Morrison leaves to Batwoman …

  10. Awesome!! Hope we get more of the same brilliance that we did with Elegy… It’s looking promising…

  11. @tnc: Williams co-wrote Legends of The Dark Knight 192-196, which has been collected as Batman: Snow.  It’s a really interesting take on both Mr. Freeze, and how a pre-Robin Batman tried to put together a team of people to help him fight crime. 

  12. The Bat books are really coming together nicely. I can see that’s the corner of the DCU I’ll be spending most of my time soon. 😉 That said, I’m a little uncertain of Williams/Blackman writing the book, but I’ll definitely give ’em a shot. Kate’s a solid character and Reeder’s art is looking pretty damn good next to Williams.

  13. Awesome.  It’s a solid choice for when Williams won’t be drawing it.  I’m totally stoked.

  14. Cool. Reeder’s definitely got the chops. She’ll fit the title nicely. Looking forward to it.

  15. I’m so happy for Amy Reeder. She told me she went to school to be a teacher. Luckily she could fall back on comics. Plus she’s from Colorado. So, go local artists!

  16. I excited about this. The only thing missing is Rucka, but I am happy to continue without him if JH is happy to.

    Amy Reeder’s Kate looks perfect, and from what little I’ve seen of her work she can match JH in style.

    November can’t come soon enough, and then Feburary! Batwoman was my favourite book of last year, and it has been missed. I hope the alternative artists can keep this book on track.